8 entries in Rope / Transformation
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Milbourne Christopher Christopher's Cigarette to Rope three different methods Tarbell Course in Magic — Volume 2 349
Milbourne Christopher Rope to Cigarette Hugard's Magic Monthly - Volumes I, II, III and IV (Vol. 3 No. 3) 143
Pavel A Rope Circle Routine three knotted rope rings become one large ring, then small rings again which are then linked Successful Magic 7
Karl Fulves Little One unequal ropes, knotted, knot slides to other end and back, one rope shrinks in process, performed at tableInspired byRelated to Contemporary Rope Magic — Part I 15
Karl Fulves Merger two equal ropes, one shrinks, then back to original length and other one vanishesRelated to Contemporary Rope Magic - Part I 23
Ronald J. Dayton Ring of Beauty effect by Karl Fulves, rope ring slid on rope, rope pulled, rope ring becomes smaller and then jumps off ropeRelated to Contemporary Rope Magic - Part II 43
Karl Fulves Rope Problem #6 - Equality two unequal ropes become equal in a special way, posed as a problem Contemporary Rope Magic - Part III 70
Gary Kurtz Well Spun wad of cotton turns into a string Continuations ... Departures 1 13