Written by Euan Bingham

Work of Euan Bingham

26 pages (Spiralbound), published by unknown publisher

Language: English

(28 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Euan Bingham Just Another Sandwich Trick 1
Euan Bingham Transvestites Daley's Last with transformation kicker 2
Euan Bingham V-easy transpo Veeser concept 4
Bob Veeser Veeser Concept 4
Euan Bingham King Sting 5
Euan Bingham Coincidental Aces transposition, travelling combo 6
Euan Bingham Load Sequence inspired by Jay Sankey 6
Euan Bingham Heartstopper through table 7
Euan Bingham Continental Drift red half and black half transpose 8
Euan Bingham Fifth Dimension transformation kicker, not really twisting effect 9
Euan Bingham Intuition by placing card next to aces 10
Euan Bingham Metal Collectors 11
Euan Bingham Triple Inversion 12
Peter Duffie PAUS Palmed Addition Utility Sleight, apparently turning deck over but replacing palmed card instead 13
Euan Bingham Abstraction four aces one by one 14
Peter Duffie POUS Palmed Off Utility Sleight, apparendly turning deck over but palming card off instead 14
Euan Bingham Dead Set 16
Euan Bingham The Ambitious Card first card then deck penetrates hand 17
Euan Bingham Thanks to Jennings similar effect to Open Traveler 19
Euan Bingham A Ambitious Card Move extension to Tom Ellis' Super Rise 20
Euan Bingham Ally Oop 21
Euan Bingham The Ghost Cut non-gaffed Haunted Pack version 22
Euan Bingham On The Erdnase Change on the Second Transformation 22
Euan Bingham On the Pass 23
Euan Bingham The Scorpion Change - A Useful Move faced deck is turned over 25
Euan Bingham Imperceptible Vanishes using Scorpion Change, turning faced deck over 25
Euan Bingham Striking Colour Changes using Scorpion Change, turning faced deck over 26
Euan Bingham Productions using Scorpion Change, turning faced deck over 26