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S. W. Erdnase Top and Bottom Dealing with One Hand using the Erdnase Bottom Deal The Expert at the Card Table 56
Unknown With One Hand: a. Dealing face upwards Greater Magic 211
Unknown With One Hand: b. Dealing face downwards Greater Magic 212
Joseph Cottone Throwing One-Handed Bottom Deal More Card Manipulations (Issue 4) 43
Unknown The Easiest Bottom Deal The Best in Magic 185
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 26
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Deal Variations of D'Amico's Deal Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 70
Edward Marlo M.S.F. One Hand Bottom Modified S.F. Grip Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 84
Edward Marlo The Throw Bottom Deal two versions:
- The Outward Deal
- The Inward Deal
Related toAlso published here Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 45
Edward Marlo, Neal Elias The Clip Bottom Deal cards are dealt into right hand, then apparently top card of right hand cards is placed on table, in reality bottom card Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 51
Edward Marlo one-handed bottom deal illusion Related to Hierophant (Issue 3) 151
Gene Maze Boomerang Switch one-handed bottom deal Packet Switches (Part Five) 299
Edward Marlo Marlo's Clipped Bottom Deal The Talon (Issue 1) 6
Edward Marlo One Hand Bottom Deal over the short front side, four techniques Marlo's Magazine Volume 4 199
Jerry Streicher One-Handed Bottom Deal Force Throw Bottom DealRelated to Exclusive Card Miracles 68
Gene Maze The One-Hand Bottom Deal Switch wrist turn The Gene Maze Card Book 78
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal Switch crude description Cardworks 39
Edward Marlo A Change For The Better flicker type, bottom dealInspired byRelated to Card Finesse 14
Edward Marlo The Bomb Door Card face down, slowRelated to Marlo without Tears 14
Unknown One-Hand Bottom Deal Force brief Sankey Panky 27
David Regal Bottom Deal Force Star Quality — The Magic of David Regal 161
Unknown Bottom Deal Force New Wave Close-Up 19
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal Force card touched in spread and placed face-up on table Randy Wakeman Presents 4
Edward Marlo Bomb Door Bottom Deal That's It 13
Edward Marlo, Michael Ammar Bottom Deal Force The Magic of Michael Ammar 46
John Murray One Hand Bottom Deal tossed out the front
- To Learn the Move
- The Fair Deal
- Freeing the Bottom Card
- The Bottom Deal
- Tips
Related to Card File 223
Gene Maze One-Handed Bottom Deal - The Left-Hand Grip
- The "Get-Ready"
- The Dealing Action
- The Side Toss Dealing Action
Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 32
Gene Maze One-Handed Open Double Deal apparently top two cards are dealt on table one-handed, really one comes from bottom (Michael Skinner?) Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 113
Gene Maze The Flying Color Change top card of deck is spun into air and changes, actually one-handed bottom deal Gene Maze And The Art Of Bottom Dealing 123
Edward Marlo Bomb-Door Bottom from Spread Classic Sampler 2
Tony Giorgio The One-handed Bottom The Bottom Deal 8
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal brief Miracles with Cards 78
Guy Hollingworth Regarding false dealing. The bottom deal with one-handed version Drawing Room Deceptions 159
Unknown One Handed Bottom Deal Close-Up & Personal 115
Unknown Bottom Deal Force Concertos for Pasteboard 226
Jon Racherbaumer One Hand Bottom Deals comments Marlo on Erdnase 112
Edward Marlo Throw Bottom Deal - Outward Deal
- Inward Deal
Also published here Marlo on Erdnase 113
Karl Fulves One-Hand Bottom Deals intro Prolix (Issue 5) 326
Karl Fulves One-Hand Erdnase Inspired byRelated to Prolix (Issue 5) 326
Unknown Gambler's Shoot-Out bottom deal towards front, two methods Prolix (Issue 5) 326
Unknown One-Handed Bottom Deal Force very brief Maelstrom 181
Tom Gagnon Lateral Bottom Deal left hand holds packet palm down, when turned palm up the bottom card is dealt out on inner end, as deck is cut and top portion is turned over and top card apparently thumbed off
- The Grip
- The Loosening
- The False Deal
- The Simulated Push-off
- Simulating a Cut
- The Riffle
- The Cut
- Completing the Cut and Finishing the Deal
- Performance Notes
- Practice Notes
- A Psychological Bonus
Related toVariations Avant-Cards 136
Tom Gagnon Greek Lateral Bottom Deal same with second card from bottom (or top before cut)Inspired by Avant-Cards 144
Tom Gagnon Outward Bottom Deal card tossed forwardRelated toVariations Avant-Cards 167
Tom Gagnon Ricochet Bottom Deal top card apparently taken in End Grip and put on table, actually Outward Bottom Deal performed, here as cut forceVariations Avant-Cards 173
Tom Gagnon Covered Ricochet Bottom Deal original bottom card added to bottom of cut-off packet via Outward Bottom DealVariations Avant-Cards 175
Tom Gagnon Han Ping Chien BD Inspired by Avant-Cards 177
Tom Gagnon Covered HPC Bottom Deal Inspired by Avant-Cards 179
Tom Gagnon Greek Outward Bottom Deal Variations Avant-Cards 185
Tom Gagnon Bluffing a Greek simplifiedInspired by Avant-Cards 187
Tom Gagnon Flexible BD Exchange as card is removed from in-the-hands spread, using Outward Bottom Deal
- Face-up Variation
Inspired by Avant-Cards 194
So Sato Tabled Bottom Deal tabled, as packet is put down The Secrets of So Sato 187
Unknown One handed Bottom Deal Turnover A Stack to Forget 55