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August Roterberg, Maurice Garland The Multiplying Thimble with holder, eight thimbles Later Magic 508
Lee Stewart Fingerhut-Kunstst├╝cke thimble sequences
I. vanish
II. swallowing
III. vanish as thimble is handed to spectator
IV. vanish
V. vanish from thumb
VI. showing both hands empty
VII. handling multiple thimbles, body holder
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 12) 181
Charles T. Jordan A Manipulative Opening No. 9, card, thimble and billiard ball are produced Ten New Miscellaneous Tricks 21
Laurie Ireland Four Thimble Vanish and Reproduction Ireland Writes a Book 4
August Roterberg The Multiplying Thimbles Climax to thimble routine - thimble appears on every finger on both hands Thimble Magic 7
Jean Hugard Production of the First Thimble: Various Methods five ways to produce a single thimble in a dramatic manner, some involving fire/flash paper Thimble Magic 20
Jean Hugard 4 - Production From the Mouth Thimble Magic 23
Jean Hugard 1 - Jumbo Thimbles How to produce a jumbo thimble in Miser's DreamRelated to Thimble Magic 38
Jean Hugard Production and Vanish of Four Thimbles Simultaneously Describes how to palm four thimbles, and use it to produce and vanish four thimbles Thimble Magic 39
L.E. Duncanson Thimbles no End! production routine The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 39) 261
Robert Parrish Continuous Color Changing Thimble Production You'd be Surprised 50
John Goodrum A Nu-Idea Thimble Holder You'd be Surprised 55
John Ramsay Thimble Come interlocked thimble production The Jinx 51-100 (Issue Summer Extra 1939) 411
Unknown 3 - Production of Thimble from back palm Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 77
Unknown 7 - Production of Thimble from empty left Palm Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 81
Unknown 9 - Production from Thumb Palm Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 82
Bert Douglas Thimble Box to load each finger, from a box Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1947) 36
Bob Ellis Thimble Production four thimbles Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 56
Al Leech Multiplying Thimbles production of eight thimbles Manipulating with Leech 4
Frederica Close-Up Thimble Routine Part 1 - The Production
Part 2 - The Vanish (with silk)
Unconventional Magic 36
Jan Torell Cigarette Box cigarette box changes into pack of playing cards, piece of paper changes into thimble Magic by Jan Torell 21
Jim Ryan Thimble Fun! thimbles are produced and placed in hat, then thimbles vanish from hat, snapping the hat Lecture Notes Bar Magic 4
Lewis Ganson The Lifting Move multiply one thimble into two A Fantasy in Thimbles — Werry's Fantastic Thimbles 5
Al Leech Thimble Theme thimbles vanish and appear Al Leech's Legacy 90
Al Leech Thumbs Up two thimbles appear on the thumbs Al Leech's Legacy 110
Al Leech An Easy Production four thimbles are produced from a silk Al Leech's Legacy 114
Al Leech Multiple Production From A Silk Al Leech's Legacy 120
John Ramsay Pop Production The Ramsay Finale 45
Joe Mogar Power Thimbles four thimbles are produced The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 58) 1104
Joe Mogar Presidential Opener thimble produced from bill, then three more as a climax The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 65) 1286
Joe Mogar The Explosion Move four thimbles from thumb palm to fingertips The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 65) 1289
John Carney Thimble Collection five thimbles produced, then travel to other handInspired by The Book of Secrets 350
Fantasio The Invisible Thimble Secret Agenda (Issue Aug 2) 230