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Charles J. Maly The Health Magician program aimed at children on the subject of being healthy, how to dress, tricks and patter ideas Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1942) 18
Bruce Elliott The Back Room on the Tabell Course Volume 2 and performing for children The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 22) 94
Peter "The Magic Man" Pan Entertaining Children Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 7) 173
Frances Ireland Rabbits is Extra on kids shows Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1949)
Charlie Miller List of 40 Effects suitable for Children Shows The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 95
Marcus Wielage Kid Shows can be Source of Experience, Profit - Where to Begin
- Paying Dates
- Toy Stores Pay Off
- First Impressions Count
- Mother Goose is Out
- "Monkey see; Monkey do"
- Physical Arrangements
- You're in Control
The Compleat Magick - Volume 1 (Issue 31) 155
John A. Novak Doing Magic for Children - Getting Bookings
- "What Do You Do?"
- Birthday Box
- Relate to the Kids
- Types of Tricks that Work
- Setting Up and Shutting Down
The Compleat Magick — Volume II (Issue 123) 615
Piet Forton Grundsätzliches on magic for children
- Allgemeine Voraussetzungen (general requirements)
- Die Beziehung zum Kinde (the relationship to the child)
- Zauberei und "Pädagogik" (magic and education)
Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 2
Piet Forton Zur Entwicklungspsychologie developmental psychology and different age groups
- Einführung
- Altersgruppe I
- Altersgruppe II
- Altersgruppe III
- Altersgruppe IV
- Erwachsene
Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 6
Piet Forton Auftrittsstil, Kleidung, Utensilien style, costume and props
- Auftrittsstil
- Kleidung
- Utensilien
Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 17
Piet Forton Geschäftlich-Kommerzielles Public-Relations - Kinderparties, Geburtstagsfeiern, kleinere Feste usw.
- Geschäftsanlässe, Kindergruppen wie z.B. Pfadfinder u.a.
- Grossanlässe auf der Bühne, in Supermärkten, Warenhäusern usw.
- Kindergärten, Schulen, Sonderschulen, Kinderheime, Sanatorien usw.
- Reklame, Werbung, Prospekte usw.
Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 19
Piet Forton Kunststücke tricks
- Vorbemerkungen
- Beginn der Vorstellung, Kontaktnahme, Einstieg
- Schluss der Vorstellung, Ausklang
Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 27
Piet Forton Schlusswortgedanken on topical and memorable shows for children Das Piet Forton Seminar - Kinderzauberei 41
Richard Bartram, Jr. Close-Up Tips "Children" gag comic Close-Up of the Damned 31
Karrell Fox Jet-Settings backdrop for parlour or children performances Much Ado About Something 98
Alexander de Cova Straßenzauberkunst - Eine kleine Abhandlung article about street magic
1. Einleitung
2. Voraussetzungen (table, pouch, where to perform, ...)
3. Das erste Mal (the first time)
4. Wie man ein Publikum gewinnt (crowd building)
5. Das Einsammeln des Geldes (collecting money)
6. Andere Kollegen... (colleagues)
7. Werbung (promotion)
8. Kinder im Publikum (children in the audience)
9. Kreativität
10. Trickauswahl & Literaturangaben (repertoire and source)
Secrets No. 2 87
David Kaye Proud To Be A Kid Show Magician - Children Are Different Than Adults
- Children Are Like Drunks!
- Have No Fear
Seriously Silly 15
David Kaye Client 1347: The Sultan of Brunei Seriously Silly 17
David Kaye The Origins of Performing Magic For Children Seriously Silly 19
David Kaye Client 529: Susan Sarandon Seriously Silly 23
David Kaye Learning Real Magic Words Seriously Silly 27
David Kaye What Is Magic To A Child? Seriously Silly 28
David Kaye Your First Steps: 10 Steps to Understanding Children's Magic 1. You must like children or at least fake it well.
2. Speak to children as you would an adult.
3. Emphasize the entertainment over the effect.
4. Eliminate distractions.
5. "I know that one" doesn't always mean that.
6. Go with the flow and be willing to go off script.
7. Children love participating.
8. Explain the plot and keep plots simple.
9. Make pop culture references.
10. Have fun.
Seriously Silly 31
David Kaye Different Shows For Different Ages Seriously Silly 36
David Kaye How To Maximize a Child Volunteer 1. Asking for a volunteer.
2. Choosing the right volunteer.
3. Make the child feel welcomed.
4. Dress up your volunteer.
5. Empower the child.
6. Reward your assistant.
Seriously Silly 46
David Kaye Client 4421: David Letterman Seriously Silly 49
David Kaye It's Not The Destination, It's The Ride Seriously Silly 53
David Kaye You're So Silly! - Adding Comedy Elements To Your Routines - Incongruity
- Magician In Trouble
- Silly Words
- Funny Props
- Exaggeration
- Repetition
Seriously Silly 57
David Kaye It's Behind You! - Adding Interaction and Involvement Elements To Your Routines - Laughing
- Saying the Magic Word
- Physical Actions with the Magic Words
- Physical Actions with the Specific Routine
- Pointing/"Look"
- Correcting Verbal Mistakes
Seriously Silly 67
David Kaye Mommy, I Did Magic! - Adding Empowerment Elements To Your Routines - Empowering Children With Knowledge
- Empowering Children With Skill
Seriously Silly 74
David Kaye Honey, How Did He Do That? - Extra Credit - Entertaining the Adults In Your Audiences Seriously Silly 90
David Kaye Whatever You Do, Don't Read This - Adding Ad-libs to Your Routines Seriously Silly 97
David Kaye Once Upon a Time - Adding Storytelling Elements To Your Routines - Set-Up
- Creating a Plot
- Boy Meets Girl
- The Need For A Strong Ending
- The Complete Resolution Ending
- The "Waa, Waa, Waa, Waa" Ending
- Tricks That Have No Ending
Seriously Silly 81
David Kaye Teach Them First, Then They Know Seriously Silly 110
David Kaye Incorporating These Principles Into Your Routines Seriously Silly 112
David Kaye Client 3719: Bruce Springsteen Seriously Silly 116
David Kaye The Silly Billy Distraction Progression Theory Seriously Silly 121
David Kaye "I Know That One" Doesn't Always Mean That Seriously Silly 123
David Kaye Five Steps To Solving Any Performing Problem 1. Prevention
2. Use Humor
3. Ask Nicely
4. Ask More Forcefully
5. Stop The Show and Call For Help
Seriously Silly 125
David Kaye Solving The Top 10 Problems of Performing For Children Seriously Silly 129
David Kaye Client 5108: Madonna Seriously Silly 146
David Kaye Putting it All Together - The Warm-Up
- The Opening
- The Body of the Show
- The Climax
- Extra Credit
Seriously Silly 151
David Kaye Where The Heck Is That Darn Line? Seriously Silly 154
David Kaye Chasing Pigeons - The Importance of Power in a Child's Life Seriously Silly 156
David Kaye Bideford, We Have a Problem Seriously Silly 158
David Kaye Concluding Thoughts Seriously Silly 160
David Kaye Appendix I - The Cognitive Development of a Child Tabulates what a kid knows at what age Seriously Silly 161
David Kaye Appendix II - Magician/Child Dictionary Translating typical magician terms into words children understand Seriously Silly 162
David Kaye Appendix III - Tricks For Your Kid Show That You Already Own Seriously Silly 163
Roberto Giobbi Tricks for Children list Secret Agenda (Issue Aug 27) 257
Joaquín Matas Sobre las Actuaciones Infantiles y Familiares on family and children shows A Fuego Lento — Volumen II 261
Rhys "Morgan" Jones, Robert "West" Tay Dealing with Children and the Unexpected Rule 0: Know your stuff
Rule 1: React positively to the situation
Rule 2: Refocus quickly
Rule 3: Take control if you have to
Rule 4: The audience is on your side
Parlour Tricks 148