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Unknown Die Kunst, in ein ringförmig geschlossenes band einen Knoten zu machen "The art of making a knot into a closed circle", moebius/möbius strip routine, seven different rings are cut with up to three double-twists Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 5 No. 8) 125
Unknown The Afghan Bands rings of paper cut lengthwise Later Magic 471
James Wobensmith The Afghan Bands wellknown topological thing Greater Magic 860
Ellis Stanyon The Evolution of the Afghan Bands extension for wellknown topological thing Greater Magic 861
"Paper Wizard" Grimes The "Grimes" Paper Chain moebius/möbius strip routine The Magic Annual for 1938 and 1939 119
Francis J. Rigney Cutting a Dido story trick, tearing a long strip Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 1 No. 12) 51
Neal Elias Screwy Square optical thing with a line on a square sheet of cardboard At the Table Tricks 16
L. Vosburgh Lyons Discus Chinese compass, arrows on circle point always in same directionRelated to The Phoenix 101-150 (Issue 102) 410
Milbourne Christopher The Afghan Bands - The Mobius Strip Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 8) 185
Dr. Fred Bertsche Crazy Cardboards lines on paper, paper turned over lines change orientation, fake turnover Ireland's Yearbooks (Issue Yearbook 1948) 37
Paul Curry Fourth Dimensional Turning idea for S.S. Adams money printing machine, performer and spectator write names on both sides of a paper, when put in machine paper turns inside out and back The Phoenix 251 — 300 (Issue 252) 1009
Various The Afghan Bands Moebius strip used for magic, provides the basic method and a history/bibliography of the Moebius strip in magic (Afghan Bands was named by Prof Hoffmann) Mathematics, Magic And Mystery 70
Robert E. Neale Insideout & Stretchit topological origami tube for several effects:
- Stretchit
- Insideout
- The Chinese Wand
- Additional Notes
- With a Sponge Ball
- The Square Circle
- Flexible Transpo
for simplified folding method see reference
Related toVariationsAlso published here Epilogue (Issue 2) 14
Gene Anderson Afghan Bands Mobius strip routine Newspaper Magic 119
Francis J. Rigney A New Twist Mobius Strip routine Newspaper Magic 121
Louis Bertol Chinese Version Chinese Mobius strip routine Newspaper Magic 123
Tommy Thompson Look! No Twist! Variant of Mobius strip routines Newspaper Magic 127
Robert E. Neale Thru & Thru white pop-up cardboard die slides through black die and vice versa, see also p. 439 & p. 486 for suggestion by Al Weyfield The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 6 No. 10) 435
Robert E. Neale Fold, Cut, and Fail pre-folded paper square with sixteen digits in two colors, folded and cut, all digits of one color except chosen one is in one pile
- Part One
- Part Two
- Part Three
- Final Notes
Also published here The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 4) 595
Paul Curry The Twist Turnover secretly gives a quarter turn in the act of turning over Paul Curry Presents 43
Paul Curry Turnabout arrows on squares turn so they always end up pointing in the same directionRelated to Paul Curry Presents 42
Unknown The Magic Circles afghan band Tricks with Paper 38
Martin Gardner Hyper Card posed as problem with illustrationRelated to The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 10 No. 10) 1042
Hans E. Trixer Compas-sion Related to Special Effects 48
Karl Fulves, Kim Iles, Mel Stover, Howard Lyons Hyper Card various ideas with the HypercardRelated toVariations The Chronicles (Issue 1) 1067
Karl Fulves Notes hypercard constructed from double facer with attached back piece
- Elastrik
- Oddments
Inspired by The Chronicles (Issue 11) 1173
Karl Fulves Hypercard on the idea of combining Hypercard with Moebius stripRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 28) 108
Karl Fulves Another Link old topological puzzle in which three parts must be linked, credit information on no-gaff linking cardsRelated to Interlocutor (Issue 36) 142
Karrell Fox, Tommy Windsor Windsor/McAthy Applause Card apparently three sides on card that is turned over to read different messages Another Book 201
Karl Fulves Siberian Chain No. 14, paper strips link and unlink with paper ring The Children's Magic Kit 14
Unknown Hypercard No. 79 Self-Working Table Magic 99
Mel Stover, Howard Lyons, Karl Fulves The Fifth Dimension No. 80, hyper card routineRelated to Self-Working Table Magic 100
Karl Fulves Space Station tower of Hanoi variation Punch-Out Puzzle Kit 8
Steve Beam Upside Down Chinese compass effect with the words "up" and "down", square plaque, several moves, see also p. 51 for additional ideas and remarks by Martin Gardner, Dan Garrett and Sid Lorraine, more ideas on p. 990 by Lee FredRelated toVariations The Trapdoor — Volume One (Issue 1) 1
Pavel Zickzack Elefant zig-zag effect with picture of an elephant in a frame Neue Magische Ideen 7
Martin Gardner Twist And Link spectator holds end of paper construction which must be entangled in seemingly impossible wayAlso published here
  • puzzle in Marin Gardner's "Scientific American" column
Trapdoor Card 2
Robert E. Neale Belt Buckle different designInspired by Trapdoor Card 9
Robert E. Neale Submarine Card spectator holds card frame with center torn out, its orientation changes while spectator closes his eyesVariations Trapdoor Card 3
Robert E. Neale The Trapdoor spectator holds card with trapdoor with hole cut-out, it is entangled in seemingly impossible way while spectator closes eyesVariations Trapdoor Card 6
Robert E. Neale Double Buckle different designInspired by Trapdoor Card 10
Robert E. Neale Flat Klein paper construction with only one surface Trapdoor Card 11
Karl Fulves Slade's Braid comment on connection with Slade's impossible braidingRelated to
  • "The Church of the Fourth Dimension" (The Unexpected Hanging, Martin Gardner)
Trapdoor Card 11
Karl Fulves Easy Unlink simple topological unlinking Trapdoor Card 11
Karl Fulves Topological Untrap topological linking and unlinking of one-piece rubber figure, solution to problem on p. 1 Trapdoor Card 12
Jerry Andrus Parabox optical illusion The Collected Almanac (Vol. 2 No. 21) 200
Robert E. Neale The Trapdoor No. 63, card frame turns inside out while spectator is holding it Self-Working Paper Magic 112
Robert E. Neale Inside Out No. 65, topological origami tubeAlso published here Self-Working Paper Magic 116
Shigeo Takagi, Karl Fulves Japanese Checkers No. 1, paper folded and cut into squares, really the squares remain all connected at a corner for form a sort of chain, challenge to get all squares out of a bag with one grip Self-Working Paper Magic 1
Robert E. Neale Stripes Make You Thinner No. 66, trick using the Inside-out TubeAlso published here Self-Working Paper Magic 117
Robert E. Neale Stretchit No. 67, trick using the Inside-Out TubeAlso published here Self-Working Paper Magic 118
Robert E. Neale Bill Tube shape-changing tube from dollar bill, square shape to rectangular shapeInspired byAlso published here S-C — Contemporary Money Magic (Issue 5) 74
Gordon Bruce Gordon Bruce on Parallax coin vanishes and returns in trapdoor of cardInspired by The New Talon (Vol. 1 No. 3) 46
Eric Mason Eric Mason on Parallax name of thought of card appears on paper combined with ParallaxInspired by The New Talon (Vol. 1 No. 3) 71
Mike Gancia Mike Gancia on Parallax card in envelopeInspired by The New Talon (Vol. 1 No. 3) 80
Tooru Suzuki Linking Cardboard squares of cardboard with holes in them are linked and unlinked New Magic Of Japan 97
Michael Weber Appealing Illusion picture in magazine, apparently peel the top layer and see under the picture (car and engine, woman and underwear), removing the torn paper part and everything is normal again Life Savers 115
Michael Weber A Better Mousetrap three phases, based on Robert E. Neale's "The Trapdoor Card"Inspired byRelated to Life Savers 130
Karl Fulves Paper Race four papers sticking out underneath cover, whoever choses the paper that is on top of the other's choice when cover is removed wins Swindle & Cheat 34
Masao Atsukawa The Knotted Letter knot in strip of paper disappears Five Times Five - Japan 25
Karl Fulves The Rings of Saturn No. 35, moebius strip Easy Magic 48
Karl Fulves Trisecting the Paper No. 15, tearing a paper into three pieces with one tear, spectator has to close eyesRelated to Easy Magic 20
Paul Curry Turnabout arrows on squares turn so they always end up pointing in the same directionRelated to Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 335
Paul Curry The Twist Turnover secretly gives a quarter turn in the act of turning over Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond 336
Davide Costi Boomerangs routine for Joseph Jastrow's optical illusion with two arcs Close-Up Elegance by Davide Costi 137
Wesley James Hyper-Warp "final", ending with Hyper Card stapled to other card as souvenir Enchantments 89
Robert E. Neale Crossing the Threshold Presentation and handling for The Trapdoor Card This Is Not a Book 139
Robert E. Neale To the Other Side of No Similar effect to Trapdoor Card, but the paper is cut in a circle with a bar through it (standard STOP sign), paper is turned inside out despite holding on to it This Is Not a Book 151
Robert E. Neale Boros the Boastful Boa Story about snakes twisting themselves using a strip of rubber, twists vanish and appear on the strip of rubber This Is Not a Book 160
Robert E. Neale Fold, Cut and Fail Pre-folded paper square with sixteen digits in two colors, folded and cut, all digits of one color except chosen one is in one pileAlso published here This Is Not a Book 188
Robert E. Neale Wheel of Life Presentation for a flexagon This Is Not a Book 202
Robert E. Neale A Very Personal Computer Presentation for a trihexaflexagon This Is Not a Book 211
Robert E. Neale The Card Presenting the Hyper CardInspired byRelated to This Is Not a Book 229
Robert E. Neale Moves New moves that can be done with the Hyper Card to make the presentations more fooling and interestingRelated to This Is Not a Book 237
Robert E. Neale Hyperflexagon From a Hyper Card to a a flexagon, uses business cardsRelated to This Is Not a Book 250
Robert E. Neale Hoaxcard Variation on Hyper CardRelated to This Is Not a Book 263
Karl Fulves The Hole Thing "Unexplained"
envelope with hole, paper card without, condition reverses, also as card revelation, posed as a problem
Prolix (Issue 6) 405
Karl Fulves Trisection trisecting a paper square by folding (three equal parts), bet
- The Folding Process
Related to Prolix (Issue 6) 409
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part One longer article, credit information
- Flexagon History (Early Himber)
- Terms & Conditions (the parameters)
- Flexagon Described (the double hinge)
Xtra Credit (Issue 4) 13
Karl Fulves X-Ray Card Case accordion/flexagon fold with card case, two cards underneath paper straps/grid, they transpose Xtra Credit (Issue 4) 22
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part Two intro, credit information on Cherchez La Femme Xtra Credit (Issue 6) 29
Unknown Cherchez Again sailor in flexagon, lady picture is hard to find by foldingInspired by
  • "Cherchez La Femme" (Martin Gardner)
Xtra Credit (Issue 6) 30
Unknown The Magic Book "Cherchez la Femme", flexagon construction, one part of the paper hard to locate by folding
- Flexing The Device
Also published here
  • Willane's Wizardry (1947)
Xtra Credit (Issue 6) 32
Karl Fulves Flexagons - Part Three more credit informationRelated to
  • Jacob's Ladder in "Magic" (Albert Hopkins, 1897)
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 41
Martin Gardner 2-Way Flexagon folded square with 2x2 grid, map folding presentation with coincidence Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 42
Karl Fulves Casey At The Bat "the real story"
card travels from flexagon type paper folder to case
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 48
Karl Fulves Out Back "simple double hinge"
flexagon type paper folder, card changes in it
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 50
Karl Fulves Z-Flex "z-fold to flexagon"
on z-fold vs. Himber (flexagon) wallet
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 52
Karl Fulves Flex Escape "Unsolved - magic & flexagons" [1]
strip of paper in flexagon behaves in certain way, "I consider this the fundamental unsolved problem connected to flexagons", posed as a problem
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 54
Karl Fulves Deconstruction "Unsolved - magic & flexagons" [2]
flexagon with loose parts, posed as a problem
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 54
Karl Fulves Pass Thru "Unsolved - magic & flexagons" [3]
passing objects to different sections of a flexagon, posed as a problem
Xtra Credit (Issue 8) 54
David Acer Coffee Break exploiting Jastrow/"boomerang" optical illusion with cardboard sleeves of coffee paper cups
- Identity Theft (two cardboard sleeves with names on them transpose)
- Sizeable (cardboard sleeve grows)
Inspired by
  • "Caffeine Overdose" (David Acer, Genii, Oct. 2005)
More Power to You 125
Karl Fulves 3 Easy Pieces "Unexplained"
tearing a paper into three pieces with one tear, posed as a problem
Related to Prolix (Issue 10) 679
Karl Fulves Paper Caper "Unexplained"
bet in which spectator cannot guess how many separated pieces there are after a folded paper piece has been torn, posed as a problem
Related to Prolix (Issue 10) 680
Gene Anderson, Tadashi Tokieda Precocious Paper Chain A. Introduction
B. Preview to precocious
C. The Möbius strip
D. The precocious Möbius strip
E. Gene's presentation
Gene Anderson — The Book 199
Harapan Ong Flexacard tritetra-flexagon from cards, two cards can be revealed, self-animated Principia 193
Christian Scherer, Sveroni Fischerlatein fish on cardboard change size with scale, magic trick based on Jastrow optical Illusion, medal on chain vanishesInspired by
  • Toru Suzuki's "Sakkaku Scale" in Richard Kaufman's "Tenyoism - Volume Two", p. 843.
Related to
Fischerlatein 3
Michael Sondermeyer Der Bananentrick children routine for Jastrow Illusion, with paper bananas Seminar 2019 30