Written by Al Mann

Work of Al Mann

35 pages (Spiralbound), published by Al Mann Exclusives
Illustrated with drawings.
Language: English

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Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Al Mann Foreword
Al Mann A Tractate on Fabulous Card Effects for the Mentalist - The Pros and Cons
- Do's and Don'ts
Alex Elmsley Flight of the Psycards three signed cards to wallet, magnetic himber wallet, no palming version 4
Al Mann, Sam H. Sharpe Domination of Thought key cardInspired by 7
Unknown Cut-Glimpse 8
John Smetana Caster and Pollux two decks, two spectators, both put card between same cards 8
Al Mann The Devastators three selected cards are predicted, duplicates in wallet, magnetic himber 11
Al Mann The Invaders two decks, three selected cards are predicted, duplicates in wallet, magnetic himber 12
Al Mann The D-ESP-Erados 13
Al Mann The Third Extasie prediction of a card, in envelope in wallet 13
Al Mann Astral Sight deck cut in several piles, cards on bottom are named by performer 15
Unknown The Bottom Card Glimpse bottom card is buckled 16
Unknown Another Bottom Card Glimpse 16
Al Mann The Mounds of Ishtar four cards selected and put in four envelopes are divined, flap envelope 17
Al Mann The Psychic Poker Player handcuffed, gaffed table 20
Unknown The Reverse Fan Force only one card visible 22
Al Mann The Isomeric Card card with three indices, fan forceVariations 22
Al Mann The Reverse Fan Force Supreme five cards thought of from a fan are named, with several isomeric cards / multi-indices cardVariations 23
Al Baker The Forces Within three selected cards are divined, Al Baker's Card Case, gaffed case to force cards 24
Al Mann The Cut Force sewn cards 27
Al Mann The Master of the Cards - A Discussion on the Psychic Feats of Olof Jonsson 28
Al Mann, Olof Jonsson Olof Jonsson's Card Feats 28
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann ESP shuffled ESP deck in envelope, cards are divined 29
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Over the Telephone shuffled ESP cards in envelope, order is divined over phone 29
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Spectator Becomes the Mindreader spectators name top cards from a shuffled ESP deck 30
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Mind Control spectator selects a quartet from a shuffled deck 30
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Clairvoyance spectator puts cards in envelopes and those envelopes in a bigger envelope, light is turned off and performer names the cards 31
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Levitation chosen card appears on top of the deck after spectator shuffled the deck, psy presentation 32
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Teleportation selected card vanishes and is found on spectator's chair, two cards glued together on one end 32
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Seeing Through a Brick Wall spectator in other room holds card on a wall, performer in other room divines the card 33
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Sensative Finger Tips and X-Ray Eyes performer removes named card from face down spread 33
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Psychological Force queen of hearts, probability and verbal force 34
Olof Jonsson, Al Mann Developing ESP spectator learns to cut at the same ESP symbol every time, shuffled deck 34