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Karrell Fox, Edwin, Michael Hooper, Jeffery Atkins Kolor-Kamera camera shown empty, silks change color inside, card silk suggestion Clever.... Like a Fox 119
Father Cyprian Psychogenic polaroid camera effects
- Psychogenic #1 (performer vanishes from picture)
- Psychogenic #2 (performer holds card, but on picture the performer is invisible)
- Psychogenic #3 (performer with card appears in picture)
- Psychogenic #4 (transparent image of performer appears in picture)
- Psychogenic #5 (later selection appears in picture)
- Notes (signed selection appears in picture)
Related to The Chronicles (Issue 20) 1259
Karrell Fox A "Seer" at Roebucks serial number of sealed camera called out, see p. 154 for method Another Book 123
Steve Beam Camera Tricks FISM Flash gag The Trapdoor - Volume One (Issue 9) 155
Jerry Andrus Moving Writing cut-out paper letters are filmed, they move around and end up in perfect configuration Self-Working Paper Magic 54
Tom Stone Camera Gag film is pulled out of camera Vortex 22