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Milton Kort, Stewart James Thieves and Sheep two extra coins Modern Coin Magic 208
Lillian Bobo Thieves and Sheep with double facerRelated toVariations Modern Coin Magic 249
Marvin Johnson Easy Thievery Thieves and Sheep handling, two copper/silver coins, see page 16 for credits Kabbala - Volume 1 (Vol. 1 No. 1) 7
Stewart Judah Thieves & Sheep credit information, labels stuck on coins The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 10th Folio (Part One)) 800
Jimmy Ray Silver and Copper Double Cross four copper and four silver, always to change places A Ray of Magic 45
Edward Marlo Amplius Nickels Thieves and Sheep, identical coins, see also "Credits and References" at end of bookAlso published here
  • MUM, June 1980
At The Table 28
Ron Bauer Butch, Ringo & the Sheep seven quarters, thieves & sheep with han ping chien coins across finale Butch, Ringo & the Sheep 2
Tom Stone Thieves and Sheep Ideas discussion of various ideas Maelstrom xiv
Tomoya Horiki Electric Sheep One Chinese coin in each hand, five half dollars distributed amongst two hands. End with Chinese coins in one hand, five coins in the other.Inspired by Progress Principle 35