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Unknown Mnemonics Applied to Cards deck really remembered New Era Card Tricks 177
Unknown Die natürliche Gedächtniskunst - das Spielkarten-Kunststück mnemonics for playing cards, thirty-two cards memorized by performerRelated to Der Zauberspiegel (Vol. 2 No. 9) 138
Francis King Der Kartenkünstler als Mnemotechniker apparently thirty-two-card deck memorized, position named by spectator and performer names card, three key cards memorized throughout deck and the closest one brought to correct position with passRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 3 No. 7) 100
S. v. S. Memorizing a Deck mnemonic system to memorize a stackRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 6) 92
S. v. S. Ueberraschungen mit Hülfe der Mnemotechnik part two of the mnemonic systemRelated to Die Zauberwelt (Vol. 7 No. 7) 107
Unknown CHaSeD Mnemonic The Art of Magic 63
Jean Hugard Remembering Three Cards Mental Magic with Cards 10
Ladson Butler Memorizing Four Cards tips Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 24
Unknown Telepathic Control after shuffling and cutting, spectator deals deck in four piles, performer knows top cards Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 240
Billy O'Connor A Memory Feat naming any card at any number Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 365
Unknown Card Location Supreme one-way backs that must not be set in one direction Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 158
Louis Nikola The Nikola Card System comments on the use of memorized deck and how to learn the Nikola System Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 385
H. Adrian Smith Mnemonics with Cards - An Outline of the System
- The Table of Fixed Ideas
- The Card List
- Association of Ideas
- Memorizing a Shuffled Pack
Greater Magic 902
H. Adrian Smith A Unique Mental Problem missing cards are named, real memoryVariations Greater Magic 906
Al Baker The Pairs Re-Paired using memory, for credit information see referenceRelated to The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Magical Ways and Means) 240
Charlie Miller Fifteen Card Trick Routine - 4 card chosen from and replaced in spread, fair, found via stop trick The Magic of Charles Earle Miller 12
Harry Lorayne Pseudo Memory #1 apparently order of shuffled deck is remembered My Favorite Card Tricks 59
Harry Lorayne Pseudo Memory #2 apparently order of shuffled deck is rememberedRelated toVariations My Favorite Card Tricks 65
Dai Vernon A Mental Discovery apparently deck is remembered, then position of selection namedRelated to Expanded Lecture Notes 38
Harry Lorayne Pseudo Memory #3 apparently order of shuffled deck is remembered Reputation-Makers 97
Harry Lorayne Four by Four four spectators with four cards each Reputation-Makers 168
Karl Fulves Letters memorizing suit rotation Interlocutor (Issue 35) 138
Simon Aronson Memorizing the Aronson Stack Tips and mnemonic system for the Aronson stack A Stack To Remember 16
Philip T. Goldstein, Dai Vernon Astronomen Mutus Nomen with twelve astrological signs Silentwe 8
Karl Fulves Three Packet Memory card removed from a third of the deck is named Card Counting 22
Unknown Think of It! one out of five, travels to pocket (1937) The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 2) 17
Frederick Braue Memorizing the Pack the Braue Memorized Deck The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 6) 2
Karl Fulves Zenmemory memorizing twelve picture cards, posed as problemRelated to Verbatim (Issue 5) 44
Karl Fulves Zen Memory on memorizing twelve court cardsRelated to Verbatim (Issue 8) 96
Louis Nikola, Alex Elmsley Card Mnemonics The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley - Volume 2 101
Karl Fulves Malefactor number of cards between all Kings and Jacks memorizedInspired by
  • Moe's Move-a-Card
The Fine Print (Issue 2) 24
Karl Fulves First Place first spectator cuts near center and remembers card, divined, then open prediction 13 Prophets 30
Karl Fulves A Gambling Effect performer memorizes a string of cards, then deals 7 blackjack hands and knows who has a good hand Combo 2
Karl Fulves The Secret combo system introduction Combo 3
Karl Fulves A Magical Effect think stop, then in next effect the color of all cards in top third are named Combo 2
Karl Fulves One & One is Ten combo system introduction Combo 5
Karl Fulves The Value of Color combo system Combo 6
Karl Fulves Practice practicing combo memory system Combo 11
Karl Fulves The Dealer's Game memorizing the high cards at blackjack, with practicing tips Combo 15
Karl Fulves Advantage Play Combo 17
Karl Fulves Tracking dealing out sixteen blackjack hands and memorizing the good ones Combo 19
Karl Fulves The Specialist performer separates colors of shuffled deck Combo 23
Karl Fulves Psy-Key advantage for an ESP guessing game, memory Combo 31
Karl Fulves Crystal Persuasion red-black guessing game with two spectators, one gets everything right, the other according to chance Combo 36
Karl Fulves Code For Oracle two suits named and removed, performer separates them from the back Combo 25
Karl Fulves The Lady Thinks shuffled deck, psychic from other side of room tells how cards should be dealt to separate reds from blacksRelated to Combo 27
Karl Fulves Expansionism memorizing color sequence of 32 cards, but really only sixteenRelated to Combo 38
Karl Fulves Cross Checking using one-way backs to expand combo memory system to four suits or other features, challenge location application Combo 40
Karl Fulves Mini Bridge 16-card version of bridge Combo 43
Karl Fulves Combo & Card Counting brief mention Combo 54
Karl Fulves After Hummer separating reds and blacks behind back, involving a layout on a grid on the table by spectator Combo 46
Karl Fulves Silent Speech memorizing sixteen cards after spectator's riffle shuffle, interlocking chains Combo 49
Karl Fulves Remote Viewing spectator shuffles cards once and deals about a third, then names a number and removes card from this position, performer names it, interlocking chains Combo 51
Chuck Smith Card Memory a peg for all 52 cards Tools Of The Trade 23
Lewis Jones The Pattern Principle for remembering red-black-color sequences
- The Pattern Principle
- The Gapped Pattern Principle
Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 3 158
Lewis Jones Pattern Principle for remembering red-black-color sequencesRelated to Card Fictions 36
Al Baker Another Card-Finding Stunt using memory The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Notebooks) 681
Al Baker Deck and Envelopes stacked deck The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Notebooks) 707
Al Baker Giant Memory Card Trick The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Notebooks) 714
Al Baker To Perform with a Borrowed, Shuffled Pack naming card at any number in half pack, real memory The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Notebooks) 753
Al Baker To Tell the Name of any Card in a Borrowed, Shuffled Pack card at any position named, memorizing every fifth card The Secret Ways of Al Baker (Issue Notebooks) 754
Karl Fulves Swiftie spectator and performer both cut and take a card, they are mates, memorising five cards into which spectator has to cut Off The Books (Issue 4) 56
Karl Fulves In This Issue on using real or apparent memory, references Off The Books (Issue 6) 89
Karl Fulves The Line Up apparent memory system for about twelve cards, move-a-card application for small packet
- The System
- A Refinement
- Line Up - The Method
- The Poison Method
Off The Books (Issue 6) 90
Karl Fulves Recollection two packets of about a quarter of the deck, one card moved from pile to pile, it is located by performer, also when two cards are exchanged, alphabetic sorting of one pile and clocking for second cardRelated to Off The Books (Issue 6) 94
Karl Fulves Memory Poker 5x5 layout of face-up card, two cards exchanged while performer is not looking, those are divined Off The Books (Issue 6) 96
Karl Fulves Seeing Color performer deals through shuffled deck, spectator stops, selection cut into deck, performer deals some cards on the table and one to the bottom of the deck, tabled pile consists of selection and only odd-colored cards otherwise
- No Memory
Off The Books (Issue 6) 99
Karl Fulves Court Order memorizing the twelve picture cards, words, "Not Nikola"Related toVariations Off The Books (Issue 6) 105
Lewis Jones Mnemonia method to quickly memorize some cards Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 232
Steve Beam The Memory Fogger method to quickly memorize some cards Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 5 235
Steven Youell Hacker Stack Basics memorizing Si Stebbins
- Step One - The Phonetic Alphabet
- Step Two - Turning Numbers Into Pictures
- Step Three - Translating Playing Cards Into Pictures
- The Final Step - Learning The Stack
Related to Weapons of Mass Destruction 36
Karl Fulves Why Red Is Zero in combo system Combo II 10
Karl Fulves Suit Codes another system for memorizing suitsRelated to Combo II 25
Karl Fulves Trinary Codes remembering e.g. order of different court cards (jack, queen, king) Combo II 27
Karl Fulves Small Minded variation of Combo system in which unwanted cards are removed to keep numbers small, see also p. 100 for further notes Combo II 31
Karl Fulves One-Way Combo memorizing from the back Combo II 34
Karl Fulves The Link To Playing Cards binary features of playing cards, combo system for colorsRelated to Combo II 8
Karl Fulves The Greek's Game color of twelve cards named by magician, betting presentation, see also p. 99 for further notes Combo II 13
Karl Fulves Meet By Chance twenty cards mixed face-up/face-down, spectator remembers one and turns it over, behind back all are sorted except selections Combo II 47
Karl Fulves Impromptu Compression Combo II 77
Karl Fulves Latent Ability Miraskill prediction correct even though only part of deck sorted by spectator Combo II 84
Karl Fulves After Moe Combo II 86
Karl Fulves Kinship system for remembering suit order of packet (twelve cards), court cards dealt out in four piles to separate suitsRelated to Combo II 21
Karl Fulves Switched By Thot court cards separated into suits by performer from back (memory) except two named jacks which are transposed, see also p. 100 for further notes Combo II 24
Karl Fulves A Trick Of Memory red-black even-money swindle Combo II 29
Karl Fulves Cue Cards openly removed marker cards help with memorizing Combo numbersRelated toVariations Combo II 35
Karl Fulves Slick Slate color separation with performer and spectator, lines on slate help remembering Combo numbers, see also p. 102 for further notes Combo II 37
Karl Fulves Cue Con another cue card idea for Combo systemInspired by Combo II 101
Karl Fulves Alpha Numeric further notes on Combo system and number systems
- The Octal System
- The Hexadecimal System
- Binary To Hex
Combo II 112
Karl Fulves Noble Cause twelve court cards memorized by performer who then produces jacks, then queens, then kings from packet, see also p. 102 for further notesRelated to Combo II 39
Karl Fulves Made To Order performer sort face-up/face-down mix below table Combo II 43
Karl Fulves Pseudo Hummer fooling magicians who know the Hummer CATO trick Combo II 46
Karl Fulves Dual Thinking twenty cards mixed face-up/face-down, two spectators remember one each and turn it over, behind back all are sorted except selections, alternatively one card travels to sealed envelopeVariations Combo II 50
Karl Fulves A Game Of Touch suit removed, spectator deals it from top or bottom into pile and retains last card, performer sort suit below table top and divines selection Combo II 52
Karl Fulves The Russian Test performer guaranteed to get better than average score in color sorting without seeing any faces at all, see also p. 104 for further notes Combo II 55
Karl Fulves K Thru 12 kings and queens removed, challenge location from this packet, see also p. 105 for further notesRelated to Combo II 57
Robin Robertson 8 Kings Combo random looking stack making use of Combo system, starting with cyclical stack Combo II 62
Karl Fulves Mirasequel performer separates the mixed pile at the end of Miraskill Combo II 66
Karl Fulves Speed Reading memorizing 40 cards with 5 numbersRelated to Combo II 69
Karl Fulves The Four-Fold Way variation of previous "Speed Reading"Related to Combo II 73
Karl Fulves Compression Technique Gilbreath & ComboRelated to Combo II 74
Karl Fulves Contract Player deck first sorted in colors, then suits, by magician Combo II 76
Karl Fulves Reflex Action spectator distributes half deck face-up on table, performer deals other half on top and all pairs match color Combo II 78
Karl Fulves Visionary performer sorts half the deck face-down after a riffle shuffle Combo II 80
Karl Fulves Mixology spectator memorizes card and its position, gives riffle shuffle, performer names new position, shuffle tracking presentation Combo II 94
Karl Fulves Shuffle Tracking Combo memorizing riffle shuffle distribution via Combo system in face-down spread of unsquared shuffle Combo II 95
Karl Fulves Dual Thoughts using Brown-McMillen glimpse idea for only reversed card in deckInspired by Combo II 103
Mark Aspiazu The Imp Stack Way to memorise 14 cards quickly for pseudo-memory routinesVariations The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 35
Mark Aspiazu Mission IMPossible Pseudo-memory routine, name missing cardInspired by The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 36
Mark Aspiazu It's Mark's Prediction! Two selections predicted by two matesInspired by The Magician's Ltd Cookbook 37
Karl Fulves Introduction on memory work with cards Word Play 3
Karl Fulves The Expert Memorizes Cards on memorizing a string of cards Word Play 7
Karl Fulves All In A Row exercise for memorizing twelve cards Word Play 22
Karl Fulves You Must Remember This commentary on the memory system Word Play 25
Karl Fulves Memory Tricks chapter intro Word Play 27
Karl Fulves Three-Card Blackjack all Sixes, Sevens, Eights used for blackjack type game, performer gives everyone twenty-one Word Play 29
Karl Fulves Scales of Justice card pocketed from twelve-card straight is divined Word Play 32
Karl Fulves Nu Two Deck picture cards from two decks mated Word Play 34
Karl Fulves Blind Key card chosen from 12-card layout predicted Word Play 37
Karl Fulves Shifty two cards selected by performer and spectator match Word Play 41
Karl Fulves Erdnase Cheats memorizing short sequence of cards Word Play 10
Karl Fulves Word Play system for memorizing twelve cards
- The Suit System
- Coding For Value
- Naming The Jacks
- Verbs For Jacks
- Objects For Jacks
- The system thus far
- The System For Kings
- The System For Queens
- How To Practice
Inspired byRelated to Word Play 13
Karl Fulves Time Of Day mates in clock layout Word Play 44
Karl Fulves Mutus Mnemonic Word Play 44
Karl Fulves Not About Counting twelve court cards, one or two removed, performer divines them Word Play 47
Karl Fulves Kings Over Here twelve picture cards memorized, then sorted from backRelated to Word Play 22
Karl Fulves Royal Wedding all court cards named from back, chosen card found Word Play 23
Karl Fulves Four Way Memory twelve picture cards memorized, then sorted into suits from backRelated to Word Play 24
Karl Fulves Pyramid Poker twelve card layout on table, named type of poker hand build at the end Word Play 24
Karl Fulves Match Game twelve cards laid out face-down in matrix, match game played (turning up two cards and finding matches), performer winsRelated to Word Play 27
Karl Fulves Ace - Deuce - Blackjack with twelve card packet Word Play 50
Karl Fulves No-Touch Card Location spectator cuts near center and remembers card Word Play 57
Karl Fulves Moment's Notice Word Play 60
Karl Fulves Pseudo Poker eight cards, four envelopes, two random cards placed in an envelope each, performer divines content Word Play 29
Karl Fulves When It Started twelve picture cards laid out face-down to symbolize months, spectator exchanges one with the joker, performer divines month and card Word Play 35
Karl Fulves Dice and Dates three named four-of-a-kinds laid out, spectator choses one with two dice, card and rolled number divined Word Play 36
Karl Fulves The Rank And File chosen red card ends up in black packet and vice versa
- Memory 101
Word Play 38
Karl Fulves Missing Link card removed from twelve-card packet is divinedRelated to Word Play 51
Karl Fulves Practitioner practice tips Word Play 67
Karl Fulves Suit Pictures practice tips Word Play 68
Karl Fulves Learn While You Sleep practice tips Word Play 68
Karl Fulves Final Thoughts Word Play 70
Karl Fulves Moe-mentous two cards exchanged in twelve-card packetRelated to Word Play 53
Karl Fulves The Even Couple match game problemRelated to Word Play 69
Lewis Jones Ding Dong system for memorizing cards Semi-Automatic Card Tricks - Volume 8 130
Robin Robertson Robin Robertson's Memorized Deck intro with simplified version
- Junior Memory
Prolix (Issue 8) 551
Karl Fulves Pre-Existing Conditions "Order From Disorder"
memorizing a string of suits
- The System
- The Classic Code
- After Eight Kings
- The Suit System
- The System in Brief
- No Memory Required (removing cards in required order)
- Real Memory
- The Cipher for Value
Related to Xtra Credit (Issue 5) 24
Karl Fulves Ahead Of The Game values and later suits of six randomly chosen cards divined Xtra Credit (Issue 7) 40
Lewis Jones Pattern Principle for remembering red-black-color sequences, brief You and Me and the Devil Makes Three - Volume II 20
John Wilson Multiple High Riffle Peek remembering color of top thirteen cards during riffle shuffles You and Me and the Devil Makes Three - Volume II 21
Chris Rawlins Pseudo three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing cardAlso published here Pseudo 1
Chris Rawlins A Bonus (Pseudo Memory) three phase memory demonstration, first red black, then suits, then naming missing cardAlso published here The Event, 2017 63