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Unknown A General Utility "Location" Related to Farelli's Card Magic — Part Two 66
Unknown The Five Card Fan five cards pushed through deck until one remains Card Manipulations (Issue 5) 157
Jack McMillen The J.M. Rising Card plunger, reprinted from Genii, Sept 1936 Encyclopedia of Card Tricks 328
Unknown The Fan Location: By Means of the Regular Fan Related to Greater Magic 27
Unknown The Fadeaway Cards plunger-pushing back forth a packet through deck until one remainsAlso published here Greater Magic 243
Jack McMillen Method No. 11. The "Plunger" Rising Cards with or without handkerchief, including an easier variation with wax Greater Magic 400
Unknown Fan Control spectator inserts card in fan
a/. (Automatic Jog Control)
b/. Riffle Control
Related to More Card Manipulations (Issue 1) 49
Unknown The Fadeaway Cards brief, plunger-pushing back forth a packet through deck until one remainsRelated to Be Deceived 7
Unknown The One-Hand Plunger Rising Cards Expert Card Technique 207
Unknown The Two-Hand Plunger Rising Cards Related to Expert Card Technique 211
Unknown Automatic Jog No. I, II, III three methods (including Plunger) Expert Card Technique 104
Martin Gardner Plunger Glimpse sandwiched card secretly pushed out at the back via plunger principle 12 Tricks with a Borrowed Deck 19
Jack McMillen The J.M. Rising Card with handkerchief, plunger My Best 64
Bob Madison The Great Trunk Trick plunger rise with handkerchief cover, drink appears as climax Show Stoppers with Cards 16
Paul LePaul An Automatic Jog-Control Related toVariations The Card Magic of Le Paul 101
Dai Vernon, Jack McMillen Just Injog plunger aces, handling The Phoenix 151-200 (Issue 191) 763
M. B. Schulman Up plunger principle, placement The Phoenix 201 - 250 (Issue 239) 955
Edward Marlo The Build Up red aces produced, turn over when pushed through deck, sandwich black aces, then previous selection Control Systems 106
Jose Diaz, Vynn Boyar, Edward Marlo Case Card Again Inspired by The New Phoenix 301-348 (Issue 339) 168
Dai Vernon Plunger Location card above inserted card is joggedVariations Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 27
Harry Lorayne Change of four cards Push-Through ChangeRelated toVariations Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic 67
Harry Lorayne Plunge-Thru' plunger, cards pushed through deck until only selection remains Close-up Card Magic 224
Harry Lorayne Push-Through Change card packet that is sticking out of deck is switchedRelated to Close-up Card Magic 203
Unknown Plunger Principle Faro Controlled Miracles 53
Joseph K. Schmidt The World's Easiest Card Rise plunger The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 6
Joseph K. Schmidt The Strip-Out Card Rise jog shuffle set-up for plunger The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 12
George Zacharellis The Hunter and the Hunted deck dropped in case, selection projects from cased deck, two handlings The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 26
Joseph K. Schmidt Another Method for the Strip-Out Rise plunger The Impromptu Close-up Card Rise 34
Karl Fulves Stealing Diamonds selection appears between two Jokers with plunger loading method while jokers are outjogged Epilogue (Issue 6) 43
Neal Elias Plunger Multiple Shift Epilogue (Issue 8) 60
Harry Lorayne Push-Through Change card packet that is sticking out of deck is switched, see also page 248 Reputation-Makers 121
Karl Fulves Plunger Principle credit information The Book of Numbers — Supplementary Notes 19
Karl Fulves Plunger Cull for alternative techniques see referenceVariations The Book of Numbers 6
Peter Kane About Face Faro half deck is pushed through other half (incomplete faro) and turns overVariations Another Card Session with Peter Kane 13
Jack McMillen Plunger Principle Million Dollar Card Secrets 30
Jack Merlin Fadeaway Cards plunger-pushing back forth a packet through deck until one remainsAlso published here The Living End 109
Karl Fulves Duplex Elevator plunger, with transposition Packet Switches (Part Two) 78
Karl Fulves Cop From The Shuffle definition of term, describing a bottom cop during riffle shuffle Riffle Shuffle Technique - Preliminary Notes on Part One 3
Lin Searles Reverse Rise plunger location, card rises reversed The Pallbearers Review Vol. 5-8 (Vol. 8 No. 8th Folio) 663
Jerry K. Hartman Plunger Top Shift Means & Ends 14
Jerry K. Hartman Uprising Means & Ends 31
Karl Fulves Rise using handkerchief, see also p. 786Inspired byVariations The Pallbearers Review Vol. 9-10 (Vol. 9 No. 4) 707
Jack McMillen Plunger Principle Card Cavalcade 3 135
Karl Fulves Wireless how to set up for the plunger rise with variationsRelated to Epilogue (Issue 23) 215
Lin Searles Tilt Bit Hierophant (Issue 7 Resurrection Issue) 53
Karl Fulves Novelty 4-Ace Production an ace is sandwiched between indifferent cards and placed in deck, another ace rises sideways, it's turned perpendicular, pushed in an rises out as different ace Methods with Cards — Part 1 68
Karl Fulves Jacks Be Nimble card on top of sandwich card, trio pushed through deck (plunger), card now sandwiched, two methodsRelated to Methods with Cards — Part 3 161
Jack McMillen, Francis Carlyle Impromptu Jack McMillen Rising Card The Magic of Francis Carlyle 75
Paul LePaul The Fan Location without credit The Magic of Francis Carlyle 31
Martin Gardner Plunger Glimpse sandwiched card in center of deck is glimpsed Self-Working Card Tricks 14
Karrell Fox "Sup-Rising" Card method to set up for plunger rise Clever.... Like a Fox 75
Unknown Process of Elimination No. 63, some cards in center outjogged, pushed through several times, finally selection sticks out Self-Working Card Tricks 95
Martin A. Nash The Move-That's-Not-A-Move Move as a two card control, see p. 446 for additional crediting Any Second Now 172
Unknown Plunger Principle overhand shuffle placement Pabular (Vol. 3 No. 10) 419
Roger Smith Plunger from Case Innovative Magic No. 3 33
Larry West Acrobatic Card Extension bluff rising sequence, then card jumps out between two cardsRelated to Apocalypse Vol. 1-5 (Vol. 2 No. 3) 171
Paul LePaul Automatic Jog-Control for two selections Secrets of a "Puerto Rican Gambler" 31
Jerry Sadowitz The Sadowitz Plunger Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 7) 880
Al Leech, Kevin Davie Relative Rise card rises out of deck in spectator's handsInspired byRelated to Pabular (Vol. 6 No. 4) 829
Jim Ryan The Plunger Change four aces turn into four selections Jim Ryan Close-Up: Classic Card Routines 5
Jim Ryan Plunger Change same as Lorayne's, claim to 1951-1956 and showing it to Vernon & MarloRelated to Jim Ryan Close-Up: Classic Card Routines 7
Joe Dignam Computer Deck three cards outjogged in deck, plunger principle until only selection sticks out Spell-Binder (Vol. 1 No. 4) 58
David Britland Enigmas 1: Computer Cards card location with mechanics of the Simple Shift, flourishy Babel (Issue 2) 26
Harry Lorayne Push-Through Change see also notes 3 and 4 on page 411 Best of Friends 408
Paul LePaul Automatic Jog-Control brief For Your Entertainment Pleasure 44
Karl Fulves Sidereal Jump deck is tapped on the table and selection pops out Wireless II 17
Karl Fulves Wireless Notes ideas on Wireless II Wireless II 28
Karl Fulves Dollar Deck dollar bill is pulled through the deck and selection rises up Wireless II 43
Karl Fulves General Rise Inspired by Wireless II 3
Karl Fulves Rerun twenty cards, incomplete faro, two cards are selected and a third card is put into the back of the deck and flicked, first card flies out then the same on the table with the second card Wireless II 7
Karl Fulves Rocket Trap card is inserted in incomplete faro packet, red deuces as well and flicked, black deuces spring out with the selection in between Wireless II 11
Karl Fulves Wireless II - Setting the Plunger
- Block Alignment
- Arise
- The Cheap Asrah Phase
Related to Wireless II 22
Edward Marlo Marlo's Unbelievable Ribbon Spread Control plunger principleRelated toVariations Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 275
Edward Marlo Spectator Does It All Inspired by Marlo's Magazine Volume 5 277
Jerry Sadowitz Something's Up! three cards, plunger rise Cards Hit 22
Pascal Monmoine Forceful Revelation Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 6) 1228
Pascal Monmoine Staircase doubles out of deck with plunger principle Pabular (Vol. 8 No. 6) 1235
Frederick Braue Plunger Aces packets pushed through deck to produce aces The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 4) 26
Frederick Braue One-in-Four makes use of "Slydini Ace Move" The Fred Braue Notebooks (Issue 5) 19
Jerry K. Hartman Rise Guys plunger rise with faro-set-up Apocalypse Vol. 6-10 (Vol. 9 No. 1) 1158
Edward Marlo Simple Shift The Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner 51
Harry Lorayne Push-Though Change Inspirations 68
Dai Vernon Packet Calculator small packet, mathematicalRelated toVariations The Vernon Chronicles — Volume 2 134
Karl Fulves Run Around one-handed cutting sequence used to find selection with sandwich cards Quick Card Tricks 36
T. Page Wright Plunger Shift simple version with two cardsAlso published here
  • Page Wright's Notebook (1933, p. 20)
The Multiple Shift 31
Karl Fulves Full Court Press widely separated sandwich cards come to trap selection, sandwich cards remain outjogged, with "bluff spacing" for visible variationRelated to The Multiple Shift 32
Jack McMillen, Ken Krenzel Plunger Rise with method for getting into it Close-up Impact! 110
Stephen Minch Plunger Principle credit information Close-up Impact! 112
Jon Racherbaumer, Niberco Late-Night Arising freely and fairly lost selection rises, using handkerchief, stay stack with dupliatesInspired by Cardfixes 40
Edward Marlo Third Sandwich - The Submarine Sandwich selection outjogged near top of deck, sandwich cards near bottom, pushed in, instant sandwich, cullRelated to
  • Frank Simon method in "Versatile Card Magic"
Synergistic Sandwiches 6
William Goodwin Plunger Sandwich sandwich cards rise out of deck with selection in between, ace production kicker Notes from the Batcave 16
Peter Duffie Guardian Angels selection travels from red Kings to black KingsInspired by Applications 58
Stephen Tucker The Penultimate Truth Inspired by Profile (Issue 12) 6
Alex Elmsley Plunger Shift for two cards The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley — Volume 2 159
Jackie McClements Pushthru Eliminator card chosen, incomplete faro pushed through a few times to get clues about the color and suit of card, wrong card is determined, still right card shows up reversed in deckAlso published here
  • The Crimp, p. 212
Shock Treatment 4
Peter Duffie The Ultimate Truth Inspired by
  • "Tarradiddle" (Peter Duffie, Quartet, 1986)
Related toVariationsAlso published here
  • Imagine
Duffie's Card Compulsions 84
Bernard Rasmussen Alternate Opening for "The Ultimate Truth"Inspired byVariations Duffie's Card Compulsions 87
Paul Harris Unshuffling Rebecca cards in incomplete faro condition reverse themself without being squaredVariations The Art of Astonishment — Book 1 (Issue New Stuff) 23
James Swain, Edward Marlo Small Packet Simple Shift Miracles with Cards 9
Randy Tanner A Tabled Multiple Shift plunger Apocalypse Vol. 16-20 (Vol. 20 No. 5) 2794
Peter Duffie Aces Take The Plunge Two random cards placed in deck, cards next to them are four AcesInspired by Effortless Card Magic 21
Bob Davis Uniform Card Control control a card to the bottom, a gambler's type clip, reversed in the middle or set for a plunger rise
- Universal Opening
- The Bottom Control
- Gambler Clip
- Reversed in the Middle
- Plunging Forward
- Side Steal
The Trapdoor - Volume Three (Issue 65) 1301
Paul LePaul The LePaul Automatic Jog-Control Card College — Volume 3 538
Steven Hamilton Reverse Plunger Addition outjogged cards removed, cards in between secretly kept Five Times Five — Scotland 58
Gavin Ross Auto-Plunge Aces four Aces produced by mating a selection and push-through plunger
- Phase One: "Simple Minds"
- Phase Two: "The Auto-Plunger"
Also published here
  • booklet "Auto Plunger" (Gavin Ross, 1994)
Five Times Five — Scotland 91
Gavin Ross The Information Pack half deck is pushed through other half (incomplete faro) and turns over, full suit visible with selection missing, with variation by Peter DuffieInspired by Five Times Five — Scotland 94
Karl Fulves Remote Riser card returned to one half of the deck rises out of other half The Magic Thrust 7
Harry Lorayne That's The Truth! small packetInspired byAlso published here Personal Collection 15
Unknown Fan Control plunger jogRelated to New Card Controls 52
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson The Producers pairs of cards pushed through deck and a composite (suit-value) card emergesInspired by
  • "Autoplunger 5" (Gavin Ross, Auto-Plunger, 1994)
Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 12
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson JS Ace Production Inspired by Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 13
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Self-Correcting Sandwich wrong card between two black Jacks becomes right card after a push-through the deck (Auto-Plunger) Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 27
Peter Duffie, Robin Robertson Non-Self-Correcting Sandwich Kosky Switch variation with cutting of deck Card Conspiracy — Vol. 2 31
Gary Plants Lie Detector Inspired by Lecture Notes — The Second Super Session 9
Jackie McClements Pushthru Eliminator card chosen, incomplete faro pushed through a few times to get clues about the color and suit of card, wrong card is determined, still right card shows up reversed in deckAlso published here
  • The Crimp, p. 212
A Lecture 14
Cushing Strout The Bohemian Scandal Storytelling of a Sherlock Holmes story, uses plunger principle somewhere and some spelling On the Other Side of the Mirror 33
Derek Dingle, Karl Fulves Uplifting red Ace "rises" plunger like from deck, then other red Ace, they sandwich selection in center Prolix (Issue 1) 8
David "Fu Manchu" Bamberg A Card Control similar to Le Paul's Automatic Jog-ControlRelated to The Magic of Ascanio — Studies of Card Magic 138
Dan Buck, Dave Buck Subway Renovation Improvement on Subway, sandwich effect, card visually teleports between two sandwich cardsInspired by
  • "Subway" (Dan and Dave Buck, Trilogy DVD Set)
Organic 25
Lawrence Kam Plunger Principle credit information Relaxed Impossibilities 203
Ken Krenzel, Al Leech Low Rise card rises out of deck in spectator's handsInspired byRelated to Relaxed Impossibilities 201
Lewis Jones Polygram Semi-Automatic Card Tricks — Volume 8 145
Karl Fulves The Plunger Principle as applied to rising cards, credit information Prolix (Issue 7) 478
Lawrence Kam Priceless Card Rise plungerAlso published here
  • The Seven Circles, Sept. 1931
Prolix (Issue 7) 478
Burling Hull The Spirit of Little Bo Peep plungerAlso published here
  • Stage Magic #3, 1935
Prolix (Issue 7) 479
Jack McMillen, T. Page Wright McMillen-Wright Rising Cards plungerAlso published here
  • Genii Vol. 1 No. 1, William W. Larsen, 1936
Prolix (Issue 7) 480
Unknown, Karl Fulves Hole Card Rise deck with hole though center, a card rises
- KF Note (plug falls out of deck as intro)
Prolix (Issue 9) 606
Tom Gagnon Slap Control card inserted in deck, then deck put half-way into case and slapped in (injog plungers out) Cased Card Controls 16
Tom Gagnon Gravity Control two cards inserted in deck, then deck put in case which is only held by its flap Cased Card Controls 18
Tom Gagnon Top Stock Control deck inserted in case after first jog shuffle Cased Card Controls 24
Tom Gagnon Cased Plunger Location deck cased in between selection and control with jogInspired by Cased Card Controls 29
Michał Kociołek, Edward Marlo MK Simple Shift Variation a technical variation of Edward Marlo's "Simple Shift"Inspired by 8 Effects and a Sleight 54
Karl Fulves Last Card Standing twelve cards from Ace to Queen, one named, every other card outjogged, named card is the last card sticking out after diminishing plunger procedure Prolix (Issue 10) 671
Karl Fulves Background & History credit information on the diminishing plunger (pushing cards back and forth through the deck until one card remains) Prolix (Issue 10) 672
Neal Elias Plunger Rising Cards two methods The F.F.F.F. Book 93
Karl Fulves Optical Shift "Two Ideas"
Simple Shift type action to controlled position, cut made before the apparent push-in for passive look
Prolix (Issue 10) 696
Neal Elias Double Card Rise The F.F.F.F. Book 96
Eddie Fechter A Card Control same as LePaul's "An Automatic Jog-Control" The F.F.F.F. Book 180
Steven Hamilton Reverse Plunger Addition outjogged cards removed, cards in between secretly kept The Magic of Steven Hamilton 37
Harry Lorayne That's The Truth! small packetAlso published here JawDroppers! 103
Ronald A. Wohl (Ravelli) Tilt Subtlety card is pushed out from center via plunger Hidden Agenda (Issue Mar 15) 79
Alexander Hansford Control B Obtain microbreak through plunger principle Sprezzatura 16
Mike Pisciotta Coming Up From the Depths 18
Jack Carpenter The Texas Wind Card Rise card rises from deck that sticks halfway out of case The Expert's Portfolio No. 2 88
Ryan Murray Inverted Rising Card incomplete faro shuffle, deck but in case and shaken, all cards drop down except selection, using Double Faro
- A Slicker Method
- Alternate Ending (remaining card is not selection but indicates it)
Variations Curious Weaving 25
Harapan Ong, Joshua Jay Plunger Lie Detector Lie detector effect using Plunger Principle A Stack to Forget 39