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C. Vogel Eine neue Volte mit einer Hand "Die Kartenschule von Carl Willmann"
part two of description, one-handed pass in which the selection is simultaneously reversed, performing one-handed pass with hand at the side, hanging behind the leg
Related to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 1) 4
Unknown II. One-Handed Top Card Reversal pushed to side and flipped over Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 9) 140
Unknown III. One-Handed Top Card Reversal to Bottom card pulled around left side with thumb Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 9) 140
Unknown Slip Reverse top card slipped reversed to bottom and deck turned over, brief The Art of Magic 46
Unknown Top to Center Reverse top card reversed into center, brief The Art of Magic 47
Unknown Top-to-Bottom Reversal Slip Controlled Coincidence 8
Unknown Top-to-Bottom Half Pass Controlled Coincidence 9
John Mulholland, John Henry Anderson The J.H. Anderson Slip as a Reverse with improvement by Mulholland Farelli's Card Magic — Part Two 63
Jean Hugard To Reverse the Bottom Card against thigh/leg Card Manipulations (Issue 4) 94
Louis Lam Center to Top Reverse similar to Future Reverse, but to top instead of to centerRelated to Would You Believe It? 8
Victor Farelli Reversing the Bottom Card "Lend Me Your Pack" 15
Jean Hugard Leg Reverse Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 49
Unknown Simple Turnover card revolved around deck to bottom Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 271
Unknown Reverse Sleight center to bottom Greater Magic 216
Unknown Side Slip Reverse basically Future ReverseRelated to Greater Magic 339
Unknown Righting a reversed Bottom Card Expert Card Technique 109
Unknown Reverse at Side More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 50
Unknown Card Reverse Action with Cards 11
Russell T. Barnhart Secret Reverse on Table passive or with a riffle shuffleRelated toVariations Off the Top 10
Edward Marlo Reverse Sleight - Future Reverse Related toVariations Future Reverse 6
Jackie Flosso Center Reverse while deck is turned over Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 7) 174
Unknown Another Method of Reversing a Card passive, Peek Reverse/Future Reverse (shown by Egon Pischke) Card Control 84
Unknown Simple Reverse crude Early Marlo (Issue Marlo's Discoveries) 51
Unknown Reverses different methods The Royal Road to Card Magic 177
Unknown Leg Reverse as double lift substitute The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 253) 1011
Clyde Cairy Cutting Reverse so-called Braue ReverseRelated to The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 264) 1055
Unknown Bottom Reversal Control control card to bottom, reversing it in process (pass-like action) The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 288) 1152
James Steranko Reverses follow-up to Shadow Steal Steranko on Cards 24
James Steranko The Twist Bottom Reverse follow-up to Shadow Steal, card directly pivoted around right edge to bottom Steranko on Cards 25
James Steranko Bottom Reverse bottom cardRelated to Steranko on Cards 42
Victor Farelli Bottom Card Reversal Card Switches 56
Jean Hugard, Burling Hull Reverse against Body The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 23
Harry Lorayne Toss-In Reverse card is tossed in tabled deck and instantly reversed, table edge cover My Favorite Card Tricks 38
Unknown Revolve Half Pass cards from center are passed to bottom and turned over Epilogue (Issue 6) 45
Unknown Gravity Reverse bottom card of fanned packet Epilogue (Issue 9) 71
Eddie Fechter Quick Reverse using palm Card Cavalcade 48
Unknown Card Reverse double lift and deck turnover The Living End 40
Larry Jennings 3 Reverses Related toAlso published here Epilogue (Issue 17) 157
Martin A. Nash Scaling The Change deck in other hand, card is thrown and caught Ever So Sleightly 36
Ken Krenzel The Square Reverse in centerRelated to Afterthoughts 95
Karl Fulves Replacement with Reversal briefly mentioned Methods with Cards — Part 2 143
Karrell Fox About Face selection reverses in deck, with bold reverse sleight Clever.... Like a Fox 69
Rick Johnsson Half a Lap card reverse, hiding card behind forearm, seated Practical Impossibilities 28
Edward Marlo Marlo Bottom Placement, step 36 as a center reverse Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 207
Harvey Rosenthal Center Reverse packet from center to other place Packet Switches (Part Three) 197
Ken Krenzel The Invisible Bottom Reverse Related to The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 45
Ken Krenzel The Invisible Reverse Transfer Bottom card to center or anywhere The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 52
Dai Vernon Straighten Out rightening reversed card from bottom to top Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 5) 196
Harry Lorayne Face to Face reversal of second card Quantum Leaps 179
John Murray Trip From Center top card cover side steal using clip palm Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 2) 303
Tom Mullica Top to Center Reverse placing top card reversed to special position, one-handed Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 3 No. 5) 345
Karl Fulves Side Steal Reverse as deck is turned over Side Steal 17
Ken Simmons A Further Fantastic Move Tilt Half Pass & Future Reverse comboInspired byRelated to Cards — With a Different Touch 9
Unknown Center Half Pass packet from center to bottom, creeping reverse More Professional Card Tricks 28
Ed DeMello, Tom Wolf The Kenobi Reversal top card to bottom, one handed, credit correction on page 647Variations Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 5 No. 2) 597
Ken Krenzel Invisible Reverse Transfer Card News '82 134
Harvey Rosenthal A Simple Reverse while showing top and bottom cardVariations Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 19) 367
David Britland One-Hand Reverse one-hand top palm derivation to reverse top card to bottomAlso published here
  • Magigram, Vol. 9 No. 2, Oct. 1976
Cardopolis (Issue 1) 21
Ken Krenzel, Harry Lorayne Invisible Reverse Transfer center card reversed to anywhere Best of Friends — Volume II 367
Tony Noice Single Card Half Pass bottom card Best of Friends - Volume II 534
T. Nelson Downs TND Reverse from center to bottom The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 15
Ben Harris B.H. Reverse top card reversed to bottom Out Of His Mind! 5
Larry Jennings The Wedge Reverse The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 32
Edward Marlo Center Reverse Future Reverse Sankey Panky 47
Ben Harris Fandango Move one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned overInspired byRelated toVariationsAlso published here Fandango 2
Jean Hugard Leg Reversal Star Quality — The Magic of David Regal 115
Randy Wakeman Throwing it in Reverse top card reversed into center, wrist pass type action Special Effects 15
Richard Sanders Reverse from Center to Top for visual appearanceRelated to When Creators Collide... 42
Karl Fulves Palm Reverse card from right-hand palm pulled reversed under deck with left fingers, then optionally back into right palm Secret Session — Part Three 75
Ken Simmons Reverse Variant reverse from center topInspired byRelated to Riffling the Pasteboards — Again! 48
Bruce Cervon Cervon's Invisible Reverse Card is reversed in Center as Deck is turned over The Cervon File 149
Dai Vernon Vernon's Creeping Reverse The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 196
Dai Vernon, John Henry Anderson Creeping Reverse The Cardwright 63
Ben Harris The Norway Addition to Fandango Move center face-up card of sandwich visually transformsInspired byAlso published here Off the Wall 48
Edward Marlo Pivot Reverse see step 10 for credit notesRelated to So Soon? 20
Harvey Rosenthal, Frank Thompson Variations of Multi Shift
- reversing cards (Rosenthal)
- palming cards in classic palm (Thompson)
- palming cards in Tenkai palm (Rosenthal)
Inspired by The Multiple Shift 4
Edward Marlo Center Reverse future reverse Randy Wakeman Presents 49
Unknown Center Reverse to Bottom one-card pass Randy Wakeman Presents 142
Ken Krenzel Invisible Reverse Transfer center card reversed to anywhere Close-up Impact! 8
John Henry Anderson, John Mulholland The J.H. Anderson Slip as a Reverse Related to Close-up Impact! 122
Ben Harris The Fandango Move one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned overAlso published here Mad Fax and other Mysteries 3
Edward Marlo Future Reverse Totally Out Of Control 35
Steve Draun The Truly Fantastic Move pass side steal combo with center reverseInspired by Secrets Draun from Underground 137
Jerry Sadowitz, Ken Krenzel, Edward Marlo The Marenzel Reverse to transfer a card from one position to another position towards the top and reverse it in the processInspired by The Marenzel Reverse 1
Unknown ボトムカードリバース (Bottom Card Reverse) Larry Jennings's Card Technique 95
Unknown Card Turnover while removing an outjogged card Semi-Automatic Card Tricks 88
Larry Jennings Third Reverse Also published here Card File 6
Gary Kurtz Rotational Half Pass with small packet U.P. - The Ultimate Progression 11
Jean Hugard Leg Reverse Notes on Card Tricks and Other Diversions 3
Unknown The Leg Reverse Card College - Volume 2 371
Karl Fulves One-Handed Air Drop top card flips over secretly, not used as production but secret turnover, one-handed get-readyInspired by
  • Annemann gag in "The Conjuror's Magazine", April 1949
The Fine Print (Issue 4) 69
Unknown Small Packet Rightening bottom card moved around and reversed to top in turnover-pass type action The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser 84
Larry Jennings Small Packet Half Pass similar to Asher Twist Jennings '67 227
Dai Vernon Vernon's Creeping Reverse Jennings '67 141
Dai Vernon Creeping Reverse very brief The Ancient Empty Street 13
Edward Marlo Center Reverse future reverse L.I.N.T. - Pocket Stuff for Close-Up Magicians 58
Simon Lovell Gesture Rightening top card of deck secretly reversed, rightened in up-and-down movement Simon Says! 69
Jack Avis Center to Top Reverse one-handed behind back, bold Vis à Vis 48
Jean Hugard Leg Reversal Drawing Room Deceptions 21
Unknown Bottom Reversal Control Control card to bottom, reversing it in process (pass-like action) Kort 69
David Acer Flipwich center card in sandwich changes visually, one-handed, bottom cards turned overRelated toVariations Natural Selections — Volume II 127
Karl Fulves Any Card Reversed one-handed reverse under handkerchief coverInspired by Ellis Stanyon's Best Card Tricks 232
Jean Hugard Leg Reversal Excerpts 12
Edward Marlo The Future Reverse Related to Card College - Volume 4 1030
Ben Harris, Santo Fandango one-handed, bottom cards of small packet turned over Concertos for Pasteboard 145
Baltazar Fuentes Top Card Reverse top card reversed to bottom, dragged around with left fingers I'm Dancing 5
Unknown Reverse at Side Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 282
Aaron Fisher A Usefull Switch switching three of four witch a top card cover half pass of top six cardsInspired byRelated to The Paper Engine 66
Aaron Fisher Cover Pass Reverse to Bottom block handlingInspired by The Paper Engine 87
Wesley James Snap Reverse bottom card of small packet Enchantments 58
Edward Marlo Marlo's Future Reverse - Broken Form Enchantments 244
Russell T. Barnhart Passive Table Reverse Enchantments 305
Ken Krenzel The Krenzel Square Reverse in centerRelated to Enchantments 245
Wesley James Low Lateral Switches - Low Lateral Addition
- Low Lateral Substitution (with half-pass on top of deck under cover cards)
Related to Enchantments 373
Dai Vernon Creeping Reverse Up In Smoke 45
Edward Marlo Future Reverse Up In Smoke 58
Dai Vernon Creeping Reverse The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 83
R. L. Bell Twist Reversal Also published here
  • Linking Ring, Oct. 1972
The Anthology of One Handed Card Cuts and Flourishes 59
Frank E. Blaisdell The Turnover one-handedAlso published here
  • Original Magic (Frank Blaisdell)
The Anthology of One Handed Card Cuts and Flourishes 70
Jean Hugard Leg Reverse Cocktail Card Magic 17
Justin Higham Around-the-Deck Reversal Secret reversal of bottom card to the top of deckRelated to Dexterity Manual 9
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli), Tony Chang Broken Mechanical Reverse see credit information on page 41 I Was Kidnapped 37
Jean Hugard Leg Reverse Renovations 37
Unknown Card Reverse bottom card pushed out and around, Bommerlunder Königswende In Order to Amaze 222
Edward Marlo Future Reverse Operandi (Issue 3) 35