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Unknown Containing Geographical Paradoxes ten geographical paradoxes Breslaw's Last Legacy 71
Karl Fulves More Random stab on "Good Turns" and "Watch Closely", Scarne paradox, Goldston's locked booksRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 22) 83
Karl Fulves Einstein Centennial thoughts on various ideas in physics
- Bang Bang
- 90% Paradox (Sturgeon's Law)
- Time Out
Interlocutor (Issue 29) 111
Karl Fulves Super Sentences paradox sentencesRelated to Origins 40
Roberto Giobbi Paradoxes quotesRelated to Secret Agenda (Issue Oct 6) 298
Helder GuimarĂ£es Liar's Paradox The Veriloquent 3
Roberto Giobbi Eh? on verbal paradoxes Hidden Agenda (Issue May 25) 149
Roberto Giobbi Paradoxes Related to Hidden Agenda (Issue Aug 16) 236