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Unknown To make a shoale of goslings drawe a timber log some geese draw a log of wood, vague, probably thread The Discoverie of Witchcraft (Issue XXX) 192
Unknown The Bundle of Firewood hollow bundle More Magic 287
Unknown The Paper Ribbon and the Barber's Pole long paper coil from hat, then pole (paper, switched for wooden pole by assistant) More Magic 300
Bland A Barber's Pole from an Egg paper spiral "pole", later switched for wooden one More Magic 340
Samuel "St. Roman" Thiersfeld Der Großpapa und sein Enkel No. 34, small and large wooden cone penetrate table under cone cover Jedermann Zauberkünstler! 98
John Willmann Das Archimedes-Brett floating piece of wood in front of performer's body, attachment to sort of belt Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 8) 123
Unknown A Surgical Operation splinter pulled out by spectator from performer's hand becomes long hair, gag The Magic Annual for 1937 96
Karl Fulves Parablox paper box used to take props from it, at the end it changes to solid block of wood, posed as problem, see also p. 402 for solution by Bill TaylorRelated to
  • "Boxes or Blocks" (The Magic Wand, June-Sep 1933)
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 1) 374
George Weisensel Weisensel's Famous Splinter from the Hand as splinter is removed from hand by spectator, it is several inches long Another Close-up Cavalcade 152
Stephen Minch Turn of the Century Tiltings and Tappings balsa wood tear shape under glass dome starts rocking, then screwdriver moves under the jar Mind & Matter 43
Al Mann The Falling Block block of wood falls, discussion on different methodsRelated to
  • Ed Mellon's MentalWise, Vol. II #12 and Vol. III #1, and George Arrowsmith's idea with playing cards "Arrowsmith's Assorted Myseries", Tom Fitzgerald's "A Block from the Wall of Jericho" in Sam Dalal'
The Shattered Chalice 11
Frank Cleaver Block Off block with hole slid in box, fixed with wand, it slides freeRelated to The Chronicles (Issue 34) 1400
David Berglas Do-It-Yourself one spectator hammers some nails in a piece of wood, a second drills some holes and a third has to saw off a piece, prediction matches The Mind & Magic of David Berglas 91
Tom Stone Wooden Sign "signed card" with isolated card stapled to piece of wood Maelstrom 178
Ryan Schlutz Fing-Jit-Su spectator breaks small wood with finger, then flicks deck at selectionRelated to Making the Cut 51