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Unknown Das mysteriöse Taschentuch two cards in handkerchief transpose with two cards outside, duplicates Der moderne Kartenkünstler 64
Eduard W. Lufa "Ihnen fliegen alle Herzen zu!" eight cards noted down and wrapped in handkerchief, eight Heart cards, the packets transpose, packed of divided cards (connected with a thread for security so it is not fanned to widely) Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 11) 164
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Mariage "Hofzinser's Kartenkünste II."
King and Queen of Hearts put together in deck, they appear at top and bottom and are tabled, then appear back on top and bottom and tabled cards are indifferent, Jack of Clubs added to King and Queen, monte type routine with those three cards, they all change into Jacks of Clubs, Kings and Queen produced from deck again
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 3) 35
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Das Geheimnis des Lucifer two selections tabled, two Aces used to cover those cards, other two Aces under a plate, selections transpose, then the four cards on the table are the Aces and under the plate are the two selections Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 2) 19
Stanley Collins The Wooden Slab and Flying Card Experiment Cards attached on a board with rubberbands, spectator peeks at a card and remembers the value, then he counts to that value in a fan and remembers the card. Card transposes from the deck with the peeked card on the board Original Magical Creations 9
Charles T. Jordan The Spirit Aces No. 1, four Sevens and four Aces in piles on table, two Sevens put on top of deck followed by two Aces, yet Aces are on table and all four Sevens on top of deck, two extra Aces and step gaffAlso published here Ten New Prepared Card Tricks 3
Ralph W. Hull The Jumping Jacks four Jacks on table, one covered with three cards, others lost in deck, assembleInspired by More "Eye-Openers" 11
Louis Lam The Movie Colour Cards blue deck put in red box and vice versa, decks change place in boxes Would You Believe It? 16
Laurie Ireland Ireland's Four Ace Trick spectator thinks of ace in pocket, then three aces found in pocket and indifferent cards on table Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1936) 8
Unknown Movie Color Cards two different colored decks change places, two red-blue double backers Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 287
Unknown Transpo Color Change two different colored decks change places in different pockets Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 288
Arthur de Mello G-Men story trick with two blue and five red cards, thieves sheep The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1937) 220
Edward Victor A Royal Exchange twelve court cards change places with twelve spot cards, with two glasses Magic of the Hands 22
G. W. Hunter G. W. Hunter's Twelve Card Transposition twelve picture cards in one glass, twelve spot cards in other, one card exchanged, rest follows, written up by Max Holden The Magic Annual for 1937 50
Al Baker The Migrating Cards odd backed, all at once in spectators' pockets Greater Magic 292
Theodore Annemann Annemann's Aces aces change to kings, reappear somewhere else and the queens show up as well, begins like a regular ace assemblyVariations Greater Magic 365
E. Leslie May Pocket Presto nice transposition presentation The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 54) 384
Jack Vosburgh Stalemate The Jinx 101-151 (Issue 113) 671
T. Nelson Downs Marvello transposition with extremely strange procedure, mathematical Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 223
Jean Hugard, Frederick Braue A Palace Revolt twelve court and spot cards transpose in one phase Tricks and Sleights 22
Greer Marechal Jr. Technicolor Transpose cards transpose from two different colored decks My Best 38
Sigmar K. Hofeller There'll Be Some Change Made! red cards change places with black cards, in the pockets of two spectators My Best 37
Harlan Tarbell Red and Black Transposition ten red and ten black cards change places, rough and smooth Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 177
Paul Rosini Ace Transposition aces on table change to indifferent cards, aces face up in packRelated to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 121
Paul LePaul How Close Can You Watch? Transposition of two complete decks The Card Magic of Le Paul 131
Al Leech Ace King Transposition Aces under spectator's hand, transpose with the kings in the deck. For Card Men Only 5
Al Leech Alternate Method for "Ace King Transposition" For Card Men Only 7
Al Leech Ace-King Turnover Related to For Card Men Only 8
U. F. Grant Grant's Card Trick three cards change places, two under hand of the spectator one in performer's pocket, duplicate The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 207) 827
Al Leech, Edward Marlo Ace-King A La Marlo Related to Manipulating with Leech 26
Audley Walsh The Perfect Deck Switch pseudo deck switching, presentation The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 294) 1174
Don Tanner Trio Plus One four selections in four envelopes, fifth card torn and pieces put in fifth envelope, when spectators open their envelopes they find a piece and the selections are all together in the fifth envelope The Phoenix 251 - 300 (Issue 288) 1151
Bill Simon The Cards and Dice - 1. The Transposition Ace - Four of clubs face-down on table with a die on top of each with one to four to top, dice exchanged and cards followRelated toVariations Sleightly Sensational 14
Bill Simon 2. The Big Change Ace - Three with three dice on top, they transpose and eventually all change to Threes and backVariations Sleightly Sensational 16
Brother John Hamman Face Up - Face Down Surprise cards separated in reds and blacks, triumph with reds, black selection found in red pile, red and black piles change placeRelated toVariations The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M. 32
Brother John Hamman The Chameleon Colors reds and blacks separated, some red cards change to black and back, then halves transposeVariations The Card Magic of Bro. John Hamman S. M. 37
Arthur Rasper Kartenpaar-Wanderung von Glas zu Glas two Aces in one glass transpose with King and Queen of Clubs in another glass, partial rough-smooth Enzyklopädie der Rauh-Glatt-Kartentricks - Teil I 30
Jochen Zmeck Schwarz-Rot black cards with blue backs put in one case, red cars with red back in another, they transpose, partial rough-smooth Enzyklopädie der Rauh-Glatt-Kartentricks - Teil II 12
Nate Leipzig Acrobats two halves of the deck change places, duplicateVariations Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig 157
Ian Baxter Quadruple Transmigrationalism four quartets from different decks transpose while inside deck Expert Card Mysteries 69
Charlie Miller Color Switch two decks, color of backs change places The Cardiste (Issue 13) 11
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Kings And Queens Kings and Queens separated on table, then both piles consist of two Kings-Queen pairs The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 3rd Folio) 301
Charles T. Jordan Spirit Aces four Nines and four Aces in piles on table, two Nines put on top of deck followed by two Aces, yet Aces are on table and all four Nines on top of deck, two extra Aces and step gaff, see p. 424 for correctionAlso published here The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 7) 417
Jerry K. Hartman Free Trade two cards in bottom half transpose with 1 card in top halfVariations Card Cavalcade 20
Roy Walton A Switch in Time four red cards and four blacks cards, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separate, as a climax the packets transposeRelated toVariations Tale Twisters 1
Roy Walton Strange Assembly assembly, but instead of the kings the four aces are found in the last packet and the kings reversed in the deckRelated to Tale Twisters 2
Roy Walton Instant Interchange packet of red cards and one of black cards, two selections are interchanged between packets, then packets transposeVariations Tale Twisters 7
Brother John Hamman Ace-Sational four Aces, placed face-to-face with both hands, the change places when hands are pulled apart, change to queens in the end, stripped double facersInspired byRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 7th Folio) 534
Frank Garcia Double Lift Feint apparent switch Super Subtle Card Miracles 161
Karl Fulves Straight Across aces and 2C, 3C, 4C, aces become A-4 of clubs, other cards 5-7 of clubs Epilogue (Issue 17) 160
Brother John Hamman Odd-Even-Odd two odd and two even cards change place, two then change to JacksRelated toVariations Epilogue (Issue 18) 164
Karl Fulves Variations off-beat transposition problems Notes From Underground 26
Roy Walton The Bridge transposition of red and black cards Kabbala - Volume 2 (Vol. 2 No. 5) 36
Edward G. Brown, Ralph W. Hull The Intelligence Quotient Test Improved several phases, first ace has to be guessed, the three cards are added with the same suit and suit has to be guessedInspired by
  • Ralph W. Hull's "Intelligence Quotient Test" in "The Testament of Ralph W. Hull" 1945
The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 84
Edward G. Brown The Military Problem four packets, with kings on the bottom, first followed with three aces, second with three deuces, third with three threes and fourth with an ace, two and a three, organize themselves The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown 106
Jerry K. Hartman Hip Switch Two Jacks find three selections - finds first selection, then transposes with the other two selections Means & Ends 44
Jerry K. Hartman Switch On A Switch Card moves from between black to red Jacks, but in the process the Jacks also change places Means & Ends 46
Edward Marlo Color Transposition red backed queens and blue backed kings, backs change places, not faces The Unexpected Card Book 229
Paul Curry Kissing Cards King and Queen of same suit travel to the center of the deckVariationsAlso published here Paul Curry Presents 32
Karl Fulves Odd Cards two odd cards put n the case transpose with two even cards on the table, finally an extra card is found in the case with the contact information of the performer Close-Up Mental Magic 7
Martin A. Nash Turncoat two cards from two different decks, see p. 444 for additional crediting Ever So Sleightly 105
Jerry K. Hartman Switch on a Switch black jacks on table transpose with red jacks reversed in deck Epilogue (Issue Special No 1) 239
Roy Walton Carousel Inspired byVariations Pabular (Vol. 1 No. 8) 97
Bob Driebeek, Fabian Aenigma Variations Inspired by Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 12) 292
Fabian Transpo Ink four cards with a black spot change places with four cards with a red spot, one by oneRelated to Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 9) 255
Bernard Bilis Joking Illusion Jokers change back color, transpositions and then change back to original color Close Up, French Style 5
Harvey Rosenthal Unexpected Sandwich sandwich cards transpose! Packet Switches (Part Three) 127
Frank Garcia Mix and Match four cards cut in half, halves exchanged, they still match, two double facers Wildcard Miracles 63
Kevin Davie Red-Black Surprise see p. 531 for correctionsInspired by Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 12) 449
Eric Mason Brainwave brainwave, triumph and deck transposes with an other deck as a kickerRelated to Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 1) 463
Bob Farmer, Bert Allerton, Jerry Mentzer Jazz Pieces - Body & Soul a red and a black jumbo card are cut into four pieces, the pieces change places, oil and water, missing part of the description is published in "Jazz Pieces"Related to Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 2) 476
Philip T. Goldstein Relative Interchange ace to four transpose one by one with four red cardsRelated to
  • Stewart Judah's "Aces & Jacks"
Also published here
Scattershot 6
Paul Harris The Ace Trap Leader Ace is placed with three indifferent cards while other three Aces are placed reversed in the deck. Aces vanish and assemble with the leader AceRelated to SuperMagic 3
Richard Kaufman Dream Deck Switch two half decks with different back transpose, deck switch presentationVariations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 1 No. 5) 56
Karl Fulves Pocket Cards red Twos change place with black Tens and back, two methods, "Tens Routine" Transpo Trix 13
Bob Farmer Jazz Pieces missing part of text and illustrationsInspired by Pabular (Vol. 4 No. 5) 512
Paul Curry Spaced Out blue-backed and red-backed card with different suit symbol holes punched out, holes switch places Spaced Out 1
Karl Fulves Hide Out AC to 9C removed, selection placed among them, all dealt face-up except selection, a club vanishes, selection becomes this club and selection is reversed in deck, "temporary transposition" Transpo Trix 8
Karl Fulves Mass Transit spectator choses card from black pile, performer finds it from red pile which turns out to be the black pile Transpo Trix 56
Richard Kaufman A Dream Deck Switch, too two half decks with different back transpose, deck switch presentationInspired by CardMagic 26
Philip T. Goldstein Wolf Trap packet trick, ace and two change places Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 7) 702
Karl Fulves The Nyria Effect ace of spades in case, ace of clubs sandwiched between red fours outside, then visual transposition so red four inside and black aces sandwich with other four outside The Nyria Effect 50
Philip T. Goldstein Tearable two cards are torn, halves transpose several timesAlso published here Tearable 1
Paul Harris Drop-Shot corner and rest of card transpose with use of glass, inspired by "Corner in the Glass" Close-up Entertainer 52
Karl Fulves Back Bay Blues two rubber banded sandwiches, the sandwich cards themselves transpose The Chronicles (Issue 26) 1319
Karl Fulves The Hired Hand aces exchanged with other poker hand one by one, but still remain in original hand, with weird poker variation presentation Octet 72
Roy Walton Switch In Time described with jumbo cards, four red cards and four blacks cards, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separateInspired by Magic With Giant Cards 2
Ben Harris, Woody Meltcher Magnetic Aces three cards made into triangle card castle configuration, three of four Aces lost in deck, castle collapses and consists of other three AcesRelated to Magic from which Memories are Made! 121
Peter Duffie Inside Job two and two with transformation kickerRelated toVariations Alternative Card Magic 6
Paul Harris Three-Fourths quarter (torn off) transposes with rest The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 1 19
Simon Aronson Twice Removed Transposition two selections reversed in deck transpose with two Jokers, each sandwiched between Aces, two double facers Sessions 96
Christian Scherer Traumhafte Wanderung red kings transpose with black kings, and on their place the two selections are found, missing kings reversed in deck Card News '82 47
Shiv Duggal Belladonna four Aces are divided in red and black, two cards dealt on top of each pile, then red and black Aces transpose, eventually all aces are found in one pile and Kings in otherInspired by
  • Phil Goldstein's "Overture" in "Genii" Marchi '81
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #1 (Summer)) 37
Edward Marlo The Un-Stapled Cards two faced Cards change place with 2 other faces cardsInspired by Marlo without Tears 296
Geoffrey Latta Dazzling Interchange collectors set with kings in middle of deck, aces on top change one by one to kings The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 10) 82
Paul Harris Transposed Perfectionist reds and blacks transposeAlso published here A Close-Up Kinda Guy 61
Peter Duffie Royalty In Your Pocket four queens are produced, then reds and black change places and selection is found sandwiched in between red queensVariations The Best of Close-Up Magic 51
Louis Falanga Casino Kings two kings travel to the top, take the identity of three random cards and change into two selections, the kings are found reversed in the pack Lake Tahoe Card Magic 43
Jay Sankey Once is Never Enough two jokers paper clipped face to face transpose with 2 signed selections The New York Magic Symposium - Collection 5 56
Edward Marlo Olram's Clarified Routine ten red and black cards, one card travels from packet to packet, then packets changes places, eight methodsInspired by Thirty Five Years Later 3
Ken Simmons, Peter Duffie Diamond Heist two and two with transformation kickerInspired by Riffling the Pasteboards 5
David Regal Mirror Image transposition of two torn pieces foldedVariations Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 186
Randy Wakeman Needed a Jump ten red and black cards, single card jumps from packet to packet, then packets transpose Special Effects 26
Jerry Sadowitz Discrepancy Transposition: 2 red Aces transpose with two other cards, pair of pseudo duplicatesVariations Inspirations 5
Jerry Sadowitz Matching Pairs three selections, the three mates are found, then they transpose to follow the exchanged selections, Eight shown as Seven Inspirations 70
Nate Leipzig Two-Deck Transposition The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 221
Mike Bornstein Rainbow Transposition Oddbacked Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 2) 1460
Rick Silberman The Catalyst three change palce with three set in card case Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 7) 1513
Dai Vernon The Loving Couple three cards transpose in the deck with story presentationRelated to The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 2 94
Edward Marlo The Ninth Method three methods, variation of Walton effect, ten red and black cards transpose Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 230
Edward Marlo Detailed Slow Motion Aces ace of spades tabled with three x cards, other aces outjogged in deck, four methods, ungaffed and with duplicate Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 285
Larry Jennings Hofzinser Sans Wallet business card in pocket changes place with selection The Cardwright 196
Karl Fulves Staple Diet two cards stapled together, staple travels to another card, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 49) 218
Brother John Hamman The Lollapalooza Hand in effect two pokerhands transpose The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 118
Brother John Hamman False Witness AH to 3H jump around, so does selectionVariations The Secrets of Brother John Hamman 121
Juan Tamariz The Triple Colors Routine reds and blacks separated, one card chosen in each half, identified, cards change places, then whole packets change places (one in pocket) Sonata 159
Juan Tamariz Captured Red/Black Aces Two Aces are taped together Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 10) 1844
Philip T. Goldstein Overture black Aces sandwich reversed red Aces, they transposeVariationsAlso published here
  • "Overture" in "Genii" March, 1981. P. 158.
Focus 3
Philip T. Goldstein Troublebacker transposition routine with 6 cards, cards with red and blue backsAlso published here
  • "Troublebacker" in Goodliffe's "Abracadabra" Vol. 68, No. 1755. September, 1979. P. 290.
Focus 44
Philip T. Goldstein Tearable two cards are torn, halves transpose several timesAlso published here Focus 112
Jean Garance Variationen zu den fünf Donnerkarten von Frank Garcia black card vanishes among four red cards and appears in pocket, trick is repeated with less cards Jean Garance 11
Jon Racherbaumer Fuddle Aces two Aces are turned face up, all turn face up, selection found at the end, red and black Aces trasnpose as wellInspired by Cardfixes 36
Alex Elmsley Double Swap two selections with two Aces in breast pocket The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 1 293
Edward Marlo I'll Do It Again! two halves on table, face-up card travels from half to half, repeat, red and black sections transpose, three stranger cards The Olram File (Issue 10) 1
David Wax, Richard Kaufman King Flight black blue-backed kings change place with red red-backed kings The Collected Almanac (Issue ) xvii
Arturo de Ascanio Los Dados mandan y las Cartas obedecen routine with cards and dice, four parts, elevator, Bill Simon routines and selection is foundInspired byAlso published here
  • "Circular de la S.E.I." 1955.
La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 4 14
Karl Fulves Crime Pays Naught credit informationRelated to Verbatim (Issue 9) 101
Karl Fulves Freeze Out two decks, performer signs one in his deck and spectator in his, decks exchanged but each still has the original deck color (decks switch places)Related to Verbatim (Issue 9) 103
Allan Ackerman Wright On three card transposition, odd backed Las Vegas Kardma 160
Ron Ferris, Allan Ackerman The Almost Perfect Transposition two for two Las Vegas Kardma 135
Jay Wright The Quad Transposition Las Vegas Kardma 158
Alex Elmsley The Red and the Blue two decks change place except for two selections in themVariationsAlso published here The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 131
Gene Maze Uncle Charlie's Aces ace assembly, then 3 card transposition Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 173
Karl Fulves Crime Pays Naught four Kings and four Sevens, one card exchanged but nothing changed, then two and threeRelated to Rigmarole (Issue 9) 101
Jerry K. Hartman Crossing Cards red half and black half, two cards transpose Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 18 No. 1) 2449
Miguel Gomez Ladies of Spain two Queens transpose with two random cardsRelated toVariations The Trapdoor — Volume Three (Issue 56) 1062
Alex Elmsley The Red and the Blue No. 53, two decks change place except for two selections in themAlso published here Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 106
Paul Harris Ace Trap three indifferent card on table transpose with three aces distributed in deck The Art of Astonishment - Book 1 (Issue Super Magic) 155
Paul Harris, Matt Schulien Drop Shot corner and rest of card transpose with use of glass, inspired by "Corner in the Glass" The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 113
Paul Harris The Perfectionist - The Perfectionist (red and blacks are apparently mixed but remain separated)
- Transposed Perfectionist (reds and blacks transpose)
- Mixed-Up Perfectionist (reds and blacks mix themselves)
Also published here The Art of Astonishment - Book 3 (Issue Close-up Kinda Guy) 109
Frederick Braue, Theodore DeLand Nox-Em-All four Aces and Sevens on table, two Aces & Sevens put in one case and also in another card case, yet Sevens and Aces are all in one case each, two double facersInspired by
  • "Nox-Em-All" (De Land, 1908)
The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 7) 15
Peter Duffie M.I.M.C. Two spectators sign two cards with different backs, the two signatures on the faces transposeInspired by Effortless Card Magic 106
Peter Duffie Torn, Folded, and Sealed Torn, folded and sealed cards transposeInspired by Effortless Card Magic 162
Dave Campbell Dotty Spots two blank-faced cards with red spots on them transpose with two cards with blue spots, repeated with spectator's signature, three phases (trick with same name in Campbell Legacy is different)Inspired byAlso published here Five Times Five — Scotland 23
David Regal Inclination Four Sevens on the table are placed back in the deck and replaced with random cards, but then the Sevens are shown to be back on the table Close-Up & Personal 22
Milton Kort Heir to the Throne four Kings change places with four Aces, then three Kings and three Aces, then two, then one. Combination of four different tricks.Inspired by Kort 19
Baltazar Fuentes Indian Giver red and black packet, two cards transpose, then packets transposeInspired by Arempi II 9
Peter Duffie Elvis has Left the Building named King sandwiched in black Aces and put in case, sandwich reproduced from deck, three Kings found in caseRelated to New Inspirations 14
John Hostler The Wild Exchange black Seven sandwiched between red Sevens in left hand, other black Seven in right hand, they change places so that a red Seven is in right hand and other red sandwiched between blacks in left hand Card File Two 86
Aldo Colombini Interchange two Queens transpose with two random cards, identical with Miguel Gomez routineRelated to Standing Room Only 3
Paul Curry Kissing Cards King and Queen of same suit travel to the center of the deckAlso published here Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 40
William Goodwin King Brand red Kings between black Fours, they transpose two times, then Daley's LastVariations Penumbra (Issue 1) 14
Allan Ackerman, Darrin Martineau One Good Winner red Kings between black Fours, they transpose two times, then Daley's Last, all change to KingsInspired by Penumbra (Issue 2) 12
Aaron Fisher The King Is Gone, But He's Not Forgotten red Kings between black Fours, they transpose two times, then Daley's Last, without extra cardRelated to Penumbra (Issue 3) 9
Andi Gladwin Resets in an Instant red cards transpose with black cards, with card caseVariations Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 4 228
Steve Beam Red & Black Widow red half transpose with black half, with card caseInspired by Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 4 236
Euan Bingham Continental Drift red half and black half transpose Free From Filler 8
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson The Bad Guys Wear Black two Kings transpose with an Eight and Seven Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 39
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson I'm So Confused three-way transposition between red Aces, black Aces and two selections Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 147
Karl Fulves Transformism two cards chosen from red-backed deck, blue-backed deck in pocket, duplicates removed by touch, then decks transpose Hofzinser Notebook 32
Karl Fulves A Crossed Xchange card from black packet transferred to red packet, red packet becomes red, using a variation of the Daley Delight SwitchRelated to Off The Books (Issue 8) 145
Karl Fulves UnCrossed Xchange aka "NotXd Xchange"
card from black packet transferred to red packet, red packet becomes red, using a variation of the Daley Delight Switch without arm crossing
Related toVariations Off The Books (Issue 8) 146
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson, Marty Kane Repelling and Attracting transposition sequence with Queens and two Aces
- Phase 1a: The Kosky Switch
- Phase 1b: Pure Gall
- Phase 1c: Daley's Delight
- Phase 2: Marty Kane's Version
- Phase 3: Queens Gather Aces
Inspired by
  • "Ms. Matches" (Marty Kane)
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 29
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson The Ringmaster Ace to Three are move around, then they change around to original order againInspired by
  • "Triple Change" (Robin Robertson's website)
Related to
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 45
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Return to Sender different method for RingmasterRelated to Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 48
Dave Campbell Ricochet three signed cards, one put in pocket, one in tabled sandwich and one in deck, card shoots out of deck, but it is one of the others as a triple transposition took place The Dave Campbell Legacy 121
David Acer Mad Card Disease card torn into quarters, index corners transposes with non-index corners repeatedlyVariations Random Acts of Magic 120
Wesley James Catch-Ace-Trap-ee "sewt", transposition effect involving four Queens and two black AcesInspired by Enchantments 23
Wesley James Chameleon Colors Revisited "alpha", reds and blacks separated, some red cards change to black and back, then halves transposeInspired by Enchantments 144
Dave Campbell Transpo Dots two blank-faced cards with red spots on them transpose with two cards with blue spots, repeated with spectator's signature, three phasesAlso published here The Dave Campbell Legacy 161
Dave Campbell Dave's Dotty Spots four cards with red spots and four cards with blue spots, swap one, two, three cards around, always remain separate, as a climax the packets transpose (trick with same name in Five times Five is different)Inspired by The Dave Campbell Legacy 183
Arthur Trace Spatial Exchange Torn corner transposes with torn card, first published in Artwerks (Arthur Trace, 2005) and Genii (April 2006) It's All Relative 21
Jack Avis Outside In red Queens between black Aces, they transpose two timesInspired by Rara Avis 107
Karl Fulves Real Secret Stuff Aces removed from deck with an indifferent card, this packet riffle shuffled into deck and left outjogged, two poker hands dealt from outjogged cards alternating with top of deck, Aces end up in other packet Prolix (Issue 1) 62
Jack Avis Double Cross Transpo black Aces placed aside, red Aces catch two cards, they are the black Aces and apparent Aces are selectionsInspired by Rara Avis 50
Jack Avis Right Card - Wrong Colour card chosen, wrong color proclaimed by magician, cards separated in reds and blacks, black selection found in red pile, red and black piles change placeInspired by Rara Avis 113
Jack Parker Visualisation Reworked handling of On, In & UnderInspired by 52 Memories 132
Andi Gladwin Spellace Red Aces spelled to and placed aside. Black Aces spelled to, but find red Aces (transposition). The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 68
Jack Parker The Bled and the Rue Selection from red deck appears in blue deck after a weird transpositionInspired by 52 Memories 68
Jack Parker On, In & Under Three Kings placed under box, inside box and on box transposes with Three TwosVariations 52 Memories 130
Jerry K. Hartman On Tinterhooks five red cards put in black halves, spectator choses five cards from face-down spread, they are black but the halves changed placesInspired by Prolix (Issue 3) 199
David Solomon Kissing Cousins Twice Removed King and Queen of same suit travel to the center of the deck, two phasesInspired by The Wisdom of Solomon 196
Karl Fulves Do As I Did performer turns cards over in blue-backed deck, spectator same in red-backed deck, they are odd-backed, then decks transpose and cards match Prolix (Issue 4) 216
Tom Stone, Tomas Blomberg Reality Glitch off-beat sandwich-transposition combo Vortex 27
John Guastaferro Boxed Transpo two selections on table transpose with two jokers in box One Degree 89
Roy Walton Sweet and Low - Trick One
- Trick Two (with two packets)
- Trick Three (with two packets that transpose, see reference for correction)
Related to Prolix (Issue 7) 469
Roy Walton Sweet & Low III correctionRelated to Prolix (Issue 8) 503
David Acer Mad Card Disease 2.0 card torn into quarters, index corners transposes with non-index corners repeatedly, then restoreInspired byRelated to
  • "Miracle Mates" (Bob Bell, marketed by Micky Hades, 1963)
More Power to You 49
Michael Lam 水和油《最终章》(Water & Oil Finale) Deck separates into two colors as finale for Oil and Water (red cards oil, black cards water), so red cards are on top of black cards. When the black cards are placed on top, the colors visually transpose, leaving the red cards on top 实战魔术 Real Magic 24
Friedrich Roitzsch, Miguel Gomez Switch'em two cards in spectator's sleeve transpose with two cards on tableInspired by FFFF Lecture Notes 2015 1
Guy Hollingworth Minimalist Ace Assembly three Aces lost in deck, fourth Ace with three indifferent cards, they change one by one into Aces Renovations 10
Jon Racherbaumer Three Suspects and a Perp AH to 3H jump around, inspired by Steve Reynolds performanceInspired by Facsimile (Issue 5) 70
Harapan Ong Tiny Transpo three cards on case switch places with three in the hand, sucker gag beginning Principia 112
Harapan Ong Bigger Transpo transposition between the Queens and selection, four miniature cards are found on face of original selections and Queens change into giant version of selectionInspired by
  • "Bigger Finish" (Jay Sankey, marketed product)
Principia 109
Harapan Ong King's Overture black Kings sandwich red Kings, they transpose, with second visual phaseInspired by Principia 166