8 entries in Salt, Pepper & Sugar / Sugar Packet / Torn & Restored or Sugar back Inside
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Slydini Sugar Express sugar packet poured in hand, empty packet placed on hand, it travels back into packet The Magical World of Slydini 8
Michael Weber, Michael Close, Eric Maurin Coffee Machine time machine presentation while drinking coffee, sugar packet is restored, coffee free of sugar and spoon vanishes from mug and is resting dry on the table again Life Savers 15
Michael Weber Torn and Restored Sugar Packet Inspired by Life Savers 16
Ray Kosby Tear For Two two sugar packets are torn and restored Life Savers 25
Steve Dusheck Additional Thoughts sugar packet torn open, sugar poured in hand, crumpled paper as well, restoredRelated to
  • "Sweet and Low" (Richard Osterlind, Challenge Magic video, 1990)
Dusheck's Thumb Tip Magic 27
Paul Harris, Eric Mead The Swing Thing sugar packet is torn and sugar poured into folded bill, grains travel back and packet restors itself The Art of Astonishment — Book 3 (Issue New Stuff) 49
Jörg Alexander Weber Zaubersalz salt packet torn, salt poured in hand vanishes and packet restoresInspired by
  • "Sweet and Low" (Richard Osterlind, Challenge Magic video, 1990)
ZauberKunstStücke — Band 1 18
Jay Sankey Raising Sugar Cane Torn and restored sugar packet Twenty Years Of Magic (Issue Sankadelic Magic) 50