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Unknown Münzfässchen Münzdose, coin vanishes in (wooden) coin box, coin dropped in and its backside is black to become invisible in box Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 1) 16
Unknown Die verschwundenen Thaler coins put in small box with lid, the vanish, switch of box itself Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 3 No. 2) 28
Carl Willmann Willmann's Whistmarkendose routine with coin box, done with some kind of poker chips or coins, box has loose bottoms, boston feature and more Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 4 No. 3) 38
Carl Willmann Die verschwindenden Taler four coins vanish from a small box Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 10 No. 12) 183
Don Alan Flash String Ideas - with a coin box
- string puzzle
- deck is bound with flash string, cards fall performer holds selection
Pretty Sneaky 39
J. B. Bobo Al-'N-Nate with hole and no lid, coins disappear from within and penetrate a silk or table The New Modern Coin Magic 489
John Mulholland The Mulholland Box cross-breeding of Okito and Al-'N-Nate
- To Cause Six Coins to Disappear Inside A Closed Box
- To Return The Six Coins to the Box
- Coin Penetrating Box and Hand
- Another Coin Penetration
The New Modern Coin Magic 491
Stewart Judah "Mystic Coins" Routine coins and chrome cap The New Modern Coin Magic 506
Patrick Page The Pill Box Trick box with two lids Tricks with Coins 34
Karl Fulves The Slot Box "Okito Box Notes Nr. 6"
with slot at bottom through which a coin can slide in and out
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 5) 871
Peter Duffie The Jipsum Box spectator puts four coins in box, they penetrate box and hand, repeat, then box penetrates hand leaving coins behind, Bobby Bernard Coin Box Close-Up to the Point 21
Jack Avis Coin Box Idea short ideas Rara Avis 206
Tomoya Horiki Minimum Coin Box (ミニマム・コインボックス) Coin box routine, four coins travel to box one by one, then return to hand at once (uses a small box)Inspired by Coinlang. 56
Bill Cheung Wild Penetration Four silver coins placed in coin box, coins penetrate through table. Second phase, box penetrates through table. Finally, coins all change to Chinese coins Lecture Note 2018 2
Bill Cheung The Ramsay Cylinder Coins and cylinder effect, cylinder is a toilet paper roll, coin box used as well Lecture Note 2018 7