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Paul Curry Reversed Card Transfer Switch as reversed card is transferred to bottomRelated to More Card Manipulations (Issue 3) 50
Art Lyle Bottom Deal Second The Phoenix 1-50 (Issue 29) 120
Frank Shields Card Switch The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 195) 779
Edward Marlo Under-the-Spread Switch as card is tabledRelated to The Cardician 160
Edward Marlo Mislide card switched as it is laid down from in-the-hands spread on table The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 338) 163
Henry Christ Henry Christ Spread Switch see Elmsley book for Tony Kardyro credit informationVariations Inner Secrets of Card Magic 23
Edward Marlo The Spread Switch face down card is switched in face up spread, under-the-spread technique Card Switches 54
Roy Walton Card Switch while spreading cards and removing kings face down The Devil's Playthings 19
Larry Jennings Larreverse Get Ready & Switch double in spread and side-jogged double lift unload Epilogue (Issue 14) 111
Tony Noice A Switch-Control card in spread is touched, displayed, apparently put on table Rim Shots 99
Edward Marlo On the Spread Switch discrepancy switch as card is tossed on table from spread between the hands The Unexpected Card Book 237
Larry Jennings Where's the Discrepancy Variations Larry Jennings on Card & Coin Handling 41
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro Technique on T.K. Drop Sleight T.K.=Tony Kardyro Marlo's Magazine Volume 2 210
Karl Fulves Spread Swindle tabled spread, palming Packet Switches (Part Five) 320
Henry Christ Spread Tip-Over Switch Matching the Cards 8
Ken Krenzel Spread Double Lift as a Switch The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel 100
Edward Marlo Devilish Miracle Switchouts Marlo's Magazine Volume 3 101
Fred Robinson, Walt Lees Cull Exchange Pabular (Vol. 5 No. 1) 626
Edward Marlo Marlo's Switch-Out Move French Pasteboards 21
Henry Christ Henry Christ Spread Switch More Professional Card Tricks 10
Larry Jennings Open Control Related to Best of Friends 92
Unknown Spread Switch transfer second deal type Simple yet Effective Tricks with Cards 41
Graham Smith Switched card on ribbon spread, switch for open prediction Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 11) 210
Jon Racherbaumer Illogical Spread Switch The Card Puzzle 21
Edward Marlo Second Method Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 112
Larry Jennings, Edward Marlo The Laydown Sleight similar to Ed Marlo's "Bottom Deal Exchange" move The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 23 & 24) 227
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Exchange Application brief Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 347
Unknown Push Change card placed from in-the-hands spread to table is switch à la Downs Change The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 25
Henry Christ Christ's Change spread handling of tip-over change The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 3) 27
Ben Harris I Didn't Know You Used Marked Cards spread bottom deal, deck spread between the hands and "random" card tossed out Midnight Special 12
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Exchange B.D.E. The Classic Magic of Larry Jennings 166
Joseph K. Schmidt Hold Out! card transforms into selection with holding-out presentation, featuring a spread switch Epoptica (Issue 9) 497
Paul Harris Spread Switch The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 107
Larry Jennings Variation of Paul Harris' Spread Switch The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 108
Tony Kardyro Kardyro Drop Sleight Special Effects 64
Jerry Sadowitz Spread Laydown Switch as two cards are put on table from spread, one is switched Inspirations 8
Karrell Fox Esrever reversed card is changed as it is taken out Apocalypse Vol. 11-15 (Vol. 11 No. 10) 1557
Edward Marlo BDE Type Force Marlo's Magazine Volume 6 54
Edward Marlo, Tom Gagnon The Miracle Spread variation The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 23) 393
Karrell Fox "Center-Tainment" card reversed in center, switched as it is taken out and turned face-down My Latest Book 55
Dai Vernon Bottom Deal Spread Force like Bottom Deal Exchange The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 153
Edward Marlo 4 X Cards to 4 Aces cards turned over in spread using a switch So Soon? 29
Tony Kardyro Drop Sleight from spread condition Randy Wakeman Presents 40
Harry Lorayne The Summit Switch Convincing Control Handlings Trend Setters 245
Ken Krenzel, Henry Christ Flexible Christ Spread Switch Inspired by Close-up Impact! 83
Edward Marlo Spread Laydown Switch Related to
  • Collectors (Roy Walton, Abra Vol. 47, p. 99, 1969)
That's It 34
Edward Marlo Marlo's Bottom Deal Exchange The Olram File (Issue 9) 4
Jon Racherbaumer Illogical Spread Switch exchange face-up card with face-down card above it Card Finesse II 32
Edward Marlo Marlo's Spread-X Force "Bottom Deal Exchange" (BDE) Force Card Finesse II 121
Unknown Unit Upjog Switch-Out aces are upjogged and stripped out, one is exchanged Card Finesse II 184
Ernest Earick One-handed Convincing Control see page 90 for mention of the sleight as cull, force, palm, switch By Forces Unseen 83
William Goodwin Bottom Deal Upjog Switch touched card is upjogged Notes from the Batcave 21
Lewis Jones Switch Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 17 No. 1) 2306
Alex Elmsley Rollover Switch as reversed card is put on table The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 123
Jack Avis Avis Spread Switch credit informationInspired by The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 58
Larry Jennings The Upjog Switch see also p. 227 for credit informationRelated to Roger's Thesaurus 10
Larry Jennings Open Control also switch Cardshark 44
Gene Maze A Switch in Time lapping Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 19 No. 11) 2715
Edward Marlo Bomb-Door Bottom from Spread Classic Sampler 2
Edward Marlo, Tony Kardyro T.K. Drop Sleight Miracle Material 48
Edward Marlo Bottom Deal Exchange as sandwich is placed on table one by one Solomon's Mind 186
Jack Avis Spread Display Switch as reversed card is shown Vis à Vis 101
Dai Vernon Bottom Deal Spread Force like Bottom Deal Exchange Five Times Five — Scotland 94
Roger Crosthwaite The Upjog Switch upjogged card squared and thumbed off onto table, also for multiple-out tricksInspired by Arcardia 69
Stanley Collins, Unknown The Card-Spread Switch with credit informationInspired by Card College — Volume 4 814
Paul Curry Reversed Card Transfer Switch as reversed card is transferred to bottom Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 282
Masao Atsukawa チェインジ (Change) Switch of a card from a spread カードの島 26
Harry Lorayne (R)Evolutionary card in spread chosen, shown with right hand, transferred to left hand and thumped to table, Transfer Second Deal, then lappedInspired by Personal Collection 411
Larry Jennings Open Control Scams & Fantasies with Cards 84
Henry Christ Christ Drop Switch card flipped over in spread The Breather 3 10
Steve Beam Card Switch reversed card in center, while card is placed on table Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 4 37
William Goodwin, Gordon Bruce Goodwin/Bruce Switch GB Switch
card touched in in-the-hands spread, bottom block turned over except bottom card
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 1 100
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Jog Switch JS
card downjogged during in-the-hands spread and packet with downjogged card as bottom card tabled, card secretly added underneath
- Variations
Related to Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 10
Allan Ackerman Allan Ackerman's Addition Variation of Discreet DisplacementInspired by Sleight of Hand and a Twist of Fate 16
Karl Fulves Switchback any card switched out via spread strip-outAlso published here Prolix (Issue 1) 56
Unknown Downjog Switch Best of Friends — Volume III 186
Jerry K. Hartman Deeper Dupers applications as a force/switchInspired by Best of Friends — Volume III 230
Ken Krenzel The Direct-Second Switch as card is placed on table during spreading Relaxed Impossibilities 23
Ken Krenzel The Direct-Second Control Relaxed Impossibilities 29
David Regal Isolated Force Reinventing the Real 149
Tyler Wilson Table Spread Switch bold Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 88
Roberto Giobbi The Fake Take and Variations Secret Agenda (Issue Oct 29) 322
Unknown Spread Switch Discoveries & Deceptions 23
José Carroll, Iván Mora Card Switch as a force, spread on table Magia Demente 48
Edward Marlo, So Sato Bottom Deal Exchange Force The Secrets of So Sato 101
Stanley Collins, Unknown The Card-Spread Switch Eye Candy 15
Alexander Hansford Reverse Spread Switch showing reversed card in deck and switching itInspired byVariations Sprezzatura 40
Harry Lorayne, Harapan Ong Flip Force Variation deck reversed around selected card while switching itInspired by Principia 24
Alexander Hansford Control using reverse spreadInspired by Kino. 51
Edward Marlo The Bottom-Deal Exchange also for forcing an odd-backed card Card Theater 28