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Martin Gardner Where Does the Easter Bunny Go? puzzle The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 252) 1009
Martin Gardner Geometrical Vanishes - Part 1 chapter intro Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 114
Unknown The Line Paradox Line vanishes when paper is shifted Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 114
Sam Lloyd Sam Loyd's Flag Puzzle Geometrical Vanish, cut an American flag into two pieces, rearrange to form onto thirteen stripes instead of fifteen Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 117
Unknown The Vanishing Face Geometrical Vanish of a face Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 118
Sam Lloyd "Get Off The Earth" Geometrical vanish of a Chinese warrior by rotating paper globe Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 118
Theodore DeLand DeLand's Paradox Geometrical Vanish of a playing cardVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 123
Martin Gardner The Vanishing Rabbit Geometrical vanish of a rabbitInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 125
Mel Stover Stover's Variations Geometrical Vanish / transformation of objects, face becomes beer mug or red pencil becomes blue pencilInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 125
Unknown The Checkerboard Paradox Geometrical vanish of a square on a checkerboard Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 129
William Hooper Hooper's Paradox Rectangle rearranged to apparently increase the area Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 131
Unknown Square Variation Area of square changes after pieces are rearranged Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 132
Martin Gardner Fibonacci Series About the mathematics behind geometrical vanishes where the area of a shape changes. Based on work by V. Schlegel, E.B. Escott and Lewis CarrollRelated to
  • V. Schlegel, Zeitschrift fur Mathematik und Physik, Vol. 24, p. 123 (1879)
  • E. B. Escott, Open Court, Vol. 21, p. 502 (1907)
Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 134
Martin Gardner Curry Triangles Geometrical vanishes with trianglesInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 145
Unknown Four-piece Squares Cut square into four pieces, rearrange to get hole Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 151
Paul Curry Three-piece Squares Cut square into three pieces, rearrange to get hole Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 153
Harry Langman Langman's Version Rectangle changes in area when pieces are moved around, related to Fibonacci seriesInspired by Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 137
Paul Curry Curry's Paradox Various geometrical vanishes of squares in rectangles and squaresVariations Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 139
Paul Curry, Martin Gardner Two-piece Squares Cut square into two pieces, rearrange to get hole Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 153
Martin Gardner Curved and 3-D Forms Discusses the possibilities of geometrical vanishes with 3-D shapes Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 155
L. Vosburgh Lyons Triangulation tiling puzzleRelated to
  • p. 70 for credits
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 1-4 (Vol. 2 No. 2) 72
Karl Fulves Five Into Four Five of diamonds is cut in fourth and puzzled together so a center section is missing, face changes to Four of diamondsRelated toVariations The Book of Numbers 42
Mitsunobu Matsuyama Paradox geometrical puzzle with a playing card that makes a full card face-down, but a piece is left over when assembled face-up
- The Turnover Tactic
- Business Card Variation
- Reference File
Variations The Chronicles (Issue 18) 1235
Paul Curry The Disappearing Rabbit Variations Curioser 2
Karl Fulves Rabbit Reunion Curry's effect with 2 rabbits vanishing one by oneInspired by Curioser 6
Karl Fulves Notes By Karl Fulves on Curry's effectRelated to Curioser 9
Karl Fulves The Moving Pip pip missing on card that is cut in pieces, when re-arranged pip movedRelated to Curioser 9
Karl Fulves Powerdox rectangle puzzle, two pieces one by one removed but still a rectangleInspired by Curioser 10
Karl Fulves Dice on Slate idea in which dice drawn on slate become real Curioser 12
Martin Gardner Euclid's Vanish number of objects drawn on a slate changes from seven to six, sliding partVariations Curioser 11
Karl Fulves The Geometric Slate three-way multiple out predictionInspired by Curioser 12
Martin Gardner The Vanishing Rabbit No. 16, rabbit changes into egg via geometrical vanish The Children's Magic Kit 16
Terri Rogers A Jigsaw Puzzle card puzzle as a revelation, Four of Hearts instead of Five of HeartsInspired by Babel (Issue 2) 20
Unknown The Paradox No. 41, paper with numbers cut up, can be arranged so that center misses Self-Working Number Magic 66
Masao Atsukawa Fair Exchange two jigsaw puzzles fit face down but not face up The New York Magic Symposium — Collection 5 90
Tom Craven Armchair Golfer Mel Stover's Vanishing Pencil (version of the Magic Egg Puzzle), pencil on paper changes places with pencil on initialed paper The Trapdoor — Volume Two (Issue 44) 787
Karl Fulves Lucky Lollipop No. 29, lollipops on three pieces of paper, number changes when papers are rearranged Easy Magic 40
Ali Bongo Here's Some Magic You Can Do vanishing Leprechaun / Disappearing Dwarf / Hat puzzle, Bongo design Lecture Notes - Geneva 2002 13
Tomas Blomberg Torn Uncut Card Sheet uncut sheet which contains all the cards of the deck, magician rearranges the pieces of the sheet to make a previously selected card disappear from it, "52 on 1 Gag"Inspired by Blomberg Laboratories 130