9 entries in Cards / Sleights / Cuts / False Cut / General Comments
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Jack Merlin False Shuffles and Cuts Merlin's Master Manipulations 9
Al Leech Cuts Handbook Of Card Sleights 19
Roger Crosthwaite Sauter La Coupe on beating the cut and false cuts Roger's Thesaurus 228
Roberto Giobbi False Cut Techniques, Part 1 introduction Card College - Volume 1 55
Roberto Giobbi False Cut Techniques, Part 2 introduction Card College - Volume 2 379
Jon Racherbaumer Slippage on slip cuts Marlo on Erdnase 51
Justin Higham Up-The-Ladder Finesse Dexterity Manual 12
Roberto Giobbi False Cuts Standup Card Magic 44
Harapan Ong Routines with a Tabled False Cut section intro Principia 141