11 entries in Cards / Effect Themes / Turnover & Reverse / Triumph / Reverse Triumph
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Val Evans Multeffect Cards long-short paired deck used for a routine of eighteen different effectsRelated toVariations The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Winter Extra 1936/37) 177
Karl Fulves Alternates exactly every other card turns over, posed as a problemRelated to Riffle Shuffle Technique — Preliminary Notes on Part One 20
Karl Fulves Reverse Triumph Related to Riffle Shuffle Technique — Preliminary Notes on Part Two 48
Karl Fulves Tunnel Effect one half is pushed through the other, then all cards of one color turn over except chosen card Riffle Shuffle Technique - Preliminary Notes on Part Two 82
Father Cyprian Hofzinser - 70 in addition to classic effect all cards of chosen suit appear reversed and in order throughout deck, faro Epilogue (Issue 17) 159
Darwin Ortiz Blockbuster Related to Cardshark 49
Wolfgang Sommer Easy and Strong Variations Concertos for Pasteboard 147
Wesley James Wishuffle "final", deck shuffles itself, then Triumph, twenty-six double facers, credit informationVariations Enchantments 446
Kevin Ho The Professor's Revenge Inspired by Stupid Horrible Immature Tricks 29
Ryan Plunkett The Hallucinogenic Shuffle As deck is shuffled, more and more face up cards appear. Selection made, lost, dead cut to selection, then deck is all face down A New Angle 122
Harapan Ong Dude, You're not even Trying competition with spectator who rights half a face-up/face-down mixed deck faster, spectator's end up mixed again while performer's magically unmix Principia 124