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Edward Marlo Marlo's Push Off Unit Control Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 111
Edward Marlo Easy Unit Control Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 120
Edward Marlo The Fan Deal to enable one to deal out any card from a fan unit consisting of five or more cards Seconds, Centers, Bottoms 122
Larry Jennings, Carmen D'Amico, Edward Marlo Snap Second Deal Applications featuring an alternative to the thumb count method (see page 151) and the following variants:
- The Snap Second Deal
- The Snap Stud Second Deal
- The Snap Second Turnover
- Seconds, Thirds, Fourths, Etc.
The Cardwright 148
Edward Marlo, Juan Tamariz Preparing the Deal a) dealing first, second, third or fourth card on demand Sonata 174
Ken Krenzel The Flexi-Deal see also Ed Marlo's Push-Pull Bottom Deal (New Tops) Close-up Impact! 186
David Malek The One Handed Fifth Deal The Lexicon 9
Chuck Smith Push-Back Deal kind of push-off second deal and x-th deal from top but with pre-established break Tools Of The Trade 55
Wesley James Third, Fourth and Fifth Deal discussion and sources Enchantments 270
Wesley James Theory Thirds - Fourth, Fifth, etc.Inspired by Enchantments 271
Edward Marlo, Pit Hartling A Push-Off Third Deal Related to In Order to Amaze 175