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Unknown To Palm a Card with replacement to remove "curl" Tricks with Cards 16
Al Leech The Palm general comments Handbook Of Card Sleights 6
George Joseph The Classic Palm Hand Mucking 2
George Joseph Switching Palms - Classic Palm To Gamblers Palm
- Classic Palm To Pinch Palm
- Gamblers Palm to Classic Palm
- Gamblers Palm to Pinch Palm
- Pinch Palm to Classic Palm
- Pinch Palm to Gamblers Palm
Hand Mucking 3
Frederick Braue Braue Loose Palm correct position The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 5) 16
Michael Close On Palming general discussion of classic palm with headings
- The Grip
- The Swing Points
- The Pivot Point
Workers Number 3 45
Unknown パーム (Palm) Classic Palm technique Larry Jennings's Card Technique 48
Unknown The Palm Grip basic palming position Card College - Volume 2 272
John Carney Palm Position The Book of Secrets 55
Wesley James Palming... essay and basic palm positions
- Classic Palm
- Classic Palm Grip with First Finger (Marlo)
- Thumb Palm
- Gambler's Flat Palm
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  • "New Palm Position" (Ed Marlo, New Tops, Vol. 6 No. 1, Jan 1966)
Enchantments 121