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Paul Marcus A Card Named Bill Variations HEX! 38
Edward Marlo Lonely Horace "Phil", name appears on named card, other cards have no name Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5 No. 4) 613
Stephen Tucker Appelation names of back of each card, called out name on selection Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #2 (Xmas)) 16
Stephen Tucker Appellation variation on Tucker's "Appelation" Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #2 (Xmas)) 17
Paul Marcus, Fred Lowe George from 1969 A History of the Brainwave Principle 94
Bill Worsley It's a Swindle with change bag and slips of paper Spell-Binder (Vol. 3 No. 33) 637
Peter Duffie Fred 23 bold number force, card named, number written on back of named selectionRelated to Close-Up to the Point 19
Meir Yedid My Son, My Son female names on faces of all, single male name on back of selection Best of Friends - Volume II 299
Philip T. Goldstein Final Fred thin cardsAlso published here FISM Madrid 1985 8
Edward Marlo Female spectator's name on back of named card Thirty Five Years Later 44
Philip T. Goldstein Final Fred thin cards Mix '86 1
David Britland My Name Is Legion deck has famous names on the back of every card, two cards chosen with Gemini Twins procedure, rest of deck blank Psychomancy 30
John Bannon Adjective Dancing "Fred"/"Oscar"/... version with adjectives on the back instead of names, rough smooth, including "A non-rough-smooth handling" Secret Weapons 20
Philip T. Goldstein Final Fred thin cards NYCANOTES 2
Ali Bongo Fred und Lulu Also published here Ali Bongo 29
Edward Marlo Female spectator's name on back of named card, with note by Ken SimmonsRelated to Simplicity at Your Fingertips 20
Dave Campbell Fred Profile (Issue 14) 4
Peter Duffie Fred - Credit Information Profile (Issue 14) 4
Michael Close Erma La Fource "Oscar", name on back of card predicted Workers Number 4 11
Peter Duffie, Dave Robertson Vanished Or Gone Spectator thinks of any card, card is shown to have vanished from the pack / word GONE is printed on the backInspired by Effortless Card Magic 142
David Acer, Ken Schwabe, Michel Huot Nomen Omen: Three Approaches ideas for the marketed trick, names written on backs of every card, one card chosen from front and one from back, other side of each card predicted
- The "Collection" Approach (Ken Schwabe)
- Star Power
- Cardtune
Inspired by
  • "Nomen Omen" (David Acer, marketed 1990)
Natural Selections — Volume II 189
Peter Duffie Easy-Going Diary combined with name on back of cards New Inspirations 15
Peter Duffie Backlog card freely chosen face-up, value and suit spelled to separately and the two cards removed and added, that number is written at the back of the selectionRelated to New Inspirations 2
Philip T. Goldstein Final Fred thin cards Mawny Notes 1
Chuck Hickok Bonus Demonstration Two: State of Mind flashcards with names of US states, one is named and on the back is name of spectator, different names on other cardsInspired by
  • Danny Laub & Gary Inglese's "The Dream" in "Magick" p. 1617.
Mentalism, Incorporated 148
Ali Bongo Vodka Surprise beverages written on backs of cards, named card and beverage is predicted Lecture Notes - Geneva 2002 5
Ali Bongo Fred and Lulu briefAlso published here Lecture Notes - Morges 2003 11
Philip T. Goldstein Final Fred thin cards Notes You Covet 1
Wesley James A Sleight Case of Murder "beta", card predicted, names on every card back and selection has spectator's name
- Alternates for the Pass
- Alternate Methods
- Premise Variations
Inspired by
  • "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?" (Dale Dewey)
Enchantments 104
Philip T. Goldstein Final Fred thin cards Easthournotes 1
Dave Campbell The Original "Fred" Trick credit informationAlso published here
  • The Thistle (Scottish Conjuror's Association's magazine)
The Dave Campbell Legacy 331
Max Maven Final Fred Also published here Las Vegas Lecture 1
Tyler Wilson Oscar The Grouch deck with celebrity-names on backs, some transformations on both sides of one of those cards, back changes to named name Reinventing the Real 164
David Acer Nomen Omen names written on backs of every card, one card chosen from front and one from back, other side of each card predictedAlso published here
  • first marketed 1990 by Camirand Academy of Magic
More Power to You 59
Roberto Giobbi The Deck of Missed Opportunities Confidences 1
John Born Casino Card Killer Card is freely named, deck is shown to have cards written randomly on the backs, card freely named has card written on the back that matches prediction Seeking the Bridge 138
John Born Right on the Money Card freely named, card is shown to have an amount of money written on the back, wallet has predicted the amount of moneyInspired by Seeking the Bridge 126
Alex Ng Call the Number Deck has numbers written on the back, five random cards chosen, the sum of the numbers matches a prediction. When the numbers are placed together, it becomes a phone number, which when called causes the magician's phone to ringInspired by In the Mind of Dr. Alex 24
John Hostler Bertha ends clean with half-deck switch Magnum Opossum 7