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Howard Lyons Interlock Steal unloading cards under top cards Epilogue (Issue 10) 74
Karl Fulves Alignment Sandwich Switch The Book of Numbers 47
Dai Vernon Interlock Switch Epilogue (Issue 20) 188
Karl Fulves Interlock Addition Related to Epilogue (Issue 20) 186
Karl Fulves Sidejogged Interlock Related to Methods with Cards — Part 1 38
Harvey Rosenthal Interlock Packet Switches (Part Three) 138
Karl Fulves Meta-4 AS reversed in deck, travels to "random" number (four), then changes into a FourRelated to Transpo Trix 3
Karl Fulves Interlock Placement to small number Transpo Trix 4
Karl Fulves Interlock Set-Up Transpo Trix 77
Karl Fulves (B) Named Ace Rise Interlock 27
Ken Beale The Interlock Switch three Jacks on top and dealing for three Interlock 42
Karl Fulves Buried Alive Interlock 10
Harvey Rosenthal A Quick Lock card at face of packets transforms Interlock 4
Ken Beale Switch For A 4-Ace Trick Interlock 45
Ken Beale Interlock Sandwich Switch Interlock 49
Karl Fulves Optical Interlock Interlock 57
Karl Fulves Side Switch Interlock 62
Ken Beale Interlock Steal Interlock 50
Ken Beale Stealing the First Card Interlock 53
Ken Beale Steal of a Chosen Card Interlock 54
Ken Beale Interlock Steal Variation Interlock 55
Karl Fulves From The Table Interlock Applications Interlock 30
Unknown Dai Vernon's Method to get into position for the Interlock Principle Interlock 3
Karl Fulves (E) A Switch Interlock Interlock 32
Karl Fulves Naming Names on the Interlock principle Interlock 1
Karl Fulves Immediate Lock instant method of getting packets in Interlock condition Interlock 8
Karl Fulves Overhand Shuffle Method getting into Interlock condition Interlock 11
Derek Dingle Derek Dingle's Method getting into Interlock condition, with Notes by Karl Fulves Interlock 13
Karl Fulves Work Notes on the Interlock principle Interlock 27
Karl Fulves (A) Lock Limit semantics Interlock 27
Karl Fulves (D) Side Stepping side-step instead of upjog for interlock conditionRelated to Interlock 29
Karl Fulves (F) Side-Steal/Diagonal Shift Interlock Set-up Interlock 32
Ken Beale Alternate Procedure For Picking Up Break for card switch using Inerlock Interlock 48
Karl Fulves, Larry Jennings (C) Cut To Lock using Jennings' "Bottom Slip Cut" to get into interlock positionRelated to Interlock 28
Karl Fulves The (No Kidding) Final Additional Notes And Variations, Etc. on the Interlock principleRelated to Interlock 40
Karl Fulves More Notes Yet notes on the Interlock principle
(A) No-Break approach
(B) alternate procedure
(C) switch with double card
(D) paper clip addition, paper clip version of Hofzinser problem
(E) connection to Tilt
(F) allusion to Haunted Pack set-up with Interlock
Related to Interlock 59
Dai Vernon Utility Move push-in after Interlock position The Complete Works of Derek Dingle 65
Dai Vernon Interlocked Unload Epoptica (Issue Yearbook) 310
Bruce Cervon AC/DC featuring Vernon's Interlock Principle The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 19) 181
Unknown Interlock Principle The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 56
Dai Vernon Utility Move push-in after Interlock position The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 57
Dai Vernon The Intelligent Leaper interlock, two handlingsVariations The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 145
Dai Vernon Interlock The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 146
Edward Marlo Real Gone AC/DC Interlock Principle, two double facersInspired by Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 294
Unknown Interlock Steal Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 295
Roy Walton Remember "Riffle Aces"
one spectator with two cards
The Chronicles (Issue 31) 1372
Roy Walton Thrice Removed "Riffle Aces"
three selections, also as Ace production
The Chronicles (Issue 31) 1373
Roy Walton Because It Was There "Riffle Aces"Related to The Chronicles (Issue 31) 1373
Dai Vernon Interlock The Vernon Chronicles - Volume 3 72
Karl Fulves A Trap Cut sandwiched card in deck turns out to be later selection Deceptive Practices 42
Herb Zarrow Interlock Change one half jogged, face card of lower half changes Rigmarole (Issue 9) 98
Dai Vernon, Larry Jennings Interlock Steal Miracles with Cards 92
Wesley James Coming Up in the World with credit information
- The Load Up I (Coming Up in the World)
- The Load Up II (Interlocked Set-Up)
- The Load Up III (Large Block)
The Magical Record and Thoughts of Wesley James 27
Bruce Cervon Interlock Steal featuring Vernon's Interlock Principle Hard-Boiled Mysteries 52
Unknown Interlock Principle Hard-Boiled Mysteries 52
Karl Fulves Escapism indifferent card in hand changes into JS just inserted in a packet Lost Vampire Secrets 160
Karl Fulves Out Of Body indifferent card in hand changes into JS just inserted in a packet Lost Vampire Secrets 163
Dai Vernon Interlocked Principle IP
with credit information
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 1
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Final Control Set-Up getting into interlock configurationRelated to Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 3
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Christ/Annemann Alignment Set-Up getting into interlock configuration Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 4
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Christ/Annemann Alignment Force & Set-Up Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 4
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Topmost using Jog Switch to get in interlock configuration, with short ambitious phase
- Variant Techniques
- Hidden Card Jog Switch
- Face-Down Jog Switch
Related to Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 5
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Blackjack Aces black Jacks change to Aces, other two Aces also show up Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 7
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Between 2 Worlds two cards chosen from two decks transpose Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 8
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Uplifting red Ace "rises" plunger like from deck, then other red Ace, they sandwich selection in center Prolix (Issue 1) 8
Unknown Interlock position see also p.100 Blomberg Laboratories 67
Axel Adlercreutz Switch using the Interlock Concept Blomberg Laboratories 104
Tomas Blomberg Interlocked Daley red Aces transpose with black KingsInspired by Blomberg Laboratories 106
Tomas Blomberg Low Cost card between the red Jacks vanishes and appears between the tabled black JacksInspired by Blomberg Laboratories 109
Tomas Blomberg Hindu Interlock force, switch and control of a card Blomberg Laboratories 112
Tomas Blomberg Intelligent Leaper Handling using the Hindu InterlockInspired by Blomberg Laboratories 115
Unknown Interlock Switch JawDroppers! Two 72
Harry Riser Interlock Get-Ready The Magic of Johnny Thompson (Issue 1) 72
Dai Vernon Interlock Principle Enthusiasm 8