Written by Lewis Ganson

Work of Various

35 pages (Stapled), published by The Supreme Magic Company
Illustrated with photographs.
Language: English

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Lewis Ganson Introduction 4
Lewis Ganson The Basic Moves with Werry's Fantastic Thimbles 5
Lewis Ganson The Lifting Move multiply one thimble into two 5
Lewis Ganson A Complete Vanish 6
Lewis Ganson A Simple Routine production and vanish of several thimbles 7
Lewis Ganson A Novel Opening "thimble set in mouth" 8
Werner "Werry" Geissler Thimble Through Silk 9
Ken De Courcy Push-Thru ... Pull-Thru thimble through handkerchief and back 11
Werner "Werry" Geissler Thimble Dye thimble changes color 15
Werner "Werry" Geissler Technicolour Thimbles production of thimbles, all different colors 17
Ken De Courcy Uncle Henry's Thimble Trick traveling and color changing thimbles 20
Dean Metcalfe Dean Metcalfe's Fantastic Thimble Routine - First Production
- Thimble Penetrates Silk
- Production of Second Thimble
- Vanishing One Thimble
- Production of Third Thimble
- Production of Fourth Thimble
- Stealing Two Extra Sets
- The Stack of Four
- Production of Eight Thimbles
- Additional Climax
Lewis Ganson Conclusion 35