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Hen Fetsch Bunko Beans bean seeds change into beans, in a pot Milk Pitcher Magic 11
Harvey P. Graham Peas two in the hand one in the pocket routine, with peas, Mendel's laws of genetic presentation The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 209) 836
John Ramsay The Routine four beans are put in eyes and ears and appear one by one between the lipsRelated to
  • Edwin Sachs' "Chinese Marble Trick" in "Sleight of Hand"
Four Little Beans 7
John Ramsay Section I. Preliminary 1. Initial Position
2. On the Table
3. Moistening the Beans
4. Poition
Four Little Beans 7
John Ramsay Section II. Disposal of the Beans 5. Behind the Right Ear
6. Behind the Left Ear
7. Into the Right Eye
8. Into the Left Eye
9. Position
Four Little Beans 10
John Ramsay Section III. Reappearance of the Beans 10. From the Left Eye
11. From the Right Eye
12. From the Right Ear
13. From the Left Ear
14. All Clear!
Four Little Beans 13
Victor Farelli Afterword annotations to the Ramsay routine Four Little Beans 17
Gerald Kosky Beans three beans are swallowed and brought back, then they travel from one hand to the other The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 306) 22
Stan Blumenthal Jump Up selection is found with 'Mexican Jumping Beans', beans on ribbon spread, one jumps and lands on selection The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 55) 272
Amedeo Vacca Coffee Break coffee beans eaten and they reappear from mouth Amedeo's Continental Magic 36
Unknown The East Indian Bean Trick No. 99, three beans are eaten and reproduced from mouth 101 Psychic Tests 27
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Edamame Edamame beans travel back into the empty pod, pod ends up sealing itself back Organic 23