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Unknown Citrone und Karte burned card appears in chosen lemonRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 39
Unknown The Cards and the Orange Tree four selections travel into orangeRelated to New Era Card Tricks 151
Unknown Das Kartenmesser knife for loading a card into a fruit, bread, ... Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 4 No. 7) 108
John Northern Hilliard Card, Orange and Candle torn and burnt card discovered inside orange with corner proof, wet card is shot on candle with pistol an appears in flame dry and restored The Art of Magic 225
Cazeneuve Card in an Orange torn corner Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 336
Russell Swann The Card in the Banana folded in banana, magnetic case to steal card Our Mysteries 54
Unknown The Card and Orange torn corner, pieces vanish from gaffed handkerchief Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 1 276
Frank Thompson, Alton Sharpe Undercover Surprise deck changes into lemon underneath silk, card is in itVariations Expert Card Conjuring 64
Robert Parrish Card in Orange corner proof, card torn upRelated to Expert Card Mysteries 169
Parker Swan How to Force a Watermelon card or silk in watermelon, gag How to Force a Watermelon 3
Bob Fitch Special Load or Unload Move "Extras - Variations - 14)"
- A) Rabbit from Hat
- B) Small, Medium & Large size Chinese Coins
- C) Card in Lemon (based on Derek Dingle idea)
Topit Again & Again 8
Larry Jennings High-C card in orange, deck changes to orangeVariations Neoclassics 1
Robert Parrish The Card in the Orange Related to Great Tricks Revisited 89
Bob King Card in Orange Plus deck changes in lemon, with torn-off corner, with fake bloody fingers as comedy propInspired by Private Notes 4
Ted Lesley The Card in the Orange card is torn and put in envelope, all but one piece vanish and restored card is found in orange, Teleport Envelope 2003 U.S. Master Class Notes 25
Roberto Giobbi Card in Lemon deck changes into lemon underneath handkerchief, selection inside lemonInspired by Standup Card Magic 211
Yves Carbonnier Melchisédech fifteen minute card act, selections are found, quartet changes into other, gun trick, card to lemon Grand Livre de Cartomagie 166