Written by Jean Hugard

Work of Various

88 pages (Stapled), published by Louis Tannen
Illustrated with drawings by Chris Carven.
Language: English

(121 entries)


Creators Title Comments & References Page Categories
Jean Hugard Basic Sleights and Changes 2
Jean Hugard The Palm Proper 2
Jean Hugard The French Drop 3
Jean Hugard The French Drop - Variation back clipped 4
Jean Hugard The Pinch french drop variation 4
Unknown The Thumb Palm 5
Jean Hugard The Pick Up false take from palm 5
Jean Hugard Changes 1. By Means of the Palm Proper
2. With One Hand (De Manche Change without credit)
3. By Means of the Thumb Palm
4. By Means of a Small Tray
Related to 5
Unknown Coin and Card coin produced from card 7
Unknown The Melting Coin coin vanishes and appears from fire of a candle (Robert-Houdin routine without credit) 8
Unknown The Flying Coin marked coin travels from hand to hand to second coin and through table, then same with four coins, glass under table for last phase 9
Unknown Filtration of Coins two coin in two handkerchief one travels to other, marked 11
Unknown Coin Filtration - Second Method 12
Unknown Travelling Coins first coin travels from hand to hand then effect is repeated with four coins, hands turned over on table 13
Unknown Coin Through Hat three coins pass one by one through a hat into a glass 13
Unknown Coin Through a Deck Into a Glass marked coin 14
Unknown Flying Coins three coins travel from one hand to three coins in other hand, one by one 15
Unknown A Coin Through the Hand back of hand 15
Unknown All Change marked penny and marked half dollar wrapped in a handkerchief each change places 16
Alan Peterson Two Coins and Two Tumblers coin travels from glass two other glass 17
Unknown Boy and Coins coins travel from spectator's hand to hat 17
Unknown Click Pass 17
Unknown A Walking Penny marked coin travels from from under left foot to under right foot 18
Unknown Head or Tail. A Surprise Trick coin covered by glass and glass wrapped in paper, then glass and coin vanish 19
Unknown Another Method 20
Unknown Coin and Glass of Water coin under hat changes into glass of water 20
Unknown Dime and Handkerchief marked coin travels from handkerchief to orange 21
Unknown Coin Vanish from Handkerchief 21
Unknown Coin and Apple coin and apple change places, under paper cones 22
Unknown The Best Coin Fold with variation 23
Unknown Another Coin Fold - A Third Method 24
Unknown Dime and Half Dollar Vanish half dollar vanishes 25
Unknown Coin Through Table coin travels from hand over the table to coin held under the table 25
Unknown Dime and Matchbox coin vanishes from under matchbox, coin penetrates matchbox 26
Unknown A Thought Reading Trick two ways, first coin is discovered in correct hand and then under correct drawer of a matchbox 27
Unknown Vanishing a Dime coin vanishes from between two bigger coinsRelated to 28
Unknown Variation - A Good Cath gag, coin appears under two bigger coins 28
Unknown Vanishing Dime for small coins 28
Unknown Sleeve Button Vanish coin hidden between buttons from sleeve 29
Unknown Heads or Tails coin under hat turns into guinea pig 29
Unknown Amusing Dime Catch coin pressed on spectators forehead vanishes 29
Unknown Dime and Ginger Ale Bottle dime put on mouth of a bottle jumps into the air 29
Unknown A Useful Move opening coat to hide coin, secret transfer 29
Unknown The Spinning Coin coin spins between two pins 29
Unknown The Weeping Queen water drops fall from coin, sponge behind ear 30
Unknown Trouser Cuff Vanish while picking up a dropped coin it's loaded in cuff 30
Unknown Trouser Fold Vanish seated, coin vanishes from knee 30
Unknown The Perforated Coin pin through coin 30
Unknown Dime in Ear dime vanishes from elbow, hide out in ear 31
Unknown Coin in Knot in Handkerchief coin appears in knotted handkerchief 31
Unknown Wand and Wax wax on end of wand to show hands empty 31
Unknown Rubber Band Vanish coin vanish with handkerchief 31
Unknown Heads or Tails coin held between two fingers, control if it lands heads or tails up 31
Unknown Balancing a Coin coin stands upright on outstretched hand 32
Unknown A Wonderful Juggle 32
Unknown The Elbow Catch 33
Unknown Spin the Coin coin spinned on glass 33
Unknown A Pretty Juggle coin catch from back of hand 33
Unknown To Pick Up a Dime with the Palm 33
Unknown A Pretty Flourish coin on card, card is flicked away 33
Unknown The Triangular Coin Stand to vanish coins 34
Unknown The Melting Coin coin dropped in glass of water under handkerchief, then it vanishes, off-beat gaff 34
Unknown Another Method coin dropped in glass of water under handkerchief, then it vanishes,thread method 35
Unknown The Coin Glass coin to glass, with assistant 35
Unknown A Pile of Pennies die under paper tube transforms into coins, coins travel through table and die appears again under tube, hollow coin stack 36
Dr. C. J. Diestel The Weeping Coin water drops fall from coin 37
Unknown Penny Changes to a Dime two pennies, one changes into dime 37
Unknown Penny and Dime dime covered by penny penetrates card and falls into glass, nesting coin gaff 38
Unknown Half Dollar and Penny coin transformation, unusual gaff 38
Unknown The "Wiesenheimer" Coin Trick coin vanishes from ring put on table covered with a card, alternative method 39
Unknown The Talking Coin coin dances in glass, answering questions, assistant 40
Unknown Coin and Bottle 41
Unknown Coin Through Ring coin wrapped in handkerchief penetrates finger ring 41
Unknown An Easy Trick coin travels under hat 41
Unknown Coin and String coin with hole penetrates string held by spectators 42
Unknown A Finger Gimlet Variations 42
Unknown A Penetrating Coin coin penetrates plate and falls into glass 43
Unknown Silver to Bronze half dollar covered by drawer of a match box changes to penny and back 43
Unknown Advanced Sleights three vanishes
1. coin clipped between index and middle finger
2. coin pushed into fist
3. retention vanish
Martin Chapender Chapender's Method of Palming edge palm 46
Unknown Two Finger Palm 46
Unknown Advanced Flourishes 1. The Steeplechase (coin roll)
2. The Coin Turn Over (multiple coins spread turnover)
3. Vanish and Recovery of Stack of Coins
Unknown Sleeving from Back of Left Hand 48
Unknown, Chris Carven Spinning Coin into the Air sleeve vanish, with variations 49
Unknown Modification of the French Drop sleeving while doing a french drop 49
Sam Leo Horowitz Cards and Coins several coins appear from between two cards 50
Sam Leo Horowitz An Optical Illusion? coin vanishes from handkerchief and appears again 51
Unknown The Sympathetic Coins on corners of handkerchief, second method with extra coinRelated to 52
Unknown Coin and Envelopes marked coin to nest of envelopes made out of newspaper 54
Unknown Coin and Oranges marked coin in chosen orange 56
Unknown The Peripatetic four coins travel from a jar to a glass, one by one, threaded coin 56
Han Ping Chien Han Ping Chien Coin Trick eight coins and an odd one 58
John Ramsay Slow Motion Vanish with cigarette 58
Unknown Filtration of Money - Advanced Method coin joins other coin wrapped in handkerchief, then both penetrate the silk 59
Unknown A Blindfold Detection marked coins shuffled among others coins in hat, performer finds first coin blindfolded, second penetrates hatRelated to 60
Unknown The Production Grip 62
Unknown The Back and Front Palm A. To Vanish the Coin at the Back of the Hand
B. To Bring the Coin to the Front of the Fingers
Unknown The Front Finger Clip 63
Unknown The Back Finger Clip two methods 64
Unknown The Back Thumb Palm 64
Unknown The Front Thumb Palm Downs Palm 65
Unknown Production from Front Thumb Palm production from Downs palm 65
Unknown The Pinch Vanish 66
Unknown The Front Edge Palm 66
Unknown Acquitment for Front Edge Palm hand wash 67
Unknown The Change Over From Front Edge Palm 67
Unknown The Toss Vanish 68
Unknown Thumb Pass 68
Jean Hugard The Miser's Dream 1. The Original Method 69
Jean Hugard The Miser's Dream. Stage Presentation 70
Jean Hugard 1. The Receptacle bucket, glass bowl etc. 70
Unknown The Loads of Coins threaded coins 71
Jean Hugard The Setting of the Act 72
Jean Hugard The First Coin to be Caught four methods 73
Jean Hugard Repeated Catches 74
Jean Hugard Securing the Second Load in Left Hand 75
Jean Hugard Finish several coins produced at the same time as a finale 76
Jean Hugard With Glass Bowl on Table Only glass bowl, ased on the Ramsay subtlety 77
Jean Hugard A Brilliant Manipulation technique based on Downs palm 78
Jean Hugard Manipulations and Advanced Flourishes I. With Four Coins
II. With Four Coins
III. With Five Coins
IV. With Five Coins (including Roll Down)
Jean Hugard Gags for Miser's Dream 87