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Professor Hoffmann The eight Coins and two Brass Covers four borrowed coins each under two brass covers, coins travel from one pile to the other, two shells, also done in hands of spectator without covers More Magic 165
Unknown Das fliegende Geldstück both hands palm-up, coin on right fingers, both hands turned over and coin secretly tossed under left hand, in effect it travels to left hand Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 2 No. 6) 82
Unknown Travelling Coins first coin travels from hand to hand then effect is repeated with four coins, hands turned over on table Coin Magic 13
J. B. Bobo The Inseparable Pair two phases Watch This One! 103
Harry McDaniel Chinese Money Mystery Related to Watch This One! 106
John R. Boyko Snap two coins The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 174) 697
Unknown The Inseparable Pair crossed handed Modern Coin Magic 144
Jimmy Buffaloe The Hippity Hop Half Modern Coin Magic 147
Unknown Chinese Money Mystery Variations Modern Coin Magic 154
J. B. Bobo Routine No. 11 Modern Coin Magic 345
Milton Kort Routine No. 15 Too Many Coins Modern Coin Magic 348
Glenn Harrison Dollar Flight both hands cover a dollar coin on table, one travels to the other The New Modern Coin Magic 389
Jules DeBarros The Hammam Routine signed coin penetrates table and falls in a glass, transforms and travels under other hand, big medallion appears as kicker The Coins of Ishtar 52
Scotty York Three Coins and A Ring two phases, coin assembly (to ring) and coins across Lecture 3
Bernard Bilis Never Split Coin travel from under one hand to anotherVariations Close Up, French Style 18
Harvey Rosenthal Perfect Passe-Passe two pennies on table, one travels across The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #1) 887
Harvey Rosenthal Banish nickel and penny on table, covered with hands, one travels across, repeat, then chosen coin travels table, then both covered with card, one travels across, two coins joined with threadRelated toVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. Close-Up Folio #2) 899
Ross Bertram Rubdown half dollar rubbed on table vanishes and appears under other hand, then changes into dime with change under other hand Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram 19
Paul Harris Four Finger Finale coin appears under forefinger as finale to coins across or similar Close-up Entertainer 101
Max Williams Subway Move thumb flick, credit claim The Chronicles (Issue 25) 1311
Steve Beam Drawback one half dollar under each hand, they travel under one hand, in repeat change into dollar Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 11
Steve Beam Delayed Table Transit one half dollar under each hand, they travel under one hand Steve Beam On Coins — Volume I 13
Mike Caveney 3:32 two coins travel under one hand, then one coin and eventually the last coin vanishes, using "The Flick"Inspired by Magicomedy 21
Justin Higham, Stephen Tucker, Pascal Monmoine Pandemonium - growing Deck gag (Higham)
- trouser pocket as servante (Higham)
- card revelation gag with two spectators selecting the same card (Tucker)
- five coins travel from hand to hand and then change into one coin (Tucker)
- Cutting the Aces, Bilis/ Marlo variation idea (Monmoine)
Spell-Binder (Vol. 2 No. 22) 420
John Kennedy Translocation four coins in a vertical row on the table, both hands palm down on table, one by one they travel acrossRelated toVariations Lecture III 8
Mark Lefler Reversal Ending backfire finale for "Translocation"Related to Lecture III 11
David Williamson, Thomas Hierling No Card Matrix coins in square layout travel into one corner, handling of last coin contributed by HierlingRelated toVariations New Wave Close-Up 56
Unknown Penny Ante No. 51, one coin under each hand, travel to same hand Self-Working Coin Magic 55
David Neighbors Table Squeeze four coins travel from underneath one hand to the otherInspired by The Minotaur (Vol. 2 No. 3) 7
Alexander de Cova Chinese Money Mystery Ein Profi packt aus... 122
Paul Gertner As a Coin Across two coins, tabled, using coin flick Steel and Silver 16
Paul Gertner Three and Three (Segregated) six silver coins, three in each hand, travel to one hand one by one, using flick Steel and Silver 18
Paul Gertner Three and Three (Integrated) three copper and three silver coins, copper coins travel to silver coins, using flick Steel and Silver 23
Paul Harris Four Finger Finale coin appears under forefinger as finale to coins across or similarRelated to The Art of Astonishment - Book 2 (Issue Close-up Entertainer) 111
Evert Chapman The Grassy Knoll Inspired by
  • John Kennedy's "Visible Coins Across"
Trephine 55
Max Williams Subway Move as coins across phase Underworld (Issue 9) 114
Michael Esposito, Slydini Manhattan Transfer coin pushed in sleeve appears under hand on table Underworld (Issue 9) 115
Paul Harris Four Finger Finale three coins under three fingertips on table, fourth one appearsRelated to Knuckle Busters Vol. 2 16
Joaquín Navajas Misterio Chino four coins in each handRelated to Monedas Personales Y Más 155