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Edward Marlo Unconventional Passes - First Method (table or in-the-hands)
- Second Method
Related toVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 262
Edward Marlo The Clip Pass side steal typeRelated to That's It 8
Bruce Cervon The Cervon Free-Turn Pass Inspired byRelated to Ultra Cervon 125
Justin Higham The Longitudinal Pass Roger's Thesaurus 114
Guy Hollingworth Regarding the shift. One several interesting shiftsRelated to Drawing Room Deceptions 122
Lennart Green Float Pass Variations Drawing Room Deceptions 122
Chuck Smith Option Pass also as a color change or small packet palm from bottomVariations Tools Of The Trade 47
Neal Elias Variations Of The Twirl Pass - The Riffle
- The Double Riffle
- The All-Round Square-Up
New Card Controls 14
Neal Elias The Pencil Pass Twirl Pass handling with pencil between fingers of right hand New Card Controls 19
Neal Elias The Twirl Pass - Introduction
- Technical Note (difference to Cervon's Free Turn Pass)
- The Twirl Action
- The Twirl Palm (left-hand grip on the packet)
- The Twirl Pass
- Alternate Handlings
- Points To Keep In Mind
Related to New Card Controls 1
Neal Elias The Banded Pass Twirl Pass handling with rubber band around deck lengthwise, as color change, two handlings
- The Banded Pass II
New Card Controls 34
Wesley James The Anomalous Pass Inspired byRelated to Enchantments 351