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David Ben Bertram, Braue And Ben combination with 2 more phases: 6 handed deal, Texas Hold'em deal, table farosInspired by Penumbra (Issue 9) 12
Tony Cabral Dealer's Choice hold'em & stud poker demonstrationInspired by
  • "Run 'Em Up" (Richard Turner, The Science of Shuffling and Stacking, video)
Card Tricks for the Untrustworthy 34
Ben Harris PSI Poker spectator cuts, Hold 'Em hands dealt, outcome predicted
- Basic Handling
- Advanced Handling (prediction more specific, index)
PSI Poker 6
Darwin Ortiz Positively Fifth Street hold'em demo, three selections in flop, Aces for performer Lessons in Card Mastery 9
Darwin Ortiz Positively Fifth Street Redux variation for poker players Lessons in Card Mastery 16
Jason Ladanye The Big Blind performer names board cards and gets four Aces Confident Deceptions 171
Jack Carpenter Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration spectator shuffles and deals, yet straight flush is received
- Audience
- Texas Hold 'Em Basics
- Performance Overview
- Background
- Set-up
- The Wager
- The First Shuffle and Deal
- The Second Shuffle & Deal
- The Elimination Procedure
- The Burn & Turn Sequence
- The Revelation
- Notes on Jack's Presentation
- A Swindle
- Hard Prediction
- Big Chops
Inspired by
  • "The Best Hand Ever" (Jay Jayaraman, Hold 'Em Magic, Frame, 2011)
Ultimate Hold 'Em 2
Jack Carpenter A Completely Self-Working Method of the "Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration" Ultimate Hold 'Em 27
Jay Jayaraman Beginner's Luck presentation for "Ultimate Hold 'Em Demonstration" Ultimate Hold 'Em 17
Bob Farmer Nine Card Hold'em - Bobservations
- The Real Rules
- The Flim-Flam Rules
- The Scam
- First Deal: Flush
- Second Deal: Straight
- Third Deal
Also published here
  • Flim-Flam column in Genii
The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier 253
John Cottle, Ben Joffe Ice Cold Decks six gambling stacks for Texas Hold'em that can be cut, yet the dealer wins, for two, three, four or eight playersVariations Operandi (Issue 3) 10
Jason Ladanye Hold 'em Hustle two cards shuffled to named player, performer wins with four Aces, pairs of pseudo duplicates, faro Game Changer 203
Joseph Barry The Stacking Drill #2 pseudo stacking for Hold'em, chosen cards stacked, Full House received on flopRelated to Operandi (Issue 4) 5
Derrick Chung Ice Cold Decks - Part 2 Hold'em stack to win with two to six playersInspired by Operandi (Issue 4) 16
Curtis Kam Ten Card Texas Hold 'Em version The Bammo Ten Card Deal Dossier Addendum 8