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Unknown Reading Blindfold one-ahead bluff, blindfolded assistant divines names on cards More Magic 250
Tom Sellers Novel Telepathy medium divines things in boxes, one ahead Quick Tricks 18
Theodore Annemann Telepathy Plus written question and name are divined ends with a picture duplicationRelated to Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine 13
Theodore Annemann Pencil Reading method and two routines, divination of a calculation and spectator and performer always write the same number downRelated to Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine 23
Wm. Hewitt The Modern Mindreader several questions put in envelopesRelated to Mental Bargain Effects 2
Wm. Hewitt Modern Mind Reading Related to Greater Magic 884
Eddie Joseph Sixth Test describing members from the audience, one ahead Intuitional Sight 15
Theodore Annemann Forecast three people think of a word, medium writes them on separate papers, numbers them and throws them in a hat, clever one ahead routineRelated to The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 5) 19
Walter B. Gibson Sooth Sayer with different colored paper instead of numbered slipsInspired by The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 8) 31
Hen Fetsch Future-Hue card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted board with three different colors The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 33) 135
Jerry Sorensen "-and having writ-" sealed message reading, mixed with psychometry and handwriting analysis The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 45) 186
Stewart Judah Sealed Billet Reading De Luxe card, number and city written on cards which are put in sealed envelopes, all are divined Miracles in Mentalism and Psychic Experimentation 8
Hen Fetsch Future Hue card selected, thought of and unseen are all predicted board with three different colorsRelated to Miracles in Mentalism and Psychic Experimentation 44
John Hamilton Date? Name? triple prediction The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 97) 392
John Brown Cook, Arthur H. Buckley Better Than Rabbits spectators initial billets, on which they wrote song and book titles, performer divines all Gems of Mental Magic 94
George B. Anderson Getting the Impression questions are written on paper and put into envelopes, after the questions have been answered the envelopes are burnt in a bowlVariations It Must Be Mindreading 15
Bob Somerfeld Thumb Fun duplication of letters, drawing and figures, with slates Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949) 7
Bob Somerfeld Supelletive three billet routine, umbrella move Mind Reader's Digest 15
Ormond McGill A Novel Presentation separating colors, handkerchief & cards, objects and obstacle course with people standing on stage Psychic Magic — Vol. 4 10
Stylesmith Predictor tripple prediction, three envelopes on big black board, different colored crayonsInspired by The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 242) 967
Gene "Phantini" Grant A Miracle Mental Routine messages in envelopes reading routine, drawing duplication as climax, blindfolded Phantini's Lost Book of Mental Secrets 1
Tony Corinda (2) One Ahead System applied to blindfolds Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes 136
Tony Corinda Three Little Questions Billets 189
Tony Corinda (6) The Stooge for instance for setting up a one ahead routine Question and Answer (Readings) 346
Dr. Stanley Jaks Gedankenblitze triple prediction, huge cards with numbers from 1-3 predictions are written on the back of the cardsAlso published here Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 62
Dr. Stanley Jaks Astro-Prediktion triple prediction with with zodiac, birthday and playing cardAlso published here Dr. Stanley-Jaks und seine Geheimnisse 64
James G. Thompson Jr. Blackout Magic classic one ahead routine, with reading in the dark presentationInspired by Between Two Minds 46
James G. Thompson Jr., Ned Rutledge Telastrophy Jr. with tricolor pen, three things written on blank cards, match perfectly with what performer has written Between Two Minds 58
Alan Shaxon Triple Reading three cards in envelopes, color, number and amount of lose change is divined My Kind of Magic 43
Martin Gardner Are You Psychic? performer and spectator each write down three words from a list of ten words, they match, see also p. 348 (originally from Ireland Yearbook 1943)Also published here The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 5 No. 9) 345
James G. Thompson Jr. Improved Question Reading envelopes
- Part Two (shorter test with only three envelopes)
- Part Three (as a two-person act)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 7 No. 6th Folio) 494
Dr. Barlow Wagman Private Reader one ahead prediction / divination in a reading, objects from wallet The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 116) 579
Philip T. Goldstein Middle Telepathy ESP card, shape and name are divined The Blue Book of Mentalism 21
Glenn Falkenstein Target '3' with three pieces of cardboard, Mental Epic variation The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 162) 809
Philip T. Goldstein Parallax a shape, a letter and a number are correctly duplicatedAlso published here The Red Book of Mentalism 7
Al Mann The Sibylline Messages cards in envelopes with questions and messages on it are divined and answered The Sibylline Messages 1
Al Mann, Dr. Stanley Jaks Omar's Prognosis triple prediction, sheets are labeled A,B & C, third spectator selects a cardInspired by Classified 1
Al Mann The Master of the Word with two words from two books, prediction Of Words and Wizards 4
Robert Dorian Outdone-Doutdid four spectators select a card with ao design, one thinks of a word, one of a place, one of a number and the fourth selects a card, all are predictedInspired by Classified 5
Philip T. Goldstein Parallax! a shape, a letter and a number are correctly duplicatedAlso published here The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 173) 861
Philip T. Goldstein Resolution 78 three new year's resolutions are predictedAlso published here The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 193) 961
Philip T. Goldstein Resolution three new year's resolutions are predictedAlso published here The Yellow Book of Mentalism 20
Unknown Impossible ESP No. 39, six symbols listed, two chosen by throw of die are predicted Self-Working Mental Magic 62
Karl Fulves Names in the News No. 62, two spectators chose picture in newspaper and person therein, both predicted Self-Working Mental Magic 104
Thomas Alan Waters Geometear two objects are written on two pieces of paper, one is selected and the word divinedRelated to Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Scrypt) 184
Thomas Alan Waters Trinkle birthday and zodiac are written on paper and divinedInspired by Mind, Myth & Magick (Issue Scrypt) 186
Stephen Tucker Amalgam one ahead with color, number and card, clever construction Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 2) 26
Johnny Thompson Polish Epic Inspired by
  • "Mental Epic" (Hen Fetsch)
Related to
  • "Twin Prediction Miracle" (The New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mentalism, Vo. 2)
Also published here
Polished Polish Prestidigitation 23
Al Mann Gifts Most Rare three spectator get an envelope, they select a word from a book each and the words match with prediction in envelopes, several methods The Knight's Gambit 8
Joseph Dunninger, Al Mann Psychic Billet Reading several people Master Billet Tests 3
Joseph Dunninger What the Eyes See Master Billet Tests 9
Joseph Dunninger Puzzling? technical variation of "What the Eyes See" Master Billet Tests 9
Edward Marlo Solution To Jaks? number, card and word chosen and one-by-one written on blank cards, all match, two methodsRelated to At The Table 56
Roy Johnson Objective three objects selected via cards with words on them, predicted, one-ahead New Sorcerer (Vol. 1 No. 2) 5
Al Mann The Naked Thought prediction and mind reading, one ahead with 3 billets The Naked Thought 1
Al Mann The Quantum Leap with four cards, one ahead routine with the opener move The Naked Thought 4
Jas Jakutsch The ATAW (Any Time AnyWhere) Triple Test divination of three thoughts, jotted down on a business cardInspired by
  • Bruce Bernstein's "Telepathy and Clairvoyance" in "Twenty Effects for the Psychic Entertainer"
Completely Mental - Vol. 1 11
Jas Jakutsch "Lost & Found" AKA "Six in One" billet routine with four phases, twelve people write down a los object and their initials, spectator finds the right billets, without opening it, divines the content of several and a member of the audience does the same too Completely Mental - Vol. 2 5
Jas Jakutsch The QuinBillet Test" AKA "A Kick to the One-A... Head" five billet routine, picture duplication, ends with Telephone DramaRelated to Completely Mental - Vol. 2 20
Unknown Three-Way Match No. 3, two spectators think of a card and the performer, predictions written on slips, one-ahead, without cards New Self-Working Card Tricks 4
Karl Fulves, Joseph Dunninger, Theodore Annemann, Peter Warlock On One-Ahead & Mental Epic comments, quotes and referencesRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 6) 173
Chuck Hickok Hickok's Way-Ahead Envelope strategy for predictions in multiple envelopes Mentalism, Incorporated 128
Dr. Stanley Jaks, Karl Fulves The Words Of Jaks two selections from word cards predictedInspired byRelated to Latter Day Secrets (Issue 8) 292
Dan Garrett, Mick Ayres, Ken Scott Epic - Marked Down three predictions written with three different-colored markers, letter, two-digit number and two geometric shapes (one in the other) Epic — Marked Down 1
Sveroni Poker Dream triple prediction (city, amount of money, card) on post-its, names of spectators are noted on the papersVariations Variationen 7
Oliver Meech Google Guessing Performer memorises the top result for different search words on Google Plot Twists 58
Christoph Borer Heinrich Favrod three billet prediction, with different colored pens, story presentationAlso published here Aspekte der psychologischen Force 15
Karl Fulves One-Ahead Systems - As a Revelation
- As a Prediction
- Mental Epic
- No-Gaff Epic
Related to Prolix (Issue 8) 537
Karl Fulves Las Vegas Nite number of poker chips, thrown dice number and card predicted Prolix (Issue 8) 541
James Biss Password Projected one-ahead divination Seventeen Secrets 39
Dr. Stanley Jaks Astro-Prediction triple prediction with with zodiac, birthday and playing cardAlso published here The Incredible Dr. Jaks 97
Andy (The Jerx) Limitless Ahead One Ahead type of routine, spectator is apparently given heightened senses (hearing, smell etc.), able to guess what magician did The Jerx 69
Bob Cassidy, Alexander de Cova Bob Cassidy's Billet Test Inspired by
  • "The Three Envelope Test" (Bob Cassidy, The Art of Mentalism Vol. 2)
Ultimate Chair Routine 62
Johnny Thompson Polish Epic Also published here The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 2) 163
Christoph Borer Heinrich Favrod three billet prediction, with different colored pens, story presentationAlso published here Mentale Notizen 59