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Karl Fulves A Remarkable Bet heads and tails bet with three coins, presentation for Walter Penney's coin flipping paradox Epilogue (Issue 10) 77
Gene Finnell A Dice Paradox Epilogue (Issue 12) 90
Gene Finnell A Card Game Paradox Related to Epilogue (Issue 12) 91
Howard Lyons Toronto Dice noteInspired by Epilogue (Issue 13) 99
Shirley Quimby Shirley Quimby's Method for non-transitive dice set The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 3) 393
Bradley Efron Las Vegas Dice non-transitive dice, also as packets of cards, see also p. 410 for idea by Stewart Olney The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 3) 393
Robert E. Neale End Game three objects moved according to instructions, outcome predicted
- History
- The Children's Game (Rock Paper Scissors)
- The System
- A Variation
- Two Betting Games
- Addendum
- The Second Game (with cube/die)
- The Election Game
The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 4) 593
R. C. H. Cheng A New Sucker Bet non-transitive dice Epoptica (Issue 4) 232
Mel Stover Non-Transitivity with a Magic Slant Epoptica (Issue 6) 391
Martin Gardner Introduction Swindle & Cheat 1
Karl Fulves Sporting Events chapter intro Swindle & Cheat 3
Karl Fulves Spot Check four dice, performer always wins Swindle & Cheat 4
Karl Fulves Rapid Transitive six dice, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 5
Karl Fulves Tri Color six dice, performer and spectator each take 2, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 6
Karl Fulves Shareholder six dice, performer against two spectators, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 6
Karl Fulves Dominant Dice second phase for previous dice game Swindle & Cheat 7
Karl Fulves A Penny Saved coin layout, game with die, performer wins Swindle & Cheat 8
Karl Fulves High Stebbins (A) spectator cuts packet and takes top card, performer next, high card wins
(B) high card wins with 12 card packet, three cards each, performer has better odds
(C) high card wins variation with better odds for performer
(D) high card wins combined with faro shuffle to shift odds to 1st or 2nd player
Swindle & Cheat 10
Karl Fulves Alien Dice nontransitive dice principle with only two dice Swindle & Cheat 14
Karl Fulves Digit Detective two spectators play "high card wins" with a packet, performer divines card value that was added previously Swindle & Cheat 15
Karl Fulves Post Position horse race on paper Swindle & Cheat 16
Karl Fulves Paper Hanger stack of bills is cut, game with top bills, performer has better chances Swindle & Cheat 19
Karl Fulves The Cheshire Cat chips and cups are used for game in which performer has better chances Swindle & Cheat 20
Karl Fulves Crossroader poker chips chosen from two cups, high number wins, audience decides who wins in the long run Swindle & Cheat 23
Sam Schwartz High Dice set of three nontransitive dice Swindle & Cheat 24
Karl Fulves Square Numbers columns and rows in magic square as nontransitive set with special properties, applied to chips game
- The Basic Squares
- Alien Numbers
- Twofer
- Advantage Player
Swindle & Cheat 25
Karl Fulves Games Without Numbers chapter intro, Scissors-Rock-Paper Swindle & Cheat 25
Karl Fulves Paper Race four papers sticking out underneath cover, whoever choses the paper that is on top of the other's choice when cover is removed wins Swindle & Cheat 34
Karl Fulves Chain Reaction endless chain as game between two participants Swindle & Cheat 35
Karl Fulves Short Straw percentage game with three straws in three cups each Swindle & Cheat 38
Karl Fulves Playing The Slots box with 4 slots, performer and spectator chose one, more money comes out of performer's slot Swindle & Cheat 39
Karl Fulves Threesome percentage game with chips in cups Swindle & Cheat 41
Karl Fulves The Right Bettor percentage game with picture cards of animals Swindle & Cheat 42
Karl Fulves Road Race Swindle & Cheat 43
Philip T. Goldstein Jan-Ken-Ponder rock-paper-scissors variant with coins or chips Swindle & Cheat 48
Dr. A. K. Austin Pathways nontransitive game with cards that have a maze-like path on them Swindle & Cheat 49
Karl Fulves Bibliography Nontransivity in print Swindle & Cheat 71
Karl Fulves Code Nine nontransitive game with cut-in-half tickets that have half numbers on themRelated to Swindle & Cheat 46
Karl Fulves Markers ideas related to nontransitive games
- Simple Sets (Dualities, Royal Family)
- Unequal Sets
- A Nontransitive Pyramid
- Flat Dice
- Parity Dice (4 Thru 9 Dice, 2 Thru 10 Dice, 1 Thru 12 Dice, 36 Number Dice)
- House Dice
- High Percentage Games
- 3 Blind Dice
- Little Bingo
- Odds On
Swindle & Cheat 52
Nick Trost The Penney Paradox sucker betRelated to
  • "Penney-Ante" (Walter Penney, The Journal of Recreational Mathematics, Oct 1969)
  • "On the Paradoxical Situations that Arise from Nontransitive Relations" (Martin Gardner, Scientific American, Oct 1974)
  • Trine (Lewis Jones, 2002)
The Card Magic of Nick Trost 89