18 entries in Cards / Gaffed Cards & Decks / Deck / Electric Deck
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Unknown Electric Deck with ribbon, only mentioned Tricks with Cards 34
Unknown To Spring the Cards from the One Hand to the Other (With mechanical pack.), electric deck More Magic 19
Unknown All Red - All Black with electric deck More Magic 20
Unknown Eine Kartensoirée - 1. Die Kartendressur start of a multi-trick act, flourishes with an electric deck Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 1 No. 1) 6
Unknown Die Kartendressur Der moderne Kartenkünstler 167
Unknown Die mysteriöse Verbindung deck vanishes (via pull in sleeve) and is reproduced from spectator's pocket as a festoon with all cards tied to a string Der moderne Kartenkünstler 152
Unknown Pack of Cards Changed to a Silk Foulard gaffed The Magic Annual for 1937 57
Karrell Fox Card in Wallet Surprise card appears on wallet, on repeat the wallet unfolds into string of cards except selection Comedy a la Card 25
Val Andrews Electric Deck Gag No. 13 The Idiot at the Card Table 7
Val Andrews Another Electric-Deck Gag No. 14 The Idiot at the Card Table 7
Val Andrews Yet Another! No. 15, electric deck gag The Idiot at the Card Table 7
David Berglas Cardcertina Berglas Electric Deck design and construction David Berglas Lecture 16
Jerry Sadowitz Well I'll Be... comedy card to wallet, featuring a jumbo card, writing across the whole deck when spread and an electric deck Inspirations 54
Karrell Fox An Uplifting Miracle gag with electric deck Much Ado About Something 138
Tom Stone Electro-cute sight gag with electric deck Maelstrom 127
Patrick Page The Electric Deck Magic Page by Page 285
Patrick Page The Electric Deck, Again with extra thread, deck closes by itself Magic Page by Page 290
Steven Hamilton Rocky does a Card Trick spring raccoon supposed to find the card, deck suddenly strung together, raccoon finds card, name of card written across other side The Magic of Steven Hamilton 8