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Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Horace E. Bennett A Penny for Your Thoughts longer portable hole routine, with several coins, two large coins appear under holeInspired byRelated to Bennett's Best 51
John F. Mendoza Reverse Portable Hole jumbo coin climaxInspired by John: Verse Two 78
David Roth The Portable Hole Variations CoinMagic 63
David Roth The Portable Hole - Standup Handling CoinMagic 76
David Roth The Portable Hole - Sitdown Version CoinMagic 66
Phillip Young The Hole End climax for Portable Hole routine, two jumbo coins are produced Fingers don't Entertain, People Do 60
David Roth The Portable Hole Related to Expert Coin Magic 284
David Williamson The Change Bag Related to Williamson's Wonders 35
Eric Mead Bar Flight three quarters, two travel to underneath napkin, the last one visibly on top Tangled Web 52