Written by Robert Parrish

Work of Robert Parrish

135 pages (Hardcover), published by David Meyer Magic Books
Illustrated with drawings by Tony Dunn.
Language: English

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Phil Willmarth Foreword about apparatus magic vii
Robert Parrish Introduction ix
Robert Parrish The Nest of Boxes borrowed watch in nest of boxes, linking ring routine woven into structure (but not described) 1
Robert Parrish The Die Box routined for adults, two cat food cans as final loads from hat 8
Robert Parrish The Spirit Dial number chosen with dice divined with spirit clock 17
U. F. Grant Number Force with Dice dice shaken in matchbox 19
Robert Parrish Do the Spirits Return? rapping hand answers questions, rising cards with the hand, card stands uprightInspired byRelated to 25
Steadly Take Me Force boldRelated to 32
Robert Parrish The Age of Illusion card appears on silk, mirror glass with cover tube 37
Robert Parrish Card Switch with tube that covers glass 38
A. H. Wortman Reversing the Mirror Glass originally from The Magic Wand, June 1921, p. 62 39
Robert Parrish The Rising Cards using a Martin clockwork deck, featuring deck switch in a case when glass is removed from it 41
Robert Parrish The Coin Jar coins appear visibly in candy glass jar, box with glass bottom in lap for sound effectInspired by
  • "The Coin Jar" (Downs, Modern Coin Manipulation, 1900, p. 224)
Robert Parrish Sympathetic Magic with comments about the effect by Charlie Miller, for stand-up 49
Edward Marlo Optical Switch 51
Paul Curry Swindle Switch 52
Robert Parrish The Well of Invisibility "The Japanese Box" routineRelated to
  • David Devant ("The Best Tricks and How to Do Them")
Robert Parrish The Brain Wave ungaffed, Hindu forcing odd-backed cardInspired by 58
Robert Parrish Hindu Shuffle Force Handling 58
Robert Parrish Ellis in Bangkok ribbon penetration with ellis ringInspired by
  • B.A. Millidge (The Magic Wand, Oct./Nov. 1938)
Robert Parrish To Have and Have Not borrowed ring into box on top of glass tumbler, Owen Brothers Watch Box 63
Robert Parrish The Sand Frame signed card to sand frame 67
Robert Parrish, Oscar Weigle The Immortal Card Trick sequence with open prediction, card in the envelope, torn & restored card 70
Robert Parrish All I Know About Cards (In About Five Minutes) funny sequence for magicians in which sleights are demonstrated with a deck of only two cards 76
Robert Parrish Trained Cards two cards in two pockets transpose, using deck of double facersInspired by
  • routine by Dave Jones (from Ken Allen Lecture Notes from 1957)
Robert Parrish The Card Stabbing Trick rubber banded and paper wrapped deck, stabbed with knifeInspired by 81
Robert Parrish Gordon's Divination packets cut off, performer divines bottom card of eachInspired by
  • description of Jack Gordon effect in The Sphinx, Jan. 1930
Unknown Top Card Glimpse 86
Theodore Annemann Cased Divination spectator cuts, remembers top card, cases deck, performer divines it, cut-out in case for glimpse 87
Oscar Weigle Gordon's Divination - Marked Version 87
Robert Parrish The Card in the Orange Related to 89
Robert Parrish A Note About Classic Apparatus 94
Robert Parrish Joe Scott's Routined Classics about Joe Scott 95
Joe Scott The Cap and Pence 97
Robert Parrish My Own Presentation for Cap and Pence 102
Joe Scott, Paul LePaul The Card on the Wall with gimmick to get thumb tack into signed card 105
Joe Scott, Fred Culpitt The Handkerchief to Egg Inspired by
  • "Kling Klang" (Judson Cole)
Joe Scott The Card Sword 111
Joe Scott Cum Grano Salis, or the "Our Town" Salt Trick 114
Joe Scott Inertia eggs balanced on tubes on tray on top of glasses, tray whipped away 117
Bob Marvin Bob Marvin's Floating Ball one-man method 121
Phil Willmarth Afterword 123
Phil Willmarth Bibliography books referenced during text 125