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Theodore Annemann The Jinx Extra Cocktail gin based The Jinx 1-50 (Issue Summer Extra 1935) 38
Theodore Annemann The Jinx "Zipper" Cocktail recipe for cocktail The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 28) 173
Theodore Annemann Jinx Blazer recipe for a drink The Jinx 51-100 (Issue Winter Extra 1938/39) 370
Theodore Annemann Damn The Rain cocktail recipe The Jinx 51-100 (Issue 81) 525
Frank Garcia Arroz con Pollo Chicken with Safron Rice and Peas Million Dollar Card Secrets 127
Frank Garcia Super Meatloaf Super Subtle Card Miracles 207
Julia Bamberg Intermission: The Bamberg "Gerunte" recipe for green soup The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs 149
Frank Garcia Baklava All in a Nutshell 79
Amedeo Vacca Chicken Marengo ala Vacca "Magician's Recipe" Amedeo's Continental Magic 115
Frank Garcia Supreme Sponge Cake The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 222
Frank Garcia Never Fail Sponge Cake The Encyclopedia of Sponge Ball Magic 223
Frank Garcia Wild, Wild Chicken Wildcard Miracles 144
Frank Garcia 3 Veal Chop Monte Don't Bet On It 99
Lee Asher Memphis Corn Pudding Thinking Out Loud 15
Roberto Giobbi Savoir Vivre how to prepare old Cognac, Brandy, Armagnac or rum before drinking Secret Agenda (Issue Feb 6) 44