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John Scarne The Scarne Puzzle original six-card versionRelated to Controlled Miracles 21
Bill Simon Call to the Colors Related toVariationsAlso published here Effective Card Magic 79
Dai Vernon Black and Red Puzzle Small packet version (false dealing) Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic 37
Edward Marlo Bluff Call to Colors "Group Count" Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 226
Edward Marlo Miracle Call to Colors Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 229
Martin A. Nash Colors On The March see p. 449 for additional creditingAlso published here Any Second Now 275
Frederick Braue A Routine Fred Braue on False Deals 18
Frederick Braue The Braue Handlings twelve cards, seconds and bottoms
- Six and Six alternating
- Alternating to Pairs
- Alternating to Triplets
- Pairs to Alternating
- Pairs to Triplets
- Triplets ot Alternating
- Triplets to Pairs
- Alternating to Six Red, Six Black
Fred Braue on False Deals 16
Gus Southall The Gus Southall Routine from a letter, 1961-01-10
optional stripper deck finale
Fred Braue on False Deals 20
Martin A. Nash Colors on the March Also published here Colors on the March 8
Martin Gardner MG Trio #2 variation of previous trickRelated to Prototype 20
Martin Gardner MG Trio #1 six red cards and black cards in two rows, collected alternating, suddenly they are in pairs r-r, b-b, ...Related to Prototype 19
Edward Marlo No False Colors That's It 17
Bill Simon Call to the Colors (Llamar a los Colores) translation by Jesús EtcheverryAlso published here La Magia de Ascanio — Vol. 3 150
Alex Elmsley What a Party! adding faro principles The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 369
Gene Maze Control of the Colors using center deal, Spade Flush finaleInspired by
  • "Shades of Bill Simon" (Gene Maze, Wonderful Routines of Magic - First Addendum, 1973)
Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 132
Jack Avis Another Call, Another Place bottom deals instead of second dealsRelated to Roger's Thesaurus 186
Guy Hollingworth A "Call to the Colours" Routine ending in New Pack OrderVariations Drawing Room Deceptions 202
Doug Conn Long Distance Call to the Colors with full deck separation climax Tricks of my Trade 90
Davide Costi Alternating the Colors (Presentation) emphasis on the presentation, Ascanio's version of Bill Simon's "Call the colors"Inspired by Close-Up Elegance by Davide Costi 67
Wesley James Etude for Dealers credit information on the plot, four aces kicker Enchantments 249
Jack Avis Another Call - from Another Place bottom dealing instead of secondsRelated to Rara Avis 22
Arturo de Ascanio Alternating the Colors three phasesInspired by The Magic of Ascanio — More Studies of Card Magic 64