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Lee Stewart Fingerhut-Kunstst├╝cke thimble sequences
I. vanish
II. swallowing
III. vanish as thimble is handed to spectator
IV. vanish
V. vanish from thumb
VI. showing both hands empty
VII. handling multiple thimbles, body holder
Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 9 No. 12) 181
Laurie Ireland Four Thimble Vanish and Reproduction Ireland Writes a Book 4
Tom Sellers Glido - The Thimble That Glides glides across table Sellers' Secrets 6
Otis Manning Finger Exercise! thimbles jump around on fingersAlso published here The Jinx 1-50 (Issue 17) 95
Jean Hugard Easy Moves With One Thimble describes four short sequences with one thimble, with some advice on how to execute thimble sleights and magic Thimble Magic 6
Jean Hugard Moves With Two Thimbles Describes five short sequences with two thimbles Thimble Magic 6
Otis Manning A Finger Practice Effect Short skill demonstration of magician's nimble fingers with thimbles, two thimbles changes places on two fingers of same hand very quicklyAlso published here Thimble Magic 20
Jean Hugard 2 - Swallowed and Pulled From Throat Thimble Magic 22
Jean Hugard 3 - Two Quick Moves Quick vanish and reproduction Thimble Magic 22
Jean Hugard 8 - Up the Arm Thimble Magic 24
James Shannon 10 - Two For One Apparently showing two thimbles - visible and invisible Thimble Magic 25
Jean Hugard 11 - From Hand to Hand and Back Again Vanish and reproduction sequence Thimble Magic 25
Jean Hugard Some Flourishes Karate thimble - catching thimble on finger in midair Thimble Magic 26
John Goodrum Lost And Found gag You'd be Surprised 52
John Goodrum A Contrast Screen You'd be Surprised 55
Unknown The Tricky Thumble match appears under thimble with gag presentation Greater Magic 832
Unknown 17 - Thimble Jump from Hand to Hand Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 90
Unknown 18 - Side Swing Jump Over from hand to hand Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 4 91
Paul Fox Thimble Pop-Up thimble travels from hand to thumb Watch This One! 117
Bert Douglas Thimble Box to load each finger, from a box Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1947) 36
Bob Ellis Thimble Production four thimbles Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 5 56
Al Leech Stop Light Thimbles Related to Manipulating with Leech 3
Al Leech Multiplying Thimbles production of eight thimbles Manipulating with Leech 4
Jan Torell Thimble Sequence finger with thimble is removed, gag Magic by Jan Torell 22
Patrick Page Thimble Manipulation basic thumb palm move, variations The Big Book of Magic 151
Lewis Ganson A Novel Opening "thimble set in mouth" A Fantasy in Thimbles — Werry's Fantastic Thimbles 8
Karrell Fox Finger Flinger short thimble routine, then spectator takes thimble off finger and gets the whole (sixth) finger Another Book 35
Al Leech Thimbles Unanimous general comments Al Leech's Legacy 95
Al Leech Marksmanship Al Leech's Legacy 102
Mike Caveney Temporary Parking Zone Magicomedy 119
Mike Caveney The Perpetual Pinocchio Thimble endless thimble production, with long thimble as a climax Magicomedy 127
Mike Caveney The Giant Thimble Production Magicomedy 140
Arthur Setterington Thimble Finger "Here are a couple of gags which create a great deal of amusement and surprise especially amongst the ladies."
mummified finger in box
Pabular (Vol. 7 No. 6) 1051
John Ramsay Stack of Thimbles Transfer from hand to hand The Ramsay Finale 46
Karrell Fox Triple Thimble Vanish routine For My Next Trick... 23
Joe Mogar The Macho Vanish four thimbles vanish one by one The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 56) 1065
Joshua Jay Ballistic Band-Aid Band-Aid on finger jumps from finger to finger (thimble-like sequence), finally vanishes and appears stuck on selected card Magic Atlas 116
Unknown Forefinger Catch Maelstrom 81