9 entries in Ring / Linking Rings / Routines for special small rings
Creators Title Comments & References Source Page Categories
Tom Fitzgerald Rings On Your Fingers linking three small plastic rings, like finger rings The Phoenix 51-100 (Issue 89) 362
Danny Korem The Ultimate Three Ring Routine 4.5 inch rings, pendulum holdout The Upside Down Toppit — Volume II 45
Bob King Linking Harness Rings using Miller hold-out Private Notes 9
David Regal The Circle of Life individual chain links Constant Fooling 1 217
Al Schneider Halo five bracelets, explanation how to build the props Al Schneider Magic 600
Al Schneider Linking Two Rings Al Schneider Magic 625
Al Schneider Unlinking Two Rings Al Schneider Magic 630
Al Schneider Up the Chain Al Schneider Magic 631
Al Schneider Down the Chain Al Schneider Magic 634