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Alex Elmsley The Fan and Weave Controls two handlings of an ingenious control:
- The Fan and Weave Control
- The Fan and Weave Double Control
Related toVariations The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 335
Alex Elmsley Fan and Weave Control to any Position extension with two cardsInspired by The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 442
Simon Aronson The Face-Up UnDo The "UnDo Influence" control, face up version Try the Impossible 14
Simon Aronson Prior Commitment Two Jokers whisper positions of two selections in the deck, then revealed position numbers were written on the back on Jokers. Uses the UnDo Influence control.Variations Try the Impossible 3
Simon Aronson The Face-Down UnDo The "UnDo Influence" control, face down versionVariations Try the Impossible 6
Simon Aronson Variation 1441 Variation of UnDo Influence, use Ace and Four instead of JokersInspired by Try the Impossible 10
Simon Aronson Variation 1839 Variation of UnDo Influence, use four face up cards instead of twoInspired by Try the Impossible 10
Simon Aronson Color Separation Variation on UnDo Influence to leave deck color separatedInspired by Try the Impossible 10
Simon Aronson Alternate Take Combination of UnDo Influence and Euph-oracle procedureInspired byVariations Try the Impossible 28
Simon Aronson Random Tandem Uses UnDo Influence, but with mental stop procedure, selections turn up simultaneouslyVariations Try the Impossible 31
Simon Aronson Worker Bees Spelling trick to three selections (two chosen and one thought of) using UnDo InfluenceRelated toVariations Try the Impossible 37
Simon Aronson UnDo Influence: Theory and Practice Theory behind UnDo Influence controlVariations Try the Impossible 68
Simon Aronson Built for Two (using the UnDo Influence Control) Random Tandem done with Aronson stackInspired by Try the Impossible 258
Simon Aronson Threespell (using the UnDo Influence Control) Queenspell with Threes in AronsonInspired by Try the Impossible 257
Darwin Ortiz Hard Target two selections found by red jacks Lessons in Card Mastery 55
Simon Aronson, Alex Elmsley Undo Influence Principle Lessons in Card Mastery 56
John Hostler Paradromic Delusion two deck, one person names a card and a number, second person selects card, performer looks through deck and names position of selection, first person finds card and number in other deckInspired byRelated to
  • "Svensk Voodoo" (Tomas Blomberg, Blomberg Laboratories, 2015)
Firkin of Deipotent Trouvailles 54
Asi Wind A Coin Trick two spectators cut to two cards, prediction (e.g. date on coin) gives position of one card from the bottom and the other from topInspired by Repertoire 57