Written by Oliver Erens

Work of Various

233 pages (Hardcover), published by Hermetic Press
Illustrated with drawings by Kelly Lyles, Frank Rosenberg.
Language: English

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Oliver Erens Terminology i
Oliver Erens Preface English translation of Inside CardMagic Vol. 1 (1995) & Inside CardMagic Vol. 2 (1996) v
Andreas Affeldt "My Name Is...?" spectator shuffles deck, when spread face up it's blank deck with some ABC cards which spell performer's name correctly 1
Charles T. Jordan Interlocking Chain Principle 3
Manfred Bacia Perfect Harmony two decks, three time spectators find same card then pairs end up at same position in the deckRelated to 4
Dai Vernon Double Undercut to the table 6
Christoph Borer, Thomas Otto Cutting Corners corner is torn from selection, card is then restored and all the other cards have a corner missingAlso published here 13
Christoph Borer Rainbow back of prediction matches selection, rainbow deckAlso published here 17
Christoph Borer Card Force from Ribbon Spread in steps 19
Dieter Ebel Triple Somersault selection reverses three times in the deck, then it vanishes and appears rising from performer's breast pocket 22
Unknown Card Reverse while turning over the deck 24
Unknown Card Reverse from center to bottom, while turning deck over 26
Oliver Erens Chicago - and Beyond chicago opener, deck changes color and then back to original color as climax 29
Unknown Hind Shuffle Force 31
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Wild Card Turnover 32
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro K.M. Move 33
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Display as all alike display 34
Oliver Erens Pressing On four blanks change to four aces one by one, only front 35
Brother John Hamman Flushtration Count 36
Dai Vernon Through The Fist Flourish 37
Oliver Erens Fade Away faces of selections turn blank 39
Edward Marlo K.M. Move - with Reverse Fingering Action single card exchange 40
Piet Forton, Wolff von Keyserlingk The Light-reft Spread Pass reverse spreading the halvesRelated to 43
Piet Forton The Suckers' Looking Glass two cards are found with the Hofzinser catch, as a sucker effect 48
Piet Forton A Lesson in Addition two cards are found which add to the selection, then they transform to the selection 48
Gerry Scharnböck Sprung deck bound by rubber band, card pops out at right angleRelated toVariations 49
Gerry Scharnböck Shaker Uprising deck in case 53
Roberto Giobbi A Case for Premonition one unprepared deck 56
Allan Ackerman, Frank Simon The Convincing Control Palm 59
Peter Grandt Blackout torn and restored card, corner for verification is given to spectator, corner is eventually reattached to the card 62
Pit Hartling Jolly Jumper card travels three times, Dreisprung 71
Jan Isenbart The World's Greatest Card Trick 77
Juno Reversed selection reverses and travels to other packet 83
Edward Marlo, Juno Tilt variation 85
Juno First Reversal Technique secretly turning over a deck 85
Juno Second Reversal Techniqu secretly turning over a deck 86
Wolff von Keyserlingk Clever Is as Foolish Does spectator finds selection three times with the aid of the joker 89
Wolff von Keyserlingk Card Placement face up card is placed in a fan, card secretly added, force 90
Dai Vernon Vernon Replacement 96
Christian Knudsen Tablehopper's Holy P.O.D. flap gaff, color changing back kickerInspired by 98
Gerald Kosky Kosky Switch to unload a card 103
Erhard Liebenow Illusion in Red & Black spectator finds the only red card among then blacks, then all blacks turn into reds and the red turns into a black oneInspired by 110
Brother John Hamman Hamman Count 112
John C. Wagner Wagner Display Related to 113
"Magic" Christian Stelzel Super O.O.T.W. all-red deck, first published in Genii, Nov. 1980, p. 757 115
Unknown Deck Switch used with half deck, lapping 117
Carlhorst Meier, Stephan Kirschbaum Thumb Print invisible ink thumb print on three cards, name of selection appears on the blank cards 119
W.F.M.T.W. Melmoth Herschel two cards placed face up in the deck, cards next to them are the aces 124
Reinhard Müller Afterimages selection in center found on top, then put among four jacks, card again is on top, card vanishes from the jacks, two versionsInspired byAlso published here 131
Jerry K. Hartman, Harvey Rosenthal Secret Substraction 133
Stanley Collins Tip-Over Addition 135
August Roterberg, Henry Hatton, Adrian Plate, Frederick Braue Ambitious Card Sequence cutting the outjogged card deeper into the deck 135
Romi Sample signed card to plastic bag 138
Santo UFO two signed selections one put between two kings, selection transforms into second one and first selection is found between other kingsInspired by 141
Dan Tong, Martin Gardner The Pad Spread 144
Ben Harris, Santo Fandango one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned over 145
Wolfgang Sommer Easy and Strong Variations 147
Helge Thun Captain Hook's Card Trick one hand in pocket, selection appears folded on performer's index finger in pocket, switch or topit-to-pocket-tunnelAlso published here 150
Harry Lorayne Ultra Move 152
Helge Thun Folded Card Switch as it is removed from finger, like thimble 154
Helge Thun Bulkoki 20 bill changes into 100, 20 is found in case wrapped around signed selectionAlso published here 158
Udo Wächter The Charm of the Queen of Hearts long routine
-spectator cuts to the aces
-the queen of hearts appears
- the queen of hearts whispers the spectators thought
- the queen of hearts turns an ace face down
- the queen of hearts changes into the ace
- the vanished queen of hearts appears between the aces
- the queen of hearts and two aces change places in a flash
Inspired by 166
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Udo Wächter The Ravelli Pop-Out 171
Unknown Color Change 179
Thomas Waldeck Out of the Blue four aces appear, then a signed card disappears from among then, aces turn into blank cards and selection appears again with different colored back 183
Thomas Waldeck ATFUS Variation 184
Ben Harris SFUC Super Flip Utility Concept 186
Gary Ouellet The Touch Fource 187
Unknown False Count 189
Frederick Braue Braue Addition 190
Wesley James, Tom Ellis Loading Move 190
Thomas Waldeck It Doesn't Get Any Simpler signed card appears between aces held between spectator's hand 192
Thomas Waldeck Pentium Card 52 routine with computer presentation, floppy disk 195
Jörg Alexander Weber Feminine Intuition first 1992Inspired by 201
Jörg Alexander Weber Sighting the Card riffle peek, clever handling for the glimpse 202
Jörg Alexander Weber, George G. Kaplan The Fan Force According to Kaplan 205
Jörg Willich Electric Wand card is found with hand-held mixer 211
Gerd Winkler Bizarre, Bizarre performer removes his eye to find the selection, paper is stapled over eye height 215
Wittus Witt The Smoke Frame selected queen appears in frame 219
Daryl X-tal Backstage ambitious card with card with missing corner, card to pocket and eventually card to plastic pass holder 223
Unknown Bottom Deal Force 226
Frederick Braue Braue Reversal 230