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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Edward Marlo Marlo's One Hand Double Turnover featuring a push-off (also credited to Dai Vernon)Related toVariations Off the Top 7
Carmen D'Amico Domico Double Lift Variations Card Control 15
Edward Marlo Two Card Toss from deck into right hand Miracle Card Changes 11
Edward Marlo Marlo Repeat Turnover Technique using Altman Trap, one or two handed Advanced Fingertip Control 147
Martin A. Nash Fourth Replacement - One-Handed Turnover in context of an unloading technique, see p. 442 for additional crediting Ever So Sleightly 24
Martin A. Nash A One-Handed Double Lift and Turnover Ever So Sleightly 28
Carmen D'Amico The D'Amico Double Snap-Over Card Finesse 92
Daryl Martinez A One-Handed Sequence Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus 85
Davide Costi Ultimate Also published here For Friends Only... 14
Paul Diamond The Diamonds Double fancy move, also with table placement The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 18) 300
Karl Fulves One-Handed Double Flip-Over Secret Session — Part Three 71
Fred Kaps Note 2 - The Hop first seen from Kaps, card flips over in air 52 Lovers 61
Harry Levine Dropping the Double dropping the double on the pack, variation on the D'Amico Double, see also p. 560 for further commentsInspired by The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 28) 498
Rafael Benatar Doble Lift Pivotante one-handed double lift, several applications
-Como Cuenta Falsa (as a false count)
- Dejada Pivotante (Pivoting Laydown)
- Con giro de 180° (with 180° turn)
Also published here Cartas Certificadas 29
Gary Ouellet, Harry Lorayne Off-Handed actually both hands are used Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 16 No. 2) 2182
Carmen D'Amico Turning Over the Top Card VI also for double turnover Card College — Volume 2 396
Dominique Duvivier Spring Set Double Double turnover using Spring Set moveInspired by Magie Duvivier 14
Ron Frost One-Hand Double Lift: Execution After The Force 30
Ken Krenzel Relaxation Double Turnover Relaxed Impossibilities 11
Roger Klause One-Handed Double Lift Lessons in Card Mastery 229
Camilo Vázquez, Roberto Giobbi Management for the Palm for one-handed palm Hidden Agenda (Issue June 29) 187