34 entries in Coin / Effect Themes / Transformation / Wild Coins
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Roland Hurley The Midas Touch two dollars, quarter & dime change into gold coins, purse & 1.35 gimmick Kabbala - Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 5) 40
Al Schneider Tri-Change three silver half dollars into pennies Al Schneider On Close-Up 84
David Roth Wild Coin No. 1 Wild coin with cup CoinMagic 55
David Roth Wild Coin No. 2 Wild coin with coin purseVariations CoinMagic 60
Geoffrey Latta Wild Coin No. 3 Wild Coin with Coin Purse CoinMagic 135
Jay Sankey C.P.H. Wild Coin c/s coin The Collected Almanac (Vol. 1 No. 5&6) 52
Edward Marlo Quick Silver five pennies change to silver coins, through-table interlude, highly gaffed Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 7) 941
Mike Gallo Opti-Coins using colored glass for interesting optical illusion The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 22) 207
Jonathan Townsend Wild Coin Surprise copper/silver wild coin sequence, chinese coins climax Best of Friends - Volume II 40
Jonathan Townsend Instant Wild Coins dimes and pennies, edge grip, HPC Best of Friends - Volume II 450
David Roth Wild Coin on Edge Expert Coin Magic 92
David Roth Wild Like No Other Wild Coin Expert Coin Magic 123
David Roth No Lapping Wild Coin No. 1 Expert Coin Magic 128
David Roth No-Lapping Wild Coin No. 2 Expert Coin Magic 130
David Roth Favorite Wild Coin Expert Coin Magic 132
Joaquín Navajas Wild Coins four coins Monedas Personales 27
Jay Sankey The Copper Clutch c/s coin Sankey Panky 59
Eric DeCamps The Coin Connection multiphase coin routine
- Act I The Homing Coins (coins travel to coin wallet)
- Act II Travel Agents (coins from hand to hand)
- Act III Foreign Exchange (coins change from silver to copper and back)
The Coin Connection 5
David Regal Optical Wild Coin three coins, c/s coin, chinese climax Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 199
David Regal Simply Wild three coins, c/s coin Star Quality - The Magic of David Regal 204
Michael Rubinstein Silverado several coins rubbed to a purse change color The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 32) 570
Percy Abbott Chinese Color-Changing Coins sixteen gold coins change to silver, then to various colorsRelated to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 8 115
Alexander de Cova Wild Coin Routine Secrets No. 1 69
Edward Marlo Marlo's Routine for Abbott's Chinese Coins sixteen gold coins change to silver, then to various colorsRelated to Facsimile (Issue 2) 8
David Neighbors Q.C. Wild Coin "Quick Change" Close-Up File 100
Ray Mertz Easy Multiple Spellbound - Plus! four half dollars change to copper one at a time, then to Chinese, with stand up version Close-Up File 168
David Gripenwaldt Strong Currency kind of wild coin effect with several transformations with three different coinsVariations The Looking Glass (Issue 2) 65
Scott Robinson Changeling Coins silver, copper and chinese coin, copper and chinese coin change into silver coins and back then all coins change into copperInspired by The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 67) 1382
Justin Hanes Sharper Image three silver dollars change into poker chips (or other coins) one by one, in-the-hands Mystery Engineering 2
Miguel Ángel Gea Revaluation three silver coins, one is changed into copper, one is made smaller and one turned into a half coin, they all change back in a glass Magic with Coins from the Profound of Madrid 18
Eric Mead Change marked coin mixed with other coins, marked one found by touch, all other change to match, inspired by Jay Sankey's "The Odd Coin" (Up For Adoption, 1987) Tangled Web 77
Román García El Sueño del Alqumista four coins change to copper and back Nanomagias 183
Luis Piedrahita, Román García Wild Coins, el Juego del Homúnculo Monedas Y Otras Historias 108
Tomoya Horiki Another Colorful Wild Wild Coin, four different coins and a purse, coins all change into spectator's chosen coinInspired by Progress Principle 54