Written by Frederick Braue, Jean Hugard

Work of Various

474 pages (Hardcover), published by George Starke
Illustrated with drawings by Donna Allen.
Language: English

(347 entries)

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Dai Vernon The Lift Get-Ready "bubble count", credit unsure?! 4
Unknown The Lift 5
Unknown The Double Lift Turnover two methodsRelated toVariations 8
Unknown The One Hand Push-Off 8
Unknown The Push-Off Second Deal a. The Left Hand Grip
b. The Deal
Variations 13
Unknown d. As a False Table Count on a tabled packet with double deal 16
Unknown c. The Push-Off Stud Poker Deal 16
Unknown The Strike Second Deal 17
Unknown The Bottom Deal 20
Unknown The Middle Deal - a., c. 24
Unknown The Middle Deal - b., d., e. 24
Unknown The Double Deal - a. 27
Unknown The Double Deal for small stacks on top on the deck 28
S. W. Erdnase Erdnase Bottom Deal 29
Jean Hugard The Double Deal - Second Method - b. applying Erdnase Bottom Deal 29
Jean Hugard The Side Slip two methods 31
Max Malini Two Covers for the Side Slip 33
Max Malini Malini's Side Slip palm or to top 33
Jean Hugard The Delayed Side Slip 34
Jean Hugard The Bottom Side Slip to the bottom 35
Jean Hugard The Invisible Turn-Over Pass 37
Louis Zingone The Zingone Perfect Table Pass Related to 39
Unknown The Flesh Grip Pass 41
Unknown The Jog Pass 42
Frederick Braue The Braue Pass 43
Charles Bertram The Charlier Pass - Color Change 45
Charlier Charlier Cut 45
Unknown The Charlier Pass - To Control a Card Related to 46
Unknown The Finger Palm Pass Improved Related to 47
Frederick Braue The Braue Diagonal Tip-Up Palm Variations 49
Unknown The Swing Palm 49
Unknown The Thumb-Count Palm 50
Unknown Face Card Palm, Right Hand two methods 51
Unknown The Crosswise Palm 53
Unknown New Vertical Palm small packetRelated to 54
Unknown Gambler's Squaring Palm 55
Unknown The Gamblers' Flat Palm strange position 56
Jean Hugard The Hugard Top Palm 57
Frederick Braue The Flip-Over Palm attributed to Fred Braue in "Vis à Vis"Related toVariations 58
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser The Hofzinser Bottom Palm 59
Frederick Braue The Braue Bottom Palm 60
Frederick Braue Delaying the Braue Bottom Palm 61
Louis Zingone The Zingone Bottom Palm two methods (packet and full deck)Related to 62
Louis Zingone Three Cards Across 64
Charlie Miller Perfect Riffle Shuffle two methodsVariations 65
Charlie Miller The Strip-Out False Shuffle 67
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Variation to control a card 69
Unknown False Shuffle Retaining Top Stock 69
Unknown Gambler's False Shuffle similar to Zarrow conceptVariations 70
Unknown Retaining Top Stock Related to 71
Jean Hugard A System of Stock Shuffling for two, three, four, five cards 73
Unknown Off the Table False Riffle Shuffle Related to 76
Unknown The False Running Cut two methods 77
Unknown Gamblers' False Cut Up the Ladder 78
Unknown Gamblers' False Cut - Retaining Bottom Stock tabled, straight cut, bottom cards slid back to bottomRelated toVariationsAlso published here 79
Unknown The Fadeaway Card Change Related toVariations 81
Unknown The Slide Top Change 83
Unknown The Tip-Over Change with a one-handed get readyRelated to 85
Unknown The Throw Top Change 85
August Roterberg The Push-In Change 87
Unknown The Drop Swich similar to tip-over changeRelated to 88
Unknown The Little Finger Crimp 90
Unknown The Regular Crimp Corner Crimp while spreading 90
Unknown The Peek Crimp 91
Unknown The Gamblers' Crimp isolated card 91
Unknown Card Marking Crimp marking system 92
Unknown The Specator Peek Improved 93
Unknown Third Finger Flesh Break 94
Unknown After the Spectator Peek 94
Unknown The Spectator Peek - The Last Word third finger break 94
Unknown Glimpsing a Card 95
Unknown A New Glimpse erdnase breakRelated to 95
Unknown Top Card Glimpse palming 96
Unknown The Gambler's Glimpse Related to 97
Unknown The Glimpse after the Peek two methods 98
Unknown Covers for the Glimpse three covers 100
Unknown The Side Jog diagonal push-in 102
Unknown The Jog at the Break transforming a break into a jog, two methodsVariations 102
Unknown Automatic Jog No. I, II, III three methods (including Plunger) 104
Unknown Facing The Deck one-handed, Charlier-Pass 107
Unknown Righting the Faced Deck one-handed, Charlier-Pass 108
Unknown Automatic Reverse while displaying top cardsAlso published here 109
Unknown Righting a reversed Bottom Card 109
Frederick Braue Facing the Bottom Card overhand shuffle cover, see references for credit informationRelated toVariations 110
Unknown Faced Deck Turnover Related to 112
Unknown Vesting a Card 113
Unknown A Cutting Discovery found by cutting to it, thumbnail estimationVariations 114
Louis Zingone The Zingone Thumbnail Gauge cutting off packet of known numberRelated to 114
Unknown Separating the Colors slop shuffleRelated to 115
Unknown Setting a Key Card 116
Unknown The Five Card Quibble an out if you only know that it is one of five cards 118
Unknown Emergency Card Stabbing break, also for when the selection is known to be one of a few cards but not which one 120
Unknown The Drop Control subtle, card is put in deck which is dribbled in other hand 121
Unknown The Tap tapping a produding card "through" the squared packRelated toVariations 122
Charlie Miller The Single Card Bridge overhand shuffle position 123
Unknown A New Glide side glide, à la Kelly Bottom Placement attributed to Vernon in Enchantment reference, but Braue in Braue Notebooks referenceVariationsAlso published here 123
Unknown Establishing a Break from a Bridge 124
Unknown Bridge 124
Unknown Transfer of Thumb-Count Break to little finger 125
Unknown Enlarging a Break uncredited, possibly claimed by Braue in Notebooks, see referenceRelated to 125
Unknown Ruffle Return heel break 126
Charles Bertram The Bridge Location bridged deck 127
Unknown Bridge whole deck 127
Charlie Miller The Bridge Location bridged deck 128
Unknown The Mexican Turnover Variations 128
Unknown The Spread Cull on "other side" of spreadRelated to 129
Unknown The Double-Face facing top and bottom card 130
Unknown Bottom to Top to shuffle block to top, paragraph 4 130
Unknown Gambler's Card Marking System with crimps 131
Unknown The Nature of the Palm position 134
Unknown Rear Palming the Top Card including transfer from regular to rear palm 135
Unknown The Bottom Rear Palm 137
Unknown The Rear Palm Side Slip Related to 138
Unknown The Little Finger Push-Out side steal to rear palm 139
Unknown The Rear Palm Exchange 140
Unknown Replacement Rear Palm 140
Unknown In Lieu of the Double Lift using Rear Palm 141
Unknown Using the Rear Palm tips 141
Unknown The Perfect Faro Shuffle 143
Fred Black The Shuffle faro tablesRelated to 145
Fred Black The Endless Belts Related to 147
Fred Black Chart of Seventeen Related to 147
Unknown Perfect Shuffle Stock using faro for alternating set-ups 149
Frederick Braue Braue Poker Deal see also following routinesVariations 149
Frederick Braue Braue Poker Deal getting the aces, faro stackVariations 150
Unknown The Eighteenth Card using 18-35-faro-principle with honest shuffle, risky 150
Unknown Dishonesty at its Apogee naming cards during the deal from time to time 151
Frederick Braue The Royal Flush Deal simple faro stack 151
Unknown A Bridge Deal players receive the identical hands 152
Unknown At the Top risky 153
Unknown Double Less One faros and crimped key 154
Cliff Green Interlocked Production 159
Trewey The Color Change 161
Trewey The Correct Method of Stealing the Card for color change 161
Unknown The Impossible Color Change left thumb across top cardRelated to 163
Unknown The Pressure Fan 164
Unknown The Covinous Color Change nice choreographed to show hands empty 164
Unknown The Top and Bottom Changes suggestions for uses as simple changes 166
Unknown Fan Flourish placing the fan on the table 166
Unknown Sprining the Cards - A New Method 166
Paul LePaul There It Is! visual thing, drawing on Dover Reprint..., for credit information see referencesRelated toVariationsAlso published here 167
Jean Hugard Secret Addition of Cards to the Pack vest pocket, clipped to pocket, three methods 171
Unknown Replacement by Laying the Hand Flat on the pack... ... and Drawing it towards you 173
Unknown Buckling the Palmed Cards 174
Unknown Using the Riffle Flourish 175
Unknown Using the Front Finger Palm 175
Unknown The Deck Placed Sideways 176
Unknown Dropping the Packed 176
Unknown In Turning the Top Card 176
Unknown Replacing a Card at the Bottom of the Pack 176
Jean Hugard The One.Hand Top Palm footnote 177
Frederick Braue One Hand Replacement One-handed palm in reverse, for credit information see referenceRelated to 177
Jean Hugard The Palm in Action holding out, positions, tips for both hands 179
Jean Hugard The Side Count "bubble count" 183
Unknown The Top Thumb Count 183
Unknown The Bottom Thumb Count three methods 185
Unknown The Overhand Count 186
Unknown The Classic Force 186
Unknown The Fan Force similar principle 187
Unknown The Table Spread Force risky, Toss Force 188
Unknown The Perfect Score Card Force 188
Jean Hugard Using a Force 190
Unknown The Multiple Force using multiple glide 190
Unknown Four Card Force calculating and dealingRelated to 191
Unknown The Lost Card how to locate a lost but known card 192
Unknown Prearranged Pack strategies using a twenty-six-card stack 194
Unknown Arranging the Set-Up Pack how to quickly stack a deck "at home" 195
Unknown Shuffling the Cards half deck 196
Unknown The Spectator Shuffle retaining half deck, spectator helps shuffling 196
Unknown Locating the Cards card at any position is named by performer,stacked 198
Jean Hugard The Hugard Rising Cards three cards 201
Charlie Miller The Mesmerised Cards thread & wax 205
Unknown The One-Hand Plunger Rising Cards 207
Unknown The Two-Hand Plunger Rising Cards Related to 211
Jack McMillen The Witchcraft Card Rise from behind, bent, interestingAlso published here 212
Louis Zingone The Zingone Spread three cards, challenge selections conditionsRelated to 214
Unknown Cull Shuffle for three cards 215
Unknown Cull Shuffle - Second Method footnote 216
Paul Rosini The Gamblers Outwitted daub 217
Paul Rosini Daub Work 217
Paul Rosini A Rosi-Cruzian Mystery daub 219
Dai Vernon Two-Six-Four one of a small spreadVariations 221
Jack McMillen Mind Mirror one suit on topRelated toVariations 223
Charlie Miller Predestined Choice card chosen face up is odd-backed, fair 225
Unknown Reading the Cards of Any Deck actually touch presentation 228
Unknown Glimpsing Bottom Card of Face-up Pack 229
Charlie Miller Dexterous Fingers 230
Jack Merlin Merlin's "Lost" Ace Trick Related to 233
Unknown Ace Affinity 234
Unknown Ace Assembly two methods, not the pure effect 238
Charles Bertram Anent the Bertram Aces Related to 239
Unknown Streamlining the Sympathetic Aces 242
Nate Leipzig The "Slap" Aces Aces vanish from pack and reappear 244
Nate Leipzig The "Slap" Aces holding fan while palming 246
Unknown Le Temps Four Aces 248
Unknown Le Temps Switch Variations 249
Unknown Passe-Passe Aces with transformation/transposition elementVariations 250
Unknown The Migratory Aces with travelers finale 252
Dai Vernon Solo Flight Aces as finale four cards change into Aces one by one 254
Unknown Buckle Count 255
Charlie Miller The Nomad Aces for credit information see referenceRelated toVariations 256
Charlie Miller Spread Hide-Out four as three 257
Charlie Miller The Charles Miller Aces Nomad style 258
Unknown Cops and Robbers - A Variation card appears between four kings 261
Unknown Five Star Finale five selections appear at five numbers 263
Unknown The Razzle Dazzler combo 266
Unknown An Expert at Figures using addition force 268
Unknown Mercury's Card foldedRelated toVariations 269
Unknown The Card in the Shoe stranger card 270
Unknown A Card for Pegasus card to vest 270
Dai Vernon Dai Vernon's Mental Force 271
Unknown The Princess Card Trick 272
Unknown Five Card Royale one of five, mathematical 273
Unknown Phantaso one of five, one-way pips 273
Unknown An Automatic Reverse using one hand only 275
Unknown A Rapid Reverse using one hand only 276
Unknown The Impromptu Magician using one hand only, two methods 277
Unknown Three in One using one hand only, different discoveries 279
Harold Lloyd You See? three card discovery, using one hand only, one-wayAlso published here 280
Unknown One-Handed Deal 280
Unknown The First Phase 283
Unknown Using Double Lift Turnup two methods 284
Frederick Braue The Pop-Up Card Variations 285
Unknown The Ambitious Twins 285
Unknown Ambitious Card Move 286
Unknown The Omnipresent Eight 287
Unknown Cover for the Ambitious Card Double Lift 287
Unknown The Invisible Transit 290
Unknown Transposition Extraordinary Variations 292
Theodore Annemann, Unknown The Telepathic Card impromptu double backerRelated toVariations 293
Unknown Transposition 296
Unknown Boy Meets Girl story presentation 297
Unknown The Card in the Shoe 300
Unknown Rub-A-Dub-Dub transformation and vanishVariations 301
Unknown The Card Through the Magazine bottom placement 302
Unknown Mercury's Card folded 303
Unknown Mercury Fold fourths, mention of Malini's "Card to Mouth"Related toVariations 304
Unknown Folding a Card sixth, palm 305
Charlie Miller The Danbury Deliver fingertip peek 307
Unknown A Card for Pegasus card to vest 307
Unknown Double Discovery two-card catch 308
Unknown Everywhere and Nowhere two duplicatesVariations 309
Unknown Two Card Catch 309
C. O. Williams, Unknown Lazy Man's Card to Pocket Related to 313
Unknown Top Change from end grip 313
Jack McMillen McMillen's Card from Pocket card apparently removed from inside pocket, really from deck 314
Unknown The Vanishing Pack with handkerchief 315
Unknown The Double Leaper 317
Charlie Miller The Dunbury Delusion Related toVariations 319
Unknown Impromptu Location saliva 322
Unknown The Obliging Card apparently mistake is made, ambitious phase 322
Paul Rosini Think of a Card spring flourish 324
Unknown The Wheel Location card peeked at, fan, card withdrawnRelated to 325
Unknown Jog & Step Fan fan with jog or step 326
Unknown Wheels within Wheels saliva used as daub 327
Unknown Psycho-Intelligence card is put in pocket 328
Unknown The Psychic Stop! at seventh position, psychologicalRelated toVariations 330
Unknown Ultima Thule Location from fanned deck, with outsRelated to 331
Unknown Ultima Thule Location kind of KM-Move, bold 332
Unknown An Incredible Location spectator cuts to bridge 334
Unknown Hindu Shuffle Glimpse 334
Unknown Crystal Thought duplicate, mexican turnoverVariations 335
Charlie Miller Mental Selectivity five cards 336
Jean-Nicholas Ponsin Ponsin on Thought Reading lip-reading 338
Unknown Risk Location Shuffle Tracking 339
Unknown Cagliostro Cuts the Cards spectator cuts to his face up card 341
Unknown A Quick Reversal order of pack is preserved 341
Unknown Faced Deck Reverse Location fair control, faced deck 342
Louis Zingone Reverse Supreme mental reverse, bluff spacing in fanRelated toVariations 344
Louis Zingone Block of Reversed Cards hidden in Fan tight fan 345
Unknown Multi-Spelling Trick "The repeat Spelling of Mentally Selected Cards"Variations 347
Unknown Break Transfer from pinky to overhand shuffle position 348
Unknown Card on Parade selection is spelled as final of thirteen cards 349
Unknown Hardin Plus Devant fifteen double facers, two methods 351
Unknown Double-Faced Cards whole chapter with applications 351
Unknown The Mechanical Four Aces three double facers 353
Unknown The Radioactive Aces three double facers 356
Unknown The Torn and Restored Card double facer, thumb tip 359
Unknown The Torn and Restored Card with a borrowed deck stranger cardRelated to 362
Unknown The Stranger Card whole chapter with applications 362
Theodore Annemann The Ghost Card stranger card, card is put in envelope 363
Unknown Where Is It? stranger card 364
Unknown Through the Tabletop stranger card, two methods 365
Unknown Everywhere and Nowhere with a Borrowed Deck stranger cards 367
Unknown A Stranger in the House stranger card, hat is far away, marked card 370
Unknown Red-Black Transmigration stranger card, nice presentation 373
Unknown Touch and Go stranger card 375
Unknown Palm Load under Top Card Related to 376
Unknown Double Lift from Fan probably Vernon's 377
Unknown The Run Around Aces stranger card 378
Unknown Introducing the Stranger method of adding a stranger card to the pack 379
Unknown Joker-Specimen Card using extra Joker as duplicate 380
Unknown Forcing a Stranger Card 380
Unknown Double-Faced Cards using double facers as strangers 380
Unknown It Must Be Magic spelling 382
Unknown Two Pile Principle 382
Unknown Tricky Quickie card at known number travels to pocket, see p. 412 384
Unknown The Numerological Card 385
Unknown Matching the Packets spectator deals to four predetermined cards 388
Unknown The Seventh Son spectator finds three matesVariations 389
Unknown The Hocus-Pocus Card apparently mistake is made 390
Unknown Do As I Do - A New Presentation with prediction kicker 393
Unknown Contrary Do As I Do spectator is invited to be as contrary as he likes 395
Unknown The Twenty-Sixth Location get-ready trick to get key in center, spellingRelated toVariations 397
Unknown The Twenty-Sixth Location remote key 398
Unknown Circus Card Trick to prepare for twenty-sixth location 398
Unknown The Unwitting Magician spectator finds thee selections 400
Unknown The Magic of Nine number of cards in pocket and selection is devined 402
Percy Abbott The Certain Card Trick 403
Unknown Fan Glimpse from behind by bending corner 403
Unknown Peeling Cards 409
Unknown Making Double-Face Cards 409
Unknown One Will Make Six how a two spot locates six cards 411
Unknown The Spectator Peek in context of "missed" peek 411
Unknown Shiners tip 411
Unknown Audicity Peek actually for palmed card 411
Unknown Card to Pocket tip for the selection process for Lazy Man's... 412
Unknown Svengali Shuffle how to shuffle a Svengali Deck 412
Charlier The Charlier Shuffle 412
Unknown The Matchbook Easel method for a nice display stand of a card 413
Unknown Second Deal Aid roughing fluid on thumbRelated to 414
Unknown The Kaufman Card Stand another display method for stand up poker routines 414
Unknown A False Count count off more cards from the deck as pretended 415
Unknown To Deal Four as Three 415
Unknown The Carbon Card see title for method... 416
Unknown Magic Powder v. Rabbit's Foot motivation to reach in the pocket 416
Unknown False Table Deal buckle undercount on the table 416
Unknown The Card at Any Number thumb count 417
Unknown Daub 417
Unknown Set-Ups management tips 417
Unknown Moistening a Card 418
Unknown The Pass cover for seated performance 418
Unknown Left Hand Bottom Replacement 419
Dai Vernon The De Kolta Change sleeve rubbing cover, pips of card change to suit clothingVariations 450
Dai Vernon Tips on Changes 451
Dai Vernon Multiple Card Control Hindu Shuffle and crimp/locatorRelated toVariations 453
Unknown Friction Bottom Slip Cut 454
Dai Vernon Hand-to-Hand Card Transfer classic to classic 455
Dai Vernon The Peregrinating Pip pip is transfered from Five to TwoRelated toAlso published here 457
Dai Vernon The All Backs Related toVariations 459
Dai Vernon Paddle Move Turnover Variations 461
Dai Vernon Insertion of the Cards alternative to diagonal insertion, getting a break underneath out-jogged cardRelated to 464
Dr. Jacob Daley Right Hand Side Steal 467
Dr. Jacob Daley Left Hand Side Steal 468
Dr. Jacob Daley Double Peek and Bilateral Side Steal two breaks 470
Dr. Jacob Daley Longitudinal Side Steal and Transfer 471
Dr. Jacob Daley Applied Misdirection for the side steal 473