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Unknown Visible Change of Rising Card mechanical card Modern Magic 143
Unknown The Crystal Houlette requiring prepared wand Tricks with Cards 219
Unknown The Houlette glass houlette on top of wand, metal tongue pushes card up More Magic 92
Professor Hoffmann The Spiritualistic Ball, Ring and Card rod in stand, ball with hole placed on it, ball moves upwards and downwards, then jumps off, same with ring, card also rises up and down the rodRelated to More Magic 395
Unknown Die Springkarte No. 10, selection either rises slowly or jumps out of deck, rubber band attached to two cards Der Kartenkünstler 14
Unknown Die springenden Karten cards jump or rise out of (gaffed) deck Der moderne Kartenkünstler 173
Unknown Das geheimnisvolle, unsichtbare Uhrwerk half the deck cut out so the center cards can rise from deckRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 206
Unknown The Cards that Cannot be Replaced cards that are replaced slide out again by themselves Der moderne Kartenkünstler 207
Unknown Das Blumenbouquet als Kartensteiger cards rise out of flower bouquet Der moderne Kartenkünstler 209
Unknown Die dressierte Karte card rises or jumps out of envelope Der moderne Kartenkünstler 216
Unknown Der Kartensteiger mit Uhrwerk clockwork rising card deckRelated to Der moderne Kartenkünstler 216
Unknown Der pneumatische Kartensteiger rubber ball at end of houlette, when pressed the air pressure shoots out the selections Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 2 No. 2) 27
Unknown The Excelsior Rising Cards gaffed table New Era Card Tricks 207
Unknown The New Rising Cards From The Hand fake fingerRelated to New Era Card Tricks 202
Unknown Second Method hole in half the packRelated to New Era Card Tricks 204
Unknown A Comedy of Errors rising cards with cards turning over and transforming during rise, acrobatic gimmicks that can be palmed offRelated to New Era Card Tricks 211
Unknown The Turning Card card rising out of deck visibly turns overRelated to New Era Card Tricks 262
Carl Willmann Willmann's Mechanik zur springenden Karte deck put in hat or breast pocket, selected cards jump out Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 5) 69
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger in der Hand first finger pushes up card, fake finger, all fingers apparently visibleInspired by Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 4) 53
Unknown Die Zuschauer als Kartenkünstler No. 1, deck in glass held by spectator, three selected cards rise one by one, clockwork in fake deck Der Amateurzauberer 60
Phantome Ein niedliches Kartenkunststückchen Queen of Hearts chosen, King of Hearts rises out of deck, rubber band Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 12) 181
Phantome Ein moderner Erfinder - 2./3. card risesRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 1) 10
Carl Willmann Der Zauberstab als Kartensteiger four cards selected from examined deck and returned, deck placed in houlette that is stuck on a wand, selections rise one by one, last one sinks and rises againVariations Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 8 No. 6) 84
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger mit Sandwerk sand pours down inside hollow stand to affect rise of card (hopefully) Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 1) 3
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger-Rahmen auf Fuss houlette construction, card pushed out from below Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 2) 19
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger auf dem Rücken einer Person deck attached to back of stooge, card rise outRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 3) 36
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger in der Hand gaffed block with knob on back that can be pulled down with a finger so a card is pushed out Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 5) 67
Emil Clauß Zum "Zauberstab als Kartensteiger" routine endingInspired by Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 6) 84
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger mit mechanischen Karten three cards chosen, Kings comes out and takes a bow (animation gaff), Queen sinks back down and comes up again (weight in card), third card is missing a corner which reappears visibly, fourth card rises reversed and visibly turns over Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 7) 98
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger mit Uhrwerk clockwork in deck for rising cardRelated toVariations Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 8) 116
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger mit Uhrwerk part twoRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 9) 132
Carl Willmann Der Kartensteiger mit Uhrwerk part three, patterRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 10) 146
Carl Willmann Briefkasten answering letters, so-called de Kolta Rising Cards, Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 12) 191
Ernst Ehrhardt Die aufdrängliche Karte "Ernst Erhard", card rises out of cased deck, slit in case, as out for missed classic force Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 1) 3
Emil Clauß Zum Kartensteiger mit Uhrwerk routine for mechanical clockwork rising cardsInspired by Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 9) 131
John Northern Hilliard The Rising Cards The Art of Magic 183
Joseph Michael Hartz The Automatic Rising Cards mechanical deck with wheelsAlso published here Later Magic 703
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deckRelated to Later Magic 709
Carl Willmann Rising Cards mechanical deck Magical Titbits 168
Joseph Michael Hartz The Automatic Rising Cards mechanical deck with wheelsAlso published here Magical Titbits 163
Oswald Rae Say It with Flowers ring is dropped in a glass under handkerchief and vanishes, then card is selected and duplicate rises from a jumbo deck in a houlette, performer makes a hole in the card and produces some flowers where spectator's ring is attached to, houlette on ribbonAlso published here
  • " Say It with Flowers" in "The Linking Ring"
Original Magic 33
Tom Sellers The Super Rising Cards ungaffed houlette and rubber tipped wandVariations Sellers' Secrets 19
Victor Farelli Suggestions and "Tips" variations from where to produce the pair that denotes the card
- Rising Cards
- Cards in Pocket
- The Blindfold and Knife
- Caught in the Air
- Cards through Handkerchief
Controlled Coincidence 14
Unknown And Yet Again - The Rising Cards cards rise, last one floats out, gaff in sleeve for last card Card Manipulations (Issue 1) 4
Clement de Lion The Danish Force comedy force with rising card rubber band gimmick or thread Card Manipulations (Issue 5) 159
Unknown Rising Card cryptic comment, stripper deck Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 275
Unknown Sundry wrong card rises and transforms into right one, double facer Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 131
Unknown A Rising Card card pushed down in tapered glass rises out again, pressure The Magic Annual for 1937 93
Unknown Method No. 5. The Fluted Glass hole in glass Greater Magic 396
Unknown Method No. 6. The Window Pack slit in whole deck Greater Magic 396
Unknown Method No. 7. Wand and Houlette ungaffed Greater Magic 396
Unknown Special Cards one glued long card, handkerchief Greater Magic 402
Unknown The Wand and Glass Houlette metall spring in wand that holds houlette Greater Magic 405
Joseph Michael Hartz The Mechanical Pack brief description of solid deck with rubber wheels Greater Magic 403
Donald Holmes The Holmes Spindle little mechanism that's attached to rim of glass Greater Magic 404
Unknown The Card Case and Finger Tip case with slit, finger tip with needleRelated to Greater Magic 405
Unknown The "Lyre" Rising Cards trickling sand principle as mechanism, houlette Greater Magic 405
Unknown The Walking-Stick Rising Cards trickling sand principle as mechanism, houlette Greater Magic 406
Harlan Tarbell The "Sandu" Rising Cards trickling sand principle as mechanism, in glass on table Greater Magic 407
Val Evans The Tray and Houlette steel spring pushes up card Greater Magic 407
Henry Gordien The Gordien Rising Cards gramophone motor attached to table, thread Greater Magic 408
Samuel C. Hooker Dr. Hooker's Impossiblities reprinted from "The Sphinx", description of performance Greater Magic 424
Clayton Rawson Sixth Finger Card Rise Related to The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 78) 511
Tom Sellers The Rising Cards fake thumb and houlette That's Good! 7
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on Keith Clark, Al Flosso, George Krage, a coin trick, a card rising gag by Henry Gordien and a joke by Al Plough The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 13) 54
Harlan Tarbell Magnetic Rising Cards cards rise by touching deck with gaffed wand (page 63) Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 64
Tommy Dowd Tommy Dowd's Rising Cards cards rise while isolated in two glasses Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 265
Cardini Cardini's Rising Cards five cards, rubber band between two cards Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 229
Unknown The Rising Cards and Card Case half the pack and case have holes Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 237
Unknown Rising-Card-Box Switch switch after rising card effect 25 Methods for Switching Decks 12
R. M. Jamison Speedy card vanishes from deck and raises from coat breast pocket The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 74) 301
Charles Arbuthnot Rising Cards From Houlette My Best 59
Verne Chesbro Mechanico Rising Cards My Best 60
Henry J. Young The Magic House house to produce objects, chimney as card rise houlette, plans and routine Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1946) 19
Hamid Sayani HJS single card rise from book The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 168) 673
Don Alan 7 Up comedy bit for rising card, Seven Up bottle is produced Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950) 29
Don Alan A "Long" Card Trick gag, long card rises from cased deck, then miniature card appears, puns Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1950) 28
Johnny Paul Devano Card Rise Ideas The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 223) 893
Vern Schoneck A Few - adding cards to a deck, with a pencil
- rising card (with rubber band)
The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 244) 976
Stanley Palm Jump Up Card selection jumps halfway out of box as deck is dropped in box, gaffed cardRelated to Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 6 55
Jose Frakson Frakson's Rising Card brief description of gimmick The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 57
Gerald Kosky Impromptu Card Rise Gimmik not impromptu The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 353) 241
Erwin Sloan The Rising Card from the Book The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 387) 376
Alan Brown Curses! card rises from deck in tumbler, covered with sand, Devano The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 3 No. 11) 205
Billy McComb Again They Rise Deck of cards dropped into newspaper, three selections rise out of newspaper Newspaper Magic 81
Lewis Ganson My Routine With the 'Devano' Pack three cardsVariations The Art of Close-Up Magic - Volume 2 237
James Porter Case Rise & Card Through Table inverted case over deck rises with card underneath, second selection penetrates table, Devano Deck The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 4 No. 4) 240
Val Andrews Faulty Mechanism No. 7, wind-up gag for rising cards The Idiot at the Card Table 6
Val Andrews Another "Rising-Card" Gag No. 22, tie rises instead of card and card is seen on shirt behind tie The Idiot at the Card Table 10
Bill Severn, Pete Biro Rising Card from Envelope pencil with rubber bandRelated toAlso published here Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 121
Karl Fulves, Jack Chanin Rise & Fall ribbon attached to card, wrong card, when pulled right card rises up, for credit information see "Skeleton Crew" referenceRelated to Notes From Underground 15
Karl Fulves Short Rise comedy routine with card frame and miniature card rising, devano deck Notes From Underground 32
David (Foote) Drake Squeeze Rise rubber ballRelated toVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 9) 755
Bob Hamilton Think-A-Rise Blu-Tack and handkerchief Pabular (Vol. 2 No. 4) 197
Karl Fulves Stretch Rise when deck is dropped in case, gaffed card with rubber band around its length Methods with Cards - Part 1 60
John Carney Super Rise Revisited with rubber ballInspired by Enigma 6
Karrell Fox "Take It and Stick It" card rises from fan and up in the air where it is caught, sticks to thumb Clever.... Like a Fox 141
Gene Maze Jack In The Box card literally leaps up out of the case Packet Switches (Part Five) 344
Jean Faré Spectator Handles the Devano Devano Rising Card, spectator can hold deckInspired by Card Tricks, French Style 21
Unknown The Rising Card on a Plate several cards on plate, one slowly stands up, produced by Martinka and first shown by Al Flosso's father-in law More Classic Magic with Apparatus 28
Robert Albo Rising Card overview over various methods with apparatus
- Apparatus
- Mechanical Decks
- Box Rising Cards
- Stands
- Hidden Motor Card Rises
- Rising Cards in the Hand with Apparatus
- Rising Card on the Wand
- Houlette on the Bottle Rising Card
- Trays
More Classic Magic with Apparatus 3
Unknown Turn Around Card rising card turns over, brief construction of cardRelated to More Classic Magic with Apparatus 3
Albert Goshman Devano Rising Cards entire Goshman routine explainedAlso published here More Classic Magic with Apparatus 5
Unknown Swinging Houlette two methods, houlette hanging on ribbont / string More Classic Magic with Apparatus 25
Unknown Any Card Called for Rising Card with houlette and special apparatus, brief explanation More Classic Magic with Apparatus 29
Unknown Davenport Card Rise produced by Davenport, stand with houlette, electronics More Classic Magic with Apparatus 30
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster The Multiple Card Rise stand with five houlettes, wind-up spring mechanism More Classic Magic with Apparatus 32
Unknown Rising Card Pillar rising card apparatus More Classic Magic with Apparatus 35
Unknown The Rising Card rubber band gimmick between two cards Elastrix 19
Karl Fulves Pass Key named card is produced with a keyInspired by Milennium Aces 47
Stephen Tucker Kodek rising card from case, with Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 4) 68
Derek Dingle Super Card Rise using rubber ballRelated toVariations The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 115
Karl Fulves Roto-Rise selection jumps in perpendicular position in the middle of the deck, posed as problem Wireless II 16
Rick Johnsson Azis II card "rises"/falls downwards T.V. Card Rise 22
Karl Fulves Rise and Fall two decks in glasses, card is pushed down in one deck and card rises in other deck, red backed card the appears in blue backed deck, posed as problem Wireless II 35
Karl Fulves Card Problems - Clock Rise (joker inserted as as a handle of a clock, it jumps to next hours and transforms)
- Paradex (selection rises under handkerchief from glass, deck vanishes)
- Multiplex ( different possibilities of multiple rises)
Wireless II 46
Rick Johnsson Half Azis half-card, card jumps half-way out, then travels to case T.V. Card Rise 23
Karl Fulves Aviator Aces named ace rises from card case, posed as problemVariations T.V. Card Rise 25
Tom Gagnon Electrostatic Recall card pivots outwards from incomplete faro condition, pin as gimmick, with "Notes by Karl Fulves" T.V. Card Rise 26
Karl Fulves Pinpoint Aces four aces out-jogged, deck on table on side, named ace pivots outInspired by T.V. Card Rise 31
John Brown Eject card that looks like the cassette recorder, pressing buttons to change something in the deck, presentation for ambitious card, rising card and other Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. Special #1 (Summer)) 15
Irv Weiner Ever-Ready Rising Cards short card with glued-on piece Ever-Ready Rising Cards 1
John M. Bauman Another Rising Card sticking partial wide card to selection Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 7 No. 2) 879
Michael Weber Upward Mobility card rises, then card rises through rubber band of banded deck and stops halfway with band through center of card Side Effects 8
Steve Beam Arise rising card with false finger The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 10) 174
Richard Bartram, Jr. Hairy Riser rising card, sponge ball method, also ungaffed method Close-Up of the Damned 25
Albert Goshman, Robert Albo Rising Cards three selected cards rise from the deck, DevanoAlso published here Magic By Gosh 97
Ben Harris Up In The Smoke pack of cigarette case, lid opens by itself, card rises out of it Out Of His Mind! 81
David Britland Poor Man's Aga card perpendicular in deck rises, devano Angel Card Rise Plus 23
David Britland The Angel Card Rise cased deck, rubber band gimmick, faro loading
- The Gimmick
- Performance
- Loading and Unloading the Gimmick
- More Ideas
- Final Notes
Related toVariations Angel Card Rise Plus 2
David Britland Techno-Rise paper pulled in deck via devano, selections rise Angel Card Rise Plus 24
Karl Fulves Jinx Deck a red ace rises through handkerchief covered deck, then deck drops out leaving other red ace behindInspired byAlso published here Contemporary Handkerchief Magic - Part One 13
John Carney Super Rise Revisited using rubber ballInspired by Lecture Notes Collection (Issue Conjuring con Carney) 7
Kuniyasu Fujiwara Card Quake eccentric card rise while box is shaken New Magic Of Japan 23
Karl Fulves Ironclad gag card rise in which stapler is connected with thread to deck, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 49) 217
Karl Fulves Lift Off deck upright, first finger on edge moved up, poker hand moves along in ladder configuration, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 50) 230
David Britland The Simple Rise elastic thread loop Card Kinetics 23
David Britland Unloading the Loop getting rid of elastic thread loop after card trick Card Kinetics 24
Karl Fulves Jumbo card rises up, when pushed down it turns out that it is longer than the deck, posed as problem Interlocutor (Issue 50) 230
David Britland The Ultimate Angel elastic thread loopInspired byVariations Card Kinetics 25
Shiv Duggal, Chris Powers The Ultimate Angel - Ideas Inspired by Card Kinetics 27
Karl Fulves Jinx Deck No. 58, a red ace rises through handkerchief covered deck, then deck drops out leaving other red ace behindInspired byAlso published here Self-Working Handkerchief Magic 171
Evan Forman Tricky Sticky Rising Card using tape Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 13 No. 2) 1741
Ken Simmons Two Tips For The Rising Cards for marketed "A.M.Y./Arne Rising Card Deck" Finally! 13
Ken Simmons Rising Double wrong card rises and changes into selection Finally! 14
Jon Racherbaumer, Niberco Late-Night Arising freely and fairly lost selection rises, using handkerchief, stay stack with dupliatesInspired by Cardfixes 40
Will Ayling The Rising Cards (History and Comment) Knowing The Rising Cards 5
Will Ayling Mechanical in Close-Up cards rise out of box, motor Knowing The Rising Cards 12
Tommy Dowd Rising Card cards in glass, other glass inverted on top, bottomless glass Knowing The Rising Cards 15
Unknown Impromptu ... Or Nearly So! methods from Royal Road and New Era Card Tricks, two impromptu and one with false fingerRelated to Knowing The Rising Cards 13
Will Ayling Digital Mechanism card rises from deck, with gimmick Knowing The Rising Cards 16
Unknown Sybil Rising Cards with houlette Knowing The Rising Cards 17
Bert Gradiner Cascade of Cards cards in houlette, card fountain, selection stays in houlette, motor Knowing The Rising Cards 22
Unknown Psycho Jumper selection jumps out of the deck, elastic between two cards Knowing The Rising Cards 25
Unknown Special Effects Cards - The Turn-Round Card extract from RoterbergRelated to Knowing The Rising Cards 25
Will Ayling Torn Corner Card card rises and missing corner restores Knowing The Rising Cards 26
Steve Dusheck Experiment No. 13 needle on end of thumb tip for rising card or floating billRelated to Dusheck's Thumb Tip Magic 56
Hiroyuki Sakai Imprisoned Rising Card out of box, gaffed box Five Times Five - Japan 88
Ted Lesley The Devano Rising Cards - Handling Technique
- Card and Maintenance
- Routines (also with Zodiac, ESP)
- Tips and Suggestions (doing only one rise as opposed to multiple cards)
The Devano Rising Cards 1
Unknown The Rising Cards from Envelope two methods, hole in envelope Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 8 90
Unknown The Rising Cards from Book hole through book Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 8 94
Karl Fulves First Future handling variation with Devano DeckRelated to Verbatim (Issue 8) 96
Unknown Rubber-Tipped Wand Rising Card Card File 61
Bev Bergeron Another Rising Card from cased deck, hole in case Card File 57
Bev Bergeron No Card Case Version card rises from center of deck, block with cut-out Card File 60
Alex Elmsley The Elmsley Rising Card rubber gimmick, faro placementRelated to The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 376
John Northern Hilliard Rising Card by Motor only fragments of notes More Greater Magic 1168
Robert Parrish The Rising Cards using a Martin clockwork deck, featuring deck switch in a case when glass is removed from it Great Tricks Revisited 41
Karl Fulves Rising-Card Tricks chapter intro Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 90
Unknown Cards from the Case No. 48, from cased deck, slit in case Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 92
Bill Severn, Pete Biro Special Delivery No. 50, pencil with rubber band used to make card rise from deck in envelopeAlso published here Self-Working Close-up Card Magic 98
Pavel Der unmögliche Kartensteiger magnetic card riser M wie Magie 22
Tommy Wonder Rabbit Rouser rising card with houlette prop, children material The Books of Wonder - Volume 1 276
Karl Fulves Tall Tale chosen card rises out of deck and becomes long card New Card Rises 34
Karl Fulves Rising Issues "asides and unsolved problems related to rising card effects"
- Rise To The Right
- Mixed Motion
New Card Rises 45
Karl Fulves Motion Mate eight card packet, card selected, mate rises out of packet in card case New Card Rises 19
Karl Fulves Kicker card jumps out halfway when riffled, second selection jumps out as miniature card New Card Rises 25
Karl Fulves Shrink Fit wrong card rises, it shrinks to half size and changes into selection New Card Rises 32
Ariel Frailich Resolution two methods for Aviator Aces problem, named ace rises out of boxInspired by New Card Rises 51
David Solomon Double Surprise Rising Card dental dam between cards gaffVariations Solomon's Mind 116
Gary Plants An Alternate Handling dental dam between cards gaff, faro loadingInspired by Solomon's Mind 119
Pit Hartling Defekt pinky rise & mismade card climax Das kleine grüne Heft 19
Rudolph Herzog Climax to a Classic card rises out of deck, then changes via Karl Germain change in glass The Looking Glass (Issue 4) 168
Unknown The Magnetic Rise card sticks to handkerchief and is risen out of deck The Rising Card Book 9
Unknown The Hidden Porthole deck in case, hole in case The Rising Card Book 17
Unknown Decked-Up card rises from middle, cut-out cards The Rising Card Book 19
Jack Donovan Totally Elastic elastic between two cards The Rising Card Book 22
Unknown Enveloped deck in envelope, selection rises out The Rising Card Book 33
Paul McVee Taped Rise The Rising Card Book 38
Bill Morgan Up, Up, and Away card rises out of deck and floats until caught, wax The Rising Card Book 6
Unknown Company on the Rise business card rises out of deck, then selection(s), weight type deck required The Rising Card Book 41
Konnor A Neat Card Move through-the-fist flourish as kind of rising card from fist à la cigarette production, reprintedAlso published here
  • Thayer's Bulletin, March 1918
The Fine Print (Issue 7) 195
Don Alan Devano Card Rise Devano Card Rise 2
Dieter Ebel Triple Somersault selection reverses three times in the deck, then it vanishes and appears rising from performer's breast pocket Concertos for Pasteboard 22
Gerry Scharnböck Shaker Uprising deck in case Concertos for Pasteboard 53
John Cornelius Super (Ball) Card Rise rubber ball, deck in glass The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius 109
David Regal Heading North slit in one card Constant Fooling 2 40
Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Lost, Stolen, Strayed - A King card vanishes in deck, then rises (= is pulled from) from behind another single card Hofzinser's Card Tricks 137
Karl Fulves Further Notes on the rising card effect and HofzinserRelated to Hofzinser's Card Tricks 139
Al Baker Bakerise deck put in larger box The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Instructions) 533
Karl Fulves Note 2 any four-of-a-kind rises out of deck one by one, previous handling necessary and Devano gimmick in deck Off The Books (Issue 10) 192
David Acer Tangent Card rise out of deck perpendicularly Random Acts of Magic 130
Charles Waller On the Rising Card Effect Also published here
  • "Up His Sleeve"
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 9) 354
Karl Fulves Happy Meal "Problems"
card rises from within a single other card, posed as a problem
Related to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 9) 377
Cardini Card Rise From Envelope "Repeat Rising Card Mystery"
multi-phase routine with three cards in an envelope, one rises, envelope rises, and so on
Latter Day Secrets (Issue 9) 380
Vanni Bossi The Cheapest Rising Card Gimmick in the World pencil Vanni Bossi Las Vegas Lecture 30
Fred Robinson Boxed Rise stripper deck The Magic of Fred Robinson 175
Karl Fulves Final Notes on the rising card effect Prolix (Issue 7) 484
Karl Fulves A Theory of Revolution credit information on rubber surfaces to affect card riseRelated to Prolix (Issue 7) 476
Jack McMillen, T. Page Wright McMillen-Wright Rising Cards plungerAlso published here
  • Genii Vol. 1 No. 1, William W. Larsen, 1936
Prolix (Issue 7) 480
Karl Fulves Side Effect stripper deck for rising cardRelated to Prolix (Issue 7) 482
Unknown Rising Card deck in case Mr. Mysto's Wizard Academy 66
George E. Arrowsmith The Shaker Card Rise card rises from case by shakingRelated to
  • "An Anti-Gravitational Marvel" (G. E. Arrowsmith, Magical Originalia, 1943)
Prolix (Issue 9) 605
Unknown, Karl Fulves Hole Card Rise deck with hole though center, a card rises
- KF Note (plug falls out of deck as intro)
Prolix (Issue 9) 606
Vanni Bossi The Secluded Card Rise deck in clear plastic bag, selection rises, optional use of metal crank attached to suction cup The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 97
Vanni Bossi, Tony Binarelli The Deep End signed selection in deck, deck wrapped in paper and thrown into swimming pool, one card rises to top, the selection The Aretalogy of Vanni Bossi 190
Paul Vigil Devano Rising Cards combination with Octopus Deck The Doors of Deception 222