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Dr. Carl L. Moore Silver to Copper with the Okito Coin Box Modern Coin Magic 224
Sam Leo Horowitz Bey's Routine with the Okito Coin Box Master Routine No. 1, Okito Box with small hole, one coin penetrates deck of card, vanishes and appears multiple times and eventually changes into sponge rabbit, using a needle and a pencilAlso published here Okito Coin Box Routines 4
Milton Kort, Cass Dmuchowski Okito Change for a Half half dollar in box changes to quarter, two dimes and a nickel, two versions The New Modern Coin Magic 503
Gerald Bruning Okito Box Glittering Finale stream of glittering silver particles pours out of box The New Modern Coin Magic 504
Milton Kort The O-Kort-o Box Rides Again stack of half dollars changes into dimes in box, hollow stack, O-Kort-o or Okito box Kabbala - Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 4) 25
Sam Schwartz Incredi-Box Magic combination of Boston & Okito box with shims in bottom and lid
- Construction
- Instant Push Through (coin through bottom of box)
- Quick Change (four half dollars change to four quarters in box)
Related to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 5) 510
Harvey Rosenthal, Karl Fulves Oil To Water two copper and silver coins alternated in Okito box, then all change to silver The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #2) 898
Derek Dingle Flash Coins four coins in box, four matches visibly change into the coins one by one and in coin box are the burnt matches The Chronicles (Issue 5) 1105
John Carney Neato, Okito!! coin through box, box disappears and reappears, transforms into small bottle Conjuror's Journal 5
Steve Beam Toss Out Color Change Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 43
Steve Beam Change Box half dollar shaken in Okito Box, when tossed out it changes into 2 quarters Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 45
Steve Beam Four Copper, Four Silver four coins change at once Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 46
Steve Beam, Harvey Rosenthal Box Change box changes color as well, using Rosenthal move from his lecture notes Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 47
Steve Beam The Perfect Climax coin dumped out of box becomes jumbo coin Steve Beam On Coins — Volume II 44
David Roth Four Halves to Four Dimes Coins transform in the coin box Expert Coin Magic 233
David Roth A Chinese Climax Transformation in the coin box Expert Coin Magic 235
David Roth Triple Change Climax two silves and one copper change to two coppers and one silver (coin box) Expert Coin Magic 242
Mike Gallo Box Jumper three half dollar travel to a coin box, they change into chines coin and the silver coins are found in the box, eventually thee copper coins appear in the boxInspired by The Trapdoor - Volume Two (Issue 26) 452
Mike Gallo Safe And Sound small coin box with number lock as lid, three half dollars change into pennies one by one, then all to Chinese coins, then three large Chinese coins Magical Wishes 89
Milton Kort CoBoxGo 2 Half dollars in box transform into pennies, then box vanishes Kort 237
Karl Fulves Done With Brass coin in spellbound position changes into Okito box lid, then box, coin ends up insideInspired by
  • Fingertip Fantasies, 1968
Prolix (Issue 7) 436
Christian Scherer Der kleinste 3D-Kopierer der Welt three different coins put in a coin box and they transform into china coins one by one Schlaglichter 50