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224 pages (Hardcover), published by The Williamson Press, Inc.
Illustrated with photographs.
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Theo "Okito" Bamberg Introduction xix
Arthur H. Buckley Foreword xx
Arthur H. Buckley The Principles of Magic - commented list of methods/principles (Manipulation, Substitution, Duplication, Camouflage, Imitation, False Partition, Concealed Mechanism, Falsification, Arrangement, Preparation)
- list of effects
- list of aiding factors (Misdirection, Sustained Attention, Diverted Attention, Restriction, Repetition, Conclusion, Climax, Anti-Climax, Mannerism, Surprise, Expectancy, Memory, Mnemonics, Reconstructive Imagination, Dramatics, Humor)
Arthur H. Buckley Misdirection 27
Arthur H. Buckley Concealment 28
Arthur H. Buckley The Entertainment Value 30
Arthur H. Buckley Showmanship 33
Arthur H. Buckley Sleight of Hand 33
Arthur H. Buckley Something New 34
Arthur H. Buckley Invention 35
Arthur H. Buckley Talking Acts versus Silent Acts and Pantomime 37
Arthur H. Buckley The Practice of Leaving the Stage Unattended 37
Arthur H. Buckley Assistants from the Audience 38
Arthur H. Buckley Fakes and Accessories 38
Arthur H. Buckley Gimacs 39
Arthur H. Buckley Illusion 39
Arthur H. Buckley The Plot 40
Arthur H. Buckley Timing, Rhythm and Pace 40
Arthur H. Buckley Footwork 42
Arthur H. Buckley Presenting the Act in Public 43
Arthur H. Buckley Sleeving some methods briefly explained 47
Arthur H. Buckley A Short Routine In Which Sleeving Plays The Major Part quarter changes into half dollar and back, with alternative switch, inertia sleeving for transformation 47
Arthur H. Buckley The Muscle Pass with One Silver Dollar used to show both hands empty 48
Arthur H. Buckley Chinese Coin Mystery chinese coin with hole penetrates stringInspired by 49
Harry King A Coin, a Ring and a Handkerchief handkerchief held out by two spectators, coin placed on top, corners threaded through ring to lock coin in place, performer removes coin under cover 51
Unknown The Bounce Vanish from one to five coins, optional sleevingRelated to 52
Unknown The Rear of Thumb Palm with back and front sequenceRelated to
  • Vol. 1 No. 1 of Ellis Stanyon's "Magic" (Oct. 1900)
Paul Rosini The Pencil and the Silver Dollar coin vanishes and reappears in left hand when tapped with pencil 54
Arthur H. Buckley The Turnover Pass with One Coin false transfer in which coin slide back in other hand 55
Arthur H. Buckley The Pinch Pass with a Single Coin false transfer 56
Arthur H. Buckley A Very Pretty Disappearance with handkerchief 56
Allan Shaw Allan Shaw's Vanish of a Coin false transfer with back palm 57
Arthur H. Buckley Front and Back of Hand Transfer of a Coin 58
Arthur H. Buckley Three Methods of Producing a Coin actually four methods, three from back clip, one from Downs palm 59
T. Nelson Downs Downs' Palm two methods to produce single coins from stack in Downs palm 61
Arthur H. Buckley The Vanish of a Coin from the Fold of a Pants Leg 63
Arthur H. Buckley On the Leg Pass with a Silver Dollar two more methods to vanish coin from trouser fold 64
Arthur H. Buckley To Pass Four Coins from Hand to Hand through your Head, One at a Time Related to
  • "Invisible Transfer of a Coin from Hand to Hand when the spectators have been Forewarned" (Gaultier, Magic Without Apparatus, p. 104)
Arthur H. Buckley The French Drop and the Eye Glass coin travels to other hand, coin temporarily in eye 65
Arthur H. Buckley The Roll Down Production for Four Coins roll outRelated to 66
Arthur H. Buckley Five Coins are seen and heard to Fall into a Glass and a Moment Later Vanish 66
T. Nelson Downs, Arthur H. Buckley The "Downs' Click Pass" Viewed from a New Angle (Improved) 68
Arthur H. Buckley An Illusive Pass tumble false transfer 69
Arthur H. Buckley The Click Pass and the Table tapping coins on underside of table as sound effect 69
Allan Shaw The Spread Vanish false transfer 70
Arthur H. Buckley The One Hand Color Changing Discs 70
T. Nelson Downs Five Coin Transfer Pass false transfer 72
Arthur H. Buckley The Throw Away Vanish of Five Coins 73
Allan Shaw The Appearance of Five Coins, One After Another, at the Fingertips coins appear one by one in fan layout 74
Ron Leonard The Surprise Appearance of a Coin on back of hand 76
Arthur H. Buckley The Magnetic Pass with One or Several Coins magnetic holdout in trousers at back of leg 76
Frank Cruse Silken Silver coin changes to silk 77
Arthur H. Buckley Borrowed Money bill vanishes from envelope, reappears in nest of envelopes, serial number noted (3 made to 8 from consecutive numbers) 78
Unknown How to make Flash Paper 80
Terry Lynn Torn Corner Method bill travels to envelope 80
John Mulholland Slide Pass with a Single Coin false transfer 81
Arthur H. Buckley Another very effective Production of Five Coins, One by One, in the Left Hand 82
Terry Lynn The Lynn Pennies seven coins counted into spectator's hand, one magically removed, repeated twiceRelated to 83
Arthur H. Buckley The Steal coins in hand, one stolen from heel of hand with other hand, done five times in a rowRelated to 84
Arthur H. Buckley Passing Several Coins Through a Table at which you are seated three coins in each hand and one odd coin, Han Ping Chien 85
Arthur H. Buckley The French Drop (Improved) 86
Arthur H. Buckley Another Original Five Coin Pass five coins produced one by one 86
Arthur H. Buckley, Allan Shaw The Miser's Dream with commentary on the plot and outline of Allan Shaw's Miser's Dream Routine 87
W. J. Alkinson Finale to the "Miser's Dream" originally from Stanyon's "Magic", July 1902 89
Arthur H. Buckley, John Northern Hilliard Two Playing Cards, Four Half Dollars and a Handkerchief Inspired by
  • Hilliard trick in Stanyon's "Magic", Dec 1904
Arthur H. Buckley Coin Through Handkerchief 90
Francis Carlyle A Coin Vanish and Reappearance coin slid under tight shirt cuff 91
Cardini The Steal coins in hand, one stolen from heel of hand with other hand, done five times in a rowRelated to 92
Cardini Wrist Palm coin held at wrist with flesh of arm and hand 92
Ross Bertram Twenty-One Cents two nickels, dime and cent into hand, all vanish except nickel, ungaffed 94
Arthur H. Buckley Coins Pass, One by One, From the Left Hand to the Right Hand extra coin 96
Unknown Momentum Transfer from hand to handRelated to
  • Gaultier, "Magic Without Apparatus", p. 314
Arthur H. Buckley The Transfer of a Silver Dollar from One Hand to the Other 99
John Platt Chinese Coin on Pencil Illusion ring & stick with chinese hole coin, originally from Sphinx 100
Arthur H. Buckley Five Silver Dollars and a Handkerchief Routine five coins in handkerchief, vanish, reappearRelated to 102
Arthur H. Buckley An Invisible Journey (Improved) two coins in each hand with odd coin, han ping chien 106
T. Nelson Downs The Eureka Vanish "A useful Sleight for Vanishing Five Coins in Succession at the Fingertips" 107
Arthur H. Buckley Reproduction of Five Coins, One by One, at the Fingertips and an Original Change Over 108
Arthur H. Buckley The Thumb Pass with a Silver Dollar coin apparently pushed in left hand 109
Arthur H. Buckley Front Thumb Palm coin apparently tossed in hat, reproduced 109
Arthur H. Buckley Split Fans and Coin Productions split fan production, then fan of coins produced that have been held out during card productions 110
John Brown Cook The Production of Twenty-Four Coins in a Series of Fans 112
Arthur H. Buckley The Coin Holders and Loading Trough 113
John Brown Cook "The Multiple Roll Out" multiple times from larger stack 114
Arthur H. Buckley A Phantasy in Silver "My Complete Act with Coins, with Every Detail for a Scintillating Presentation Fully and Carefully Explained and Illustrated"
thorough explanation, using lots of sequences described before, with appearing cane
Arthur H. Buckley The Coin Holder for the Phantasy in Silver 134
Arthur H. Buckley Foreword to the Chapter Three - Card Magic 139
Arthur H. Buckley Opening for a Card Act manipulation act with vanishing cane to silk, card production, dove production, gloves 143
Arthur H. Buckley A Finish for an Act appearing cane, dove to glove (fake dove made out of glove) 145
Arthur H. Buckley The Buckley False Shuffle 146
Arthur H. Buckley Cards to Pocket, with Ten Cards (With Improvements) Related to 148
Arthur H. Buckley The Count flourish one-handed turnover count 151
Arthur H. Buckley The False Count for More with sound 152
Arthur H. Buckley My Card in Cigarette Illusion (With Improvements) pieces vanish from envelope, card in cigarette and tobacco in envelope, corner convincer 153
Arthur H. Buckley The Thirty Cards and Two Assistants (With Improvements) 155
Arthur H. Buckley Ten and Ten 157
Arthur H. Buckley To Vanish the Last Two Cards in presenting "The Ten Cards to Pocket" false transferRelated to 159
Unknown Method of Double Cutting Cards 160
Arthur H. Buckley The Triple Climax three cards selected, stop trick with first card (tip for not dealing too long), changes into second card, third card to spectator's pocketVariations 161
Arthur H. Buckley An Amazing Card Illusion (Original) - Just Think of a Card five spectators, cards apparently thought-of from full deck, credit information 164
Arthur H. Buckley The Crimp (One Hand) bottom card crimped with pinky, but more bridge like 167
Arthur H. Buckley Exchanging a Card in Passing - Top Change four choreographies 168
Arthur H. Buckley The Peek Location spectator peeks 169
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser, Arthur H. Buckley The Hofzinser Fan Force bottom card slid out with right fingers 169
Arthur H. Buckley "The Slap Shift" with packet, bottom card to top 170
Arthur H. Buckley Corner Bend Glimpse corner bent in back of fan 171
Arthur H. Buckley My Original Billiard Ball and Card Harness 174
Arthur H. Buckley Magic With Billiard Balls - Pointers 175
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of a Ball from Behind the Left Hand followed by the Take Away Vanish 176
Arthur H. Buckley A Ball Held in the Finger Palm Position by the Left Hand is Secretly Removed by the Right Hand in Passing 177
Arthur H. Buckley The Wrist Roll showing hands empty 178
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of a Ball on the Fist 179
Arthur H. Buckley Moving the Ball Down from the Fist Position to the First and Second Fingers 180
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of a Ball Between the Two Middle Fingers from the Palm Without Aid from the Thumb 182
Arnold de Biere The De Biere Production of a Ball from the Palm to the Third and Fourth Finger 184
Arthur H. Buckley The "Ball Roll" From Finger to Finger 186
Arthur H. Buckley The "Ball Roll" With Another Ball Concealed in your Palm 188
Arthur H. Buckley "The Knee Roll Vanish" 190
Arthur H. Buckley The Strike Vanish 192
Arthur H. Buckley The "Wrist Roll" and Palm Off Vanish 193
Arthur H. Buckley Concealing a Ball Behind the Hand While Both Palms are Shown interlocked position 194
Arthur H. Buckley Color Changes "Original Methods", four methods 196
Arthur H. Buckley "The Throw Vanish" 202
Arthur H. Buckley The Ball and the Handkerchief penetration 204
Arthur H. Buckley The Production of Eight Solid Balls at the Fingertips without a Shell 206
Arthur H. Buckley Concluding Remarks 218