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Unknown The Vanishing Halfpenny Box "To make a Halfpenny vanish from the Box and again return to it", little round box, coin with inside of box on one side Modern Magic 187
Unknown The Brass Box for Money, known as the "Plug-box" to vanish, reproduce or exchange coins Modern Magic 192
Unknown To Produce Coins from a Lighted Candle mechanical candle which holds coins More Magic 157
Arthur "Dr. Avon" Kollmann Die Vermehrung der Thaler coin stand, coin multiplication, shell with three thin coins inside Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 12) 182
Unknown Das Münzenlineal No. 13, threads are attached to a rule or stick, coins appear at end of threads Der Amateurzauberer 39
Unknown Die elektrische Ampel No. 19, apparatus hangs on threads, four coins appear one by one on it, electro magnet Der Amateurzauberer 54
Unknown Die Faunmaske No. 17, devil mask that spews out coinsRelated to Der Amateurzauberer 50
Carl Willmann Das Münzen-Lineal ruler with four holes with threads through them with knots on both ends, four borrowed coins vanish and reappear at the ends of those threads Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 6 No. 10) 153
Antonio Molini, Carl Willmann Der bezauberte Fächer coin appears on edge of fan, mechanical Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 4) 58
Carl Willmann Der Münzenstern six coins appear at points of star apparatus Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 3) 40
A. J. Die Streichholzschachtel im Dienste der Magie uses of match box in magic tricks, back palm with matchbox
1. appearing silk
2. vanishing silik
3. color change with matchbox cover as secret tube
4. matchboxes travel from one hat to another
5. vanishing matches
6. coin travels from box to box
7. double color changing silk in rolled up paper, silk to paper streamer
8. appearing spring flowers
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 7) 101
Geo Welli Ein neuer Lichtanzünder gimmick to light a candle, made from coin so gimmick is produced as finaleInspired by Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 5 No. 3) 39
T. Nelson Downs The Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver coin travels under named object on table, then under all objects coin is foundRelated to The Art of Magic 262
Joseph Michael Hartz The Multiplication of Money coins counted and amount changes, plate, coin holderAlso published here Later Magic 659
Joseph Michael Hartz The Multiplication of Money coins counted and amount changes, plate, coin holderAlso published here Magical Titbits 115
Unknown The Melting Coin coin vanishes and appears from fire of a candle (Robert-Houdin routine without credit) Coin Magic 8
Unknown A Coin Producing Fan gaffed Greater Magic 699
Unknown The Coin Easel for vanish and reproduction Greater Magic 700
Franklin V. Taylor Materialization coin appears with the help of a spring clothes-pin and a handkerchiefVariations The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 22) 91
Paul Morris Clothes Pin Mint signed coin vanishes and appears on a clothes pin Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 4) 14
Milbourne Christopher Match Book and Coin coin appears in torn up match book Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 3 61
Bruce Elliott Back To Back coin appears between two matchbooks The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 52) 215
Jean Hugard The Melting Coin coin is apparently bent with both and vanishes in the flame of a match where it is reproduced again Hugard's Magic Monthly — Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 2 No. 3) 62
Franklin V. Taylor Materialization Coin appears with the help of a spring clothes-pin and a handkerchief My Best 195
Harry Solomon Betcha coin appears in match box, then a losing bet is made The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 142) 571
Edward Clinkscale, Eugene Taylor The Coin of Chomo Gama coin transforms vanishes and reappears, buddha papers The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 147) 589
Leslie Spiewak Lucifer's Sleight as "Les Spewack", coin is produced in a flash, matchbox The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 234) 937
Unknown The Free and Ultimate Coinage of Silver coin is vanished, spectator selects object on the table under it is the coin. Then under all the objects is a coinRelated to Modern Coin Magic 213
Walter Essman Squashed coin appears and vanishes from two rubber suction cups The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 259) 1036
T. Nelson Downs, Dai Vernon Free and Unlimited Coinage of Silver coins appear at the dinner table from everywhereRelated to The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 169
Dino Mazza Half-Fast Surprise half dollar from paper which is too small to contain it The New Phoenix 351-400 (Issue 382) 355
Fred Lowe, Brian MacCarthy The Disappearing Hole slit in center of a paper, different coins disappear and reappear, based on MacCarthy's "The Disappearing Hole" in "Impromptu" from 1939, see also Jerry Andrus' "Zone Zero"Related toVariations The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 216
Albert Spackman Merely A Beer Matter coin appears and vanishes between two coasters, bigger coin appears as a kicker The Art of Close-Up Magic — Volume 1 290
Sol Stone Miser's Dream Move Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 7 255
Alan Brown Ritual Coin dime covered with dollar bill, card and copper coin, the dime vanishes, dime appears under copper coin in Okito box, using coin attached to bill with Monofilament/thread The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 6) 618
Unknown Coin Paddle coin multiplies on paddle Another Close-up Cavalcade 121
Jerry Mentzer One Cup and Coins coins produced from small metal cup, then coins travel from hand to cup one by one, two handlings
Inspired by
  • routine by John Murray
Another Close-up Cavalcade 5
Horace E. Bennett Deluxe Ending for the "Money in the Bank Routine" coins are produced from a savings account passbook Bennett's Best 109
Unknown Changing Coin Slide small drawer with a hole, coin appears, box Classic Magic with Apparatus 122
Unknown Double-Coin Drawer Box coins appear in drawer of a small box Classic Magic with Apparatus 128
Punx Die Zauberfächer story routine with coins appearing on paddles Setzt Euch zu meinen Füssen... 37
John F. Mendoza The Lump of Coal (TLC) lump of coal appears under fez after short coin interlude, then hat is full of penniesInspired by The Book of John 83
Unknown The Coin Star five coins appear on ends of star More Classic Magic with Apparatus 126
Unknown Enchanted Coin Vase (Dream Coin Vase), coin vanishes and returns from small vase More Classic Magic with Apparatus 134
Friedrich W. Conradi-Horster Coin Production Frame four coins appear inside a frame More Classic Magic with Apparatus 162
Unknown Maggie's Nite Out die box with coin, marked coin appears in wooden slide More Classic Magic with Apparatus 169
Eddie Joseph Back Again coin, ring and key used for "two in the hands..." routine, coin shower as finale Two in the Hand and One in the Pocket 20
Karl Fulves Replica No. 25, four coins on table, one chosen and put in envelope, it duplicates in envelope, equivoque with written instructions Self-Working Mental Magic 37
Shigeo Takagi Coins and Coasters four coins travel from hand to between two coasters, four more coins appear Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 12) 426
Jim Snapp Coin Slide routine with coin slide prop (slide with circular recess is put in and out of drawer)Related to The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1305
Bob Hummer Salty Dimes coin vanish with salt shaker, instead of vanish coin multipliesAlso published here Bob Hummer's Collected Secrets 3
Ben Harris Washout Wonder routine for Dusheck's props, coin from washer, coin through hole of washer becomes small coin and vanishesInspired by
  • "Washout" (Steve Dusheck, marketed item)
Magic from which Memories are Made! 26
Horace E. Bennett The Fourth Dimension paper with slit, coins appear and disappearInspired byRelated to
  • "The Third Hole" in "The Gen" May, 1968
Bennett's Fourth Book 31
Derek Dingle Combustible Cash with matches The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 184
Steve Beam Pandora's Box coins appear in box Steve Beam On Coins — Volume II 44
Steve Beam The Bottomless Box fifteen coins produced from one box Steve Beam On Coins — Volume II 47
Phillip Young Coin Spray coin appears with use of aerosol spray Fingers don't Entertain, People Do 31
David Britland Shocker paper burns in a flash and becomes a coin Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 17) 329
Meir Yedid Production of a Coin with Flash Paper Close-Up Hallucinations 12
Phillip Young Coin Stamp coins produced with stamp on close up map, then large mint is molded from rubber stampRelated to Fingers don't Entertain, People Do 69
Bobby Bernard Illusion spoon, sound of hitting a coin is produced, then a coinRelated to Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 14) 262
Stephen Tucker Zap small piece of paper is put in cloths pin and ignited, a coin appears in a flash, see also p. 388 for comments by Phil GoldsteinRelated to Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 16) 308
Michael Ammar Flash Coins coins appear in pyro flashes, with lighterAlso published here Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 6 No. 11) 841
Steve Beam Coins in Bottle 57 cents produced from a Heinz 57 Sauce bottle, see Addendum for additional ideasRelated to The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 2) 34
Michael Ammar Flash Coins three coins appear from flame of lighter, then lighter changes into fourth coin, topitAlso published here Encore III 11
Doug Bennett Silver Sponge four coins vanish with sponge and are wrought out again, then large silver spoon appears, shellVariations Encore III 64
John Kennedy Multiplying Coins four half dollars produced, some from under close-up mat Lecture III 5
David Gripenwaldt Door to Infinity coin vanishes and reappears in metal ringRelated to West Coast Quarterly (Vol. 1 No. 1) 76
Randy Tanner The Magician's Piggy Bank four half dollars travel into card case, as climax it is full with forty-two coins Best of Friends - Volume II 79
David Roth John Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins (With Edge Grip) Expert Coin Magic 95
David Roth The Micrometer Standing production, vanish and transformation routine Expert Coin Magic 294
Unknown The Money Tree No. 35, classic newspaper tree, coins are shaken out of it Self-Working Paper Magic 61
Johnny Lindholm The Magic Napkin torn off pieces from a napkin change into coins Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 3) 4
Alfonso Tiecoon from spectator's tie two coins and a jumbo coin are produced Magical Arts Journal (Vol. 1 No. 11&12) 9
Michael Rubinstein Matchbox Treasury using matchbox Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 6) 1501
Christoph Borer Spare in der Zeit.... bill transforms into coin, then a mini piggy bank appears from which a lot of coins are producedAlso published here Seminarheft 13
Jason Krumholtz The Color of Money using crayon box Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 12 No. 8) 1669
Karl Fulves, Don Nielsen Outboxed coin through table upwards into matchbox, also as coin through ceiling downwards Money Moves 25
Karl Fulves, Brian MacCarthy Hyper Banking No. 88, slit in center of a paper, coin disappears and reappearsInspired by
  • MacCarthy's "The Disappearing Hole" in "Impromptu" from 1939
Self-Working Coin Magic 129
Michael Close The Origami Bunny - Folding the Bunny
- The Opening Bit
- For Children (mini hat production)
- For Adults #1 (coin production)
- For Adults #2 (ear torn and restored)
- Glossary of Origami Terms
Workers Number 1 6
Bob Kohler Brass-Ackwards Production four coins produced from Boston Box at once Impossibilia 94
Gary Ouellet The Silverdust Load with silverdust shaker Close Up Illusions 127
Johnny Lindholm Die Magische Serviette corner of paper towel torn off, transforms into coin, repeated twice Avantgarde Magic (Vol. 2 No. 5) 61
Muneo Yokoi Paper Purse Purse printed on piece of paper, can open the purse and produce coins and bank notes from it Volum 5 Lecture Note 22
Joe Rindfleisch Liquid Silver small bottle with liquid silver with a straw four coins are produced The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 54) 1002
J. W. Sarles Coaster Coast routine with Coin Coaster prop and two blank cards Verbatim (Issue 10) 125
David Acer Cord Coin Holder rope taken out of small purse, four coins produced from ropeAlso published here Natural Selections 45
Thomas Fraps The Tweezers three-coin production using tweezers, tweezers change into last coin The Book 17
Flip Hallema Flip-Stick Move used as a transformation in this context The Book 18
Joshua Jay Fold Up Fooler Picture of coins on paper becomes real coinsAlso published here A Teen's Routines 37
Joshua Jay Fold-Up Fooler Piece of paper with coins printed on it, folded up and reopened to reveal four real coins (paper folding inspired by Flash Cash, marketed by Bob King) Magic Atlas 33
Joshua Jay Paintbrush Penetration Paintbrush and coin routine - coin vanishes and appears, paintbrush disappears and jumps behind ear, finally paintbrush penetrates coin Magic Atlas 135
Helge Thun Der Trickfilm film changes into bill in film canister, then canister is filled with coinsInspired by Faustdick hinterm Schlitzohr 17
John Cornelius Hot Silver flash paper to coin The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius 101
David Regal Easy Alchemy using box Constant Fooling 2 200
Dave Campbell Inflation five cards with different currencies printed on them put on table, balloon blown up to represent inflation (!), pound card has vanished from packet and fifty pence piece drops out of balloon when burst The Dave Campbell Legacy 371
Christoph Borer Spare in der Zeit bill transforms into coin, then a mini piggy bank appears from which a lot of coins are producedAlso published here Compilation 42
Martin Gardner A Tabletop Miser's Dream with one coin an styrofoam cup with slit Prolix (Issue 1) 38
Troy Hooser Coins and Hat Three coins produced and vanished, then about a dozen coins are produced and dropped into a hat Moments 34
Luis Piedrahita Cuatro Monedas y una Esponja four coins vanish with sponge and are wrought out againInspired by Monedas Y Otras Historias 80
Patrick Page The Mini-Money Miracle rolled-up bill travels under cup, then stack of coin appears under cup Magic Page by Page 251
David Acer Money Flies rope taken out of small purse, four coins produced from rope, then each coin travels into glass, last changes into many smaller coins
Part 1: Cord Coin Holder
Part 2: Flight of the First Coin
Part 3: Flight of the Second Coin
Part 4: Flight of the Third Coin
Part 5: Hands-Free Coin-to-Glass (Richard Sanders)
Part 6: Through the Hand
Part 7: From Pocket to Glass
Part 8: Through the Glass
Part 9: From Another Pocket to Glass
Part 10: The Big Finish
Also published here More Power to You 93
David Acer Gift of the Magi business card with Christmas tree on back shown, presents appear on it, one is taken out of the picture and a child finds a coin in it More Power to You 171
Chris Westfall Magnetic Steal A marked penny is mixed around with other pennies in the card box, marked coin is secretly stolen out of the box Calculated Chaos 22
Jan Logemann Three-Layered Silver (Dreilagiges Silber)
paper snippets turn into coin when burned in a flash, one-coin routine, jumbo coin, more coins appear
Stand-Up Fantasies 14
John Kennedy Coin Opener apparently shaking coins out of sleeve Hidden Agenda (Issue Dec 3) 346